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AQUILA Children’s Magazine is the ultimate intelligent read for inquisitive kids. Full of exuberant articles and challenging puzzles that will get the whole family involved, every issue covers science, history and general knowledge. AQUILA is a quality production, beautifully illustrated throughout with contemporary artwork.

● Intelligent reading for 8 – 12 year-olds
● Cool science and challenging projects
● Exciting new topic every issue

The October issue: Detectives

This month AQUILA has gone all CSI! Children can try some backyard forensics, learn how to think like a detective, and use their sleuthing skills to unravel a puzzling mystery (tips from Mr Sherlock Holmes himself!). Read about the real Orient Express, where film stars, spies and criminals travelled alongside royalty and the super rich: the perfect setting for Agatha Christie’s famous book. PLUS: find out how the first police dogs earned their stripes and read about animals that are masters of disguise!


The Vikings issue is still available!

You can add it to your order as a back issue for £2.50 when you subscribe.

If you thought the Vikings were brainless thugs in horned helmets you couldn’t be more wrong. They did love to fight, but not just for the sake of it, and they travelled beyond the British Isles as far as Baghdad and even to North America: they were there before Columbus! Find out how the Vikings colonised our calendar; experiment with Viking style bread-making and devour a feast of puzzles and competitions.

HARRY POTTER is also available as back issue

Viking Backissues

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