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AQUILA is a monthly educational magazine that will keep children entertained with intelligent, advert-free reading. Every issue contains factual articles, puzzles and fun activities that will enrich their general knowledge.

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– Perfect for inquisitive, independent readers of 8-12 years
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A study by the British Educational Research Association showed that 1 in 5 primary-aged children receives insufficient challenge in the class room. AQUILA Magazine is recommended to extend children with a variety of cross-curricular material.

“Children deserve good writing and innocent fun!”

A message from the Editor, Freya Hardy

“Our readers are amazing. They’re switched on, passionate and full of creative ideas. These children deserve a place where they can explore their interests in history, science, art and maths, free from the negative impact of peer pressure and all-pervasive advertising. At AQUILA we consider it a privilege to provide them with such a space. We’ve spent the last 20 years honing our content to appeal to and challenge these bright and brilliant children and the lovely feedback we get from them is the most rewarding part of my job as editor.”


May: Big Statistics

This month we’re embarking on a number crunching mission of epic proportions, with our bonkers Big Statistics issue. It’s crammed full of facts. For example, did you know that Buckingham Palace has a grand total of 240 bedrooms and 78 bathrooms! That’s a lot of beds to make and toilets to clean. Calculata makes the visit of a lifetime for tea and cake and to tot up the numbers. Harvey is looking at Big Data and considering a multitude of questions, such as, ‘what is it?’ ‘Why is there so much of it?’ And, ‘how can we use it to make the world a better place?’  We’ve got all that plus all the usual quizzes and competitions and the results of last summer’s big AQUILA survey. A must see for anyone considering asking for a raise in pocket money.

June: Ingenious Incas

Napaykullayki! That means ‘hello’ in Quechua, don’t y’know!
How do you build a large stone city at the very top of a mountain without wheels for transporting materials, a written language to record information, or money for, well, paying for things?
Better ask the Inca, because they were doing just that about 600 years ago. They engineered a large and efficient system of roads – many of which are still used today, aqueducts for carrying water to feed crops, an excellent communications system involving young children running around the country delivering messages in double-quick time, AND to top it all off they had loads of llamas, which, it turns out, are very useful animals INDEED.
In this issue we find out how you can make your own Incan aqueduct. Our resident mathematician Calculata takes a look at talking knots. Polly makes a glittering sun catcher using the contents of her recycling bin, and there is another chance for some of our readers to get themselves a perfect pen friend.

July/August: Shipwrecks/Australia

Shiver me timbers! It’s time for another spectacular summer double issue, and this time round we’re going Down Under in more ways than one. July’s issue is all about shipwrecks. We learn how submersibles work and have a go at making our very own. Aquila finds out all about the life and times of explorer, Matthew Flinders, explores the invention of bonkers ‘bergships’ in World War II, and dives down deep to visit the world’s oldest – and possibly most important – Bronze Age shipwreck.  August’s issue is all about Australia and features fabulous letters from loads of our Australian subscribers, plus we explore the Great Barrier Reef, The Dreaming and mythological Australian animals. All that as well as the usual competitions, quizzes and jokes. We’ve enough to keep you busy all summer long, it’ll be more bonkers than a barrel of bunyips.

May 2015:
Big Statistics

This month we’re embarking on a number crunching mission of epic proportions, with our bonkers Big Statistics issue. It’s crammed full of facts...


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