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AQUILA is written by experts from all over the world; from mathematicians and scientists to historians, artists and teachers. Exciting experiments and marvellous makes ensure that serious fun is always on the cards. AQUILA is thoughtful and humorous, so expect the unexpected in every single issue!

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  • Science of Stars
    December issue

    Science of Stars

    As Christmas and the shortest day of the year draw near, AQUILA investigates the enduring mystery of the winter sky at night. Are we all made of stardust? PLUS: Star lifecycles, Rocket Art and the mystery of Sirius B.

  • Sharks
    January issue


    Dive into our Sharks issue as we explore elasmobranchs, build an electroreceptor, make a hammerhead shark out of a sock, learn how sharks use maths and discover where their fearsome reputation comes from!


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AQUILA HQ is right by the sea in sunny Eastbourne, East Sussex. We're a family-run business with a small editorial team expanded by expert writers and artists from around the globe and all working together to produce a special, quality publication each month. 

By subscription only, AQUILA is now in its 30th year with readers in around 100 countries. A new topic arrives 11 times a year with the summer holiday double-issue delivered in July.