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AQUILA Magazine brings a unique blend of brain-stretching ideas and irreverent fun to thousands of young fans around the world every month. Full of exuberant articles and puzzles, it is beautifully illustrated throughout, and every magazine covers science, history and general knowledge.

Aquila Magazine September 2016 cover WWll

    ● Intelligent reading for 8 – 12 year-olds
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      September issue: WWll

      Grab your gas-mask and climb aboard! In this issue we discover WWII from a child’s eye view, bringing to life the amazing true stories of wartime children, like doodlebug-dodging Doris who was just ten when she was evacuated to Mr and Mrs Cole’s tearooms in rural Hertfordshire. 
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      Is AQUILA suitable for both boys and girls?

      Absolutely – we steer clear of stereotyping as it is our intention to introduce all children to new and different ideas. Educational specialists recommend AQUILA because it widens children’s interest and understanding, rather than encouraging them to concentrate exclusively on their favourite/best subjects.

      Can they receive their first magaine on a special date?

      We can personalize your gift order to dispatch and arrive in time for a special occasion. For birthdays please enter the child’s birthday and a gift message when you make your order. We will note the birthday and dispatch the first magazine marked to open on the birthdate.


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