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AQUILA Children’s Magazine is the ultimate intelligent read for inquisitive kids. Full of exuberant articles and challenging puzzles that will get the whole family involved, every issue covers science, history and general knowledge. AQUILA is a quality production, beautifully illustrated throughout with contemporary artwork.
Aquila Magazine - May 2018 SafariAQUILA Children's Magazine

● Intelligent reading for 8 – 12 year-olds
● Cool science and challenging projects
● Exciting new topic every issue

May: Safari

AQUILA readers go on SAFARI and let their imaginations run wild! Learn to navigate with a map and compass and make a Mandrill mask; read about Carl Linnaeus’ naming of species and try a fun experiment to investigate animal behaviour. In our regular feature Just think, AQUILA asks if all species are equally important, plus we have a debate about Safari Parks: are they a good or a bad thing?

June Issue: Game Theory

Games aren’t just played on computer screens; they happen on chessboards, battlefields and in courtrooms every day. AQUILA explores algorithms and mathematical models of conflict and cooperation.
PLUS: will machines ever learn and create like we do?

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