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AQUILA Magazine is the ultimate intelligent read for inquisitive kids. Full of exuberant articles and challenging puzzles that will get the whole family involved, every issue covers science, history and general knowledge.

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    ● Intelligent reading for 8 – 12 year-olds
    ● Cool science and challenging projects
    ● Exciting new topic every issue

      November: The Electric Issue

      Can you tell your charged particles from your chemical reactions? The story of electricity is positively buzzing with big intellects and even bigger egos: so who came out on top when rivals Edison and Tesla engaged in their world-changing rivalry? 

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      THE HARRY POTTER issue available as back issue.


      December Issue: Polar Explorer Polar Explorer Cover Back Issues small

      Wrap up warm, we are off to join rivals Scott and Amundsen as they race towards the South Pole. We meet a Polar Icefish and try a super-cool ice experiment. PLUS: this Christmas issue includes a FREE Polar-themed Puzzle Adventure - an 8 extra pages to keep the kids engrossed through the holidays.





      January Issue: Rocket Science ocket Cover small

      It’s all systems go for January 2018! Join us for this exciting issue as we discover Newton’s laws of motion and then ponder over the maths behind the moon landings. PLUS - we meet the wannabe spacemen of the ancient world and see how the 'space race’ excited and inspired 20th Century artists.

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