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AQUILA is a monthly educational magazine that will keep children entertained with intelligent, advert-free reading. Every issue contains factual articles, puzzles and fun activities that will enrich their general knowledge.

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– Perfect for inquisitive, independent readers of 8-12 years
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A study by the British Educational Research Association showed that 1 in 5 primary-aged children receives insufficient challenge in the class room. AQUILA Magazine is recommended to extend children with a variety of cross-curricular material.

“Children deserve good writing and innocent fun!”

A message from the Editor, Freya Hardy

“Our readers are amazing. They’re switched on, passionate and full of creative ideas. These children deserve a place where they can explore their interests in history, science, art and maths, free from the negative impact of peer pressure and all-pervasive advertising. At AQUILA we consider it a privilege to provide them with such a space. We’ve spent the last 20 years honing our content to appeal to and challenge these bright and brilliant children and the lovely feedback we get from them is the most rewarding part of my job as editor.”


April: Rediscover Reptiles

How does a chameleon change colour? This issue is packed with creatures that slither, snap, spit and scuttle. AQUILA looks at fractals, the science of snake venom and makes a 3D moving snake! Plus puzzles, competitions, crafts and stories.

May: The Science of Colour

Be prepared to get messy as AQUILA explores the science and art of painting. We look at the physics of colour, study the use of maths in painting and chat with the artist Becca Stadtlander about life as a painter. You can also learn how to go out and paint your own landscapes with Polly Chrome’s painting masterclass. Overalls highly recommended!

June: Up in the Air

Our June issue looks at everything air related, but don’t worry we haven’t got our heads stuck in the clouds. Harvey tries out some awesome air experiments and finds out where the Internet actually lives. Polly Chrome makes a fully flyable kite out of household junk, E. B. goes completely batty and Aquila explores the history of hot-air ballooning, so get ready to go up, up and away.

July: Pets

Some are fluffy, some are scaly, some have feathers and others have fins. Yes, July’s edition is all about pets! Humans have kept animal companions for thousands of years, but have you ever wondered why? What exactly is so special about the relationship between our animals and us? In this issue the team will try to answer that very question. Harvey will investigate disease-detecting dogs, Aquila peers into the past at the importance of cats to the Ancient Egyptians, and Pepe? Well, he’s in his element looking at rabbits and how to care for them. Hey! We said care for them, Pepe!  

August: Swamps

They might sometimes be smelly and dirty and full of creepy crawlies, but swamps are also fascinating and really important for wildlife. Wade into our wetlands issue and find yourself knee-deep in new-found knowledge. E.B. explores the Nariva swamp, the largest freshwater wetland in Trinidad and Tobago, and Pepe gets pally with a platypus. Polly Chrome shows us how to paint water, and we have a brand new Sadie Simpson instalment from author, Angela Shepherd.

April 2014:
Rediscover Reptiles

How does a chameleon change colour? This issue is packed with creatures that slither, snap, spit and scuttle…


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• The Science of Colour
• Up in the Air
• Pets/Wetlands (double issue)
• Pompeii
• Fun with Fungi
• The Orchestra
• Christmas 

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