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AQUILA Magazine brings a unique blend of brain-stretching ideas and irreverent fun to thousands of young fans around the world every month. Full of exuberant articles and puzzles, it is beautifully illustrated throughout, and every magazine covers science, history and general knowledge.

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    ● Intelligent reading for 8 – 12 year-olds
    ● Cool science and challenging projects
    ● Exciting new topic every issue

    Summer double issue: Ancient Egypt

    In this edition of AQUILA children can make a Water Clock to find out how the Ancient Egyptians learned to measure time; explore ancient Star Science in ‘A Tomb with a View’ and tackle some Ancient Egyptian Maths (including some astonishingly clever multiplication techniques!).

    Howard Carter describes the ’wonderful things’ he found in Tutenkamen’s tomb and Pharaoh Amenhotep pens a hilarious advice column. We meet a bask of man-eating Nile Crocodiles – some of the world’s largest living reptiles, and find out what to do if you’re ever caught between a croc and a hard place!

    As well as baking some traditional Fire-pit Bread from scratch, make a Matchbox Mummy and enjoy a double helping of summer fun, games, quizzes and competitions - you’d have to be embalm-y to miss it! 


Coming up next: WWII, Bones and Codes & Coding.

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Is AQUILA suitable for both boys and girls?

Absolutely – we steer clear of stereotyping as it is our intention to introduce all children to new and different ideas. Educational specialists recommend AQUILA because it widens children’s interest and understanding, rather than encouraging them to concentrate exclusively on their favourite/best subjects.

Can they receive their first magaine on a special date?

We can personalize your gift order to dispatch and arrive in time for a special occasion. For birthdays please enter the child’s birthday and a gift message when you make your order. We will note the birthday and dispatch the first magazine marked to open on the birthdate.


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