We are very grateful to the many readers, parents and teachers who have sent in feedback about AQUILA Magazine over the years. Here are some of our favourites!

Richard Robinson, Brighton Science Festival.

“I received your mags, and marvelled. They are full of stuff – advanced and philosophical, curious and puzzling…”

DJ Taylor Telegraph

Another chance to `Look and Learn` article.

“The prime targets … are bright pre-teenagers interested in hobbies beyond pop music and soaps, who ‘need to be able to feel good about themselves ‘ and to realize that ‘there are other children out there like them ‘. To this end, the ethos is strongly participative: the magazine acts as a poste restante for pen-pals and runs monthly competitions. If all this makes Aquila sound horribly uplifting – the kind of thing that parents seize upon with nostalgic joy, but which no right-minded child would be seen dead reading – then it should be said that the scent rising from its pages is one of simple enthusiasm, engagingly conveyed. An intelligent 10-year-old, I believe, would get a great deal out of its 24 pages, as well as a number of useful prods in other directions. Undoubtedly this atmosphere is encouraged by the magazine’s small scale.”

Emma Pedley

“…thank you for the magazine, it is absoloutely incredible…and her mother is a science teacher and uses it too…”

Josie, age 11 years old

“I really enjoy reading Aquila…my favorite part is when you read about the creative projects they come up with”

Grace, age 9

“I have been reading AQUILA for two years and it’s great. I think your best issue was Masks and Costumes. Does anyone know that the Theatrum Pompeii has 265 seats? My favourite book ever is a Guide to Ancient Rome. I have a lovely little brother called Charlie, age 4. I am great at art, craft, dancing and writing. I agree with Cass Baumberg (January 2014 issue), not one of the issues was boring.”

Rose, age 7

“I love reading AQUILA it’s something I look forward to every month. I spend ages reading it over and over again.”


“I have been meaning to write in to you since my first issue – December 2006! I am an ‘old reader’ now – nearly 14, and I have been getting this magazine for 7 years! I really appreciate everyone who writes in and contributes to AQUILA, especially Megan and Caitlin, who like me are older than the average reader. Something I really like about AQUILA is the feeling of community with people I have never met before. I love all the poems and pictures in every issue and thank you to everyone who sends them in!”
P.S. I hope I can get AQUILA for another 7 years!