We think you and your pupils will agree that AQUILA is a great magazine – and advert-free too, so even better! Working on new topics every month, AQUILA will provide the cross-curricular ‘glue’ that links history, science, maths and English all together, expanding children’s general knowledge, comprehension and thinking skills.  It is also perfect for those chill-out times in the classroom, when you will be glad they are reading something of real value. Selected pages can be copied and used as extension material in class.

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AQUILA was originally developed 24 years ago for this very purpose. Able children, and those with different learning styles can get frustrated in class. AQUILA supplies the variety of material that such children need to keep them engaged and wanting more – and it can also trigger children with untapped potential to become more involved with curriculum topics. Children who are not reading well can find the magazine’s enthusiastic articles and fun style more accessible than a book; the bite-sized articles can encourage and hold their interest.


Spread the word! Parents are the key to children’s success, yet many lack confidence in their own ability to help their children develop educationally. A copy of AQUILA in the home can help parents become more involved, encouraging discussion and the sharing of ideas and opinions.