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Science & imagination is at the heart of every AQUILA topic 
As a specialist educational magazine, AQUILA is well-considered and carefully fact-checked. Challenging and always humorous, the cross-curricular content takes children into new, unexplored territory. Award-winning editor, Freya Hardy builds a great rapport with her young readers who soon feel part of a special AQUILA club — they will have an important monthly mission: to uncover new facts and grasp challenges where they can come away feeling proud of their achievements.
AQUILA's Awesome Activities: Each month a set of brand-new extension activities appear on our website to complement the month’s theme. Free to download and print, they support and enhance learning by taking topics further through academic and creative activities.
AQUILA AT SCHOOL: History, STEM, English and Art are expertly blended together in every issue, making AQUILA ideal for quiet reading in the classroom.
AQUILA AT HOME: Parents love reading AQUILA too! It's great for home-schooling children, especially those with different learning styles. Adults are drawn into their child’s world through the magazine's content, supplying countless opportunities to share and compare important ideas and experiences together; those precious moments that can be overlooked in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

AQUILA’s online index lists the issues and content going back 30 years, but only the topics shown in our shop are currently available to buy.

Awesome Activities

Can't wait for your next issue to arrive? Never fear, our library of extra activities is here!