Your Letters

We love it when you write to us with interesting facts about your life and what you think about AQUILA! Tell us about your pets, holidays, school – or whatever you like. Every month, many letters go into the printed magazine and some of the rest will appear here.

Reader’s name: Ben and Alex
Reader’s age: 12 and 9
Dear Aquila,
We love your magazine and have subscribed for about 4 years now. Our Grandfather buys it for us. We lived in Germany for 3 years but now we are back home in Auckland, New Zealand. Our favourite issues were London and Dinosaurs. We would love it if you did one about Pokemon!
We really enjoy the short stories too.
Here we are with a picture of our rocket we made with our Dad – it’s from the Space issue. It was mostly successful but didn’t fly quite as far as we had hoped! We took a funny video and sent it to our family too!
Keep up the good work guys!
From Ben,12 and Alex,9.

My name is Annika and I’m nine. I live in Washington DC and I LOVE your magazine! I was inspired by the beautiful cover of your October edition to make the painting below! I really enjoyed making it. I also love the painting of butterflies traveling on page 8! Monarch butterflies are my favorite type because of the different shades of orange on their wings and because they have such a beautiful journey and life cycle.
I really liked reading the fall AQUILA magazine and I look forward to reading the next one!

Reader’s name: Connor
Reader’s age: 10
Hey Aquila,
I’m Connor from St Ives, NSW, and your mag is my favourite of all the magazines I have read, my favourite parts being puzzle sections and the historical stories. I’ve been receiving your magazine for about 6 years now, though it was my sister who was originally subscribed to your mag. One of my favourite issues was Night At The Movies, which inspired me to do a PIP(Personal Interest Project) about the history of animation. I once brought the What Is Art? issue into school and my class and I figured out The Attack Of The Vindaloo Vandal, which everyone LOVED. I’m not sure if you’ve done one yet, but I’d love to see a Thomas Edison issue. This is my cover design for a potential Albert Einstein issue, something else I’d really love. I hope you like it!
Kind Regards,
P.S Aoife I also love Skullduggery Pleasant!!!

Reader’s name: Genevieve
Reader’s age: (almost) 13
Hi there fellow Aquilanaughts,
My name is Genevieve and three years into receiving Aquila mags I have finally got around to writing in! This year I started high school and despite the HUGE workload, I have found time to read Aquila. In fact, I have found time to read a lot of things. Some recommendations for avid readers include the Ruby Redfort series, The Children of Castle Rock, Inkheart, Solving for M, and obviously Harry Potter. Here in Sydney, we are in lockdown but hopefully, it will end soon. The only member of my family who is thrilled by a lockdown is my dog, Endeavour. Having everyone around twenty-four-seven is his idea of heaven.
Happy holidays everyone,
Genevieve, (almost) 13
PS: Below is an image of me waiting for the bus, fully ensconced in my Aquila.

Reader’s name: Rebecca
Reader’s age: 8
Hi I know EVERYBODY (and I mean EVERYBODY) says this and this and this and (this this this this this etc) but your magazines are EPIC (and I mean it). I live in the South Island of New Zealand, I am a major bookworm and I spend a lot of my time reading. All of the books out there are counted as my favourites with me! Some book recommendations here: Out Of My Mind by Shannon Draper, October October by Katya Balen and Chasing Space by Leland Melvin are some really good books. I really liked all of the issues and I am really looking forward to another year of subscribing! If I really have to pick my favourite issues it would probably be: creative coding, Japan and ice age. I was looking through the Japan issue and found the manga tutorial. I decided to have a go and here is the outcome:

Anyways, recently we got 7 neon tetras in our new fish tank and they are really cool, they are also voracious eaters now I should really stop writing.

P.S books are awesome

PP.S I’m finishing now!

Reader’s name: Elsa
Reader’s age: 8
Message: I was inspired by your “book nook” and made a nook for my Harry Potter books. I made it in the shape of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry! I am a new subscriber and am really glad my Nana Barbara bought me an Aquila subscription for my 8th birthday.

Reader’s name: Rohen
Reader`s age: 12
Awesome AQUILA!
Hello, my name is Rohen Vargo and I love AQUILA! I live is San Diego, California and find your magazines super interesting. I have been a fan since my first subscription on my ninth birthday. My favorite magazine is the Evolution issue (January 2020). Here is a picture of me with all of my magazines.

Reader’s name: Jasmine
Reader’s age: 8
Hi, my sister and I tried to make our own sewer system but improvised a bit. We gave our sewer a dragon spout and decorated it with feathers. To see the water flow through the system, we dyed it blue. The whole family got in on the engineering fun!

Reader’s name: Darcey
Reader’s age: 10
I love dinosaurs! My favourite dinosaur is a velociraptor. They lived around 75 million years ago and we’re quite small at around the size of turkey. Don’t be fooled in to thinking they were cute.. they were quite ‘the beast’! It was proven in 2007 that it was highly likely they had feathers, which my picture attached shows.

WINNERS! – Portable Pocket Projector

Night at the Movies issue.