Your Letters

We love it when you write to us with interesting facts about your life – pets, holidays, school and so on.

We publish as many of your letters as we can in the printed magazine, and some more here on the website.

I really enjoy reading your magazines. I’ve had it since December 2016 when I got it for my birthday. My favourite books are the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling, A Tangle of Tails series by Liz Kessler and Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransome. I love Harry Potter. I’m in Gryffindor, is anyone else? I have Harry’s wand and I have Hogwarts PJs. My favourite magazine so far is Safari (May 2018) – the elephant pages were amazing, I loved the way it saved Mosha’s life. I am grade 1 violin, is anyone else? I go to Brownies and I’m a sixer. My favourite people are Polly, Ed and Pepe. Could you do an issue on the Aztecs or the Shang Dynasty? I’m in year 4. I absolutely love swimming, I’m on stage 8. Last year I went to Glastonbury Festival, did anyone else? I saw Katy Perry, Stormzy and the Foo Fighters. I absolutely love rabbits, I have white Jellycat rabbits in all sizes. In reply to Lilli from the Elizabethan issue (September 2017), I’m also Gryffindor. Also in response to Rosa, I love reading Swallows and Amazons. Could you do an issue on oceans or pollution?
Yours faithfully,
Emma Brown, age 9

I like Harry Potter. Has anyone ever read Harry Potter? I have. My favourite book is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I have four pet frogs and one cat. Does anyone else have a frog? My favourite meal of the day is dinner and I like spoons. Last year I got a toy car, but my cat stole it and tried to eat it. One time I went to Harry Potter world and got lost then I was found. My mum is a dentist. My dad is a dentist. When I grow up I want to be a dentist.
From Fred, Boston, USA, age 7
P.S Can you make an issue about food – I like cooking and fruit like bananas.

Hi AQUILA, I love art, playing with hair salons, animals (especially puppies), acro dancing and Lego Friends! On Saturday 5/5/18 my Mum and I went to see ‘The Jungle Book’ in Salford at The Lowry, then we went to see my Dad in Manchester for a meal and we had PIZZA, yum! I love the Polar Explorer issue, Pop Art issue and Safari issue (the only ones I have got). I’ve put them in the order starting with Polar Explorer Issue. I have two pets (turtles) and they’re called Lizzy and Larry. When we feed them they try to climb out of their tub! Sometimes we let them crawl on our stone cold floor! The turtle that bites most is Larry, Lizzy’s not so bad. I know a lot of people have said about doing an issue on dogs or animals, I agree. I don’t know much about the wild giraffes and kangaroos, monkeys and elephants! I like Courage by Kate Daniels in Polar Explorer because when I think of that word, it makes me WAY more confident. I also like Ian, he travels around these books everywhere! LOL!!!
Elise, age 8

Hi. This is the third time I’ve received AQUILA, it was so cool, so I came up with this recipe for making toffee apples:
4 cooking apples, ½ teaspoon of white wine vinegar, 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon, 1 tablespoon of golden syrup, 100g sugar, 4 lolly sticks, 1 pot, 1 saucepan and 40ml water.
1. Twist the apple stalks and then pull so that they come off and then scrub to remove any wax coating.
2. Tip the sugar into the pot and put in 40ml of water and place over a medium heat.
3. Cook until the sugar dissolves. (Top tip: Swirl the sugar in the pan.) Then add the vinegar, cinnamon and syrup. Bring to the boil for a few minutes. Then get a glass of water and pour some of the mixture in. If it hardens immediately it’s ready, if not, boil for a bit longer.
4. Then dip the apples into the mixture and place them on a tray to harden.
TOP TIP: Add ½ teaspoon of salt to the mixture
From Arthur

If you think witches are nasty, green-faced, warty creatures, well, whoever told you that is WRONG. Witches aren’t warty, green-faced creatures, they could look like you, your friend, or even your cat! Okay maybe not your cat. I was taught that witches were mean creatures but I later found out… Anyway, does your friend have any weird habits? Do you have any weird habits? If so, they could be a witch. Huma… – I mean, We… judge witches very cruelly indeed… It all started when a young girl, Mary Loise Jones, got a letter. She picked it up, gave it to her parents and they read it. After a long, silent minute, her mother said, ‘Mary, you’re a witch.’ Mary stood there completely still… I have to tell you a secret. Promise not to tell? Alright. My name is Meghan Louise Jones, and I am a witch.
From Elen Angel

Dear AQUILA, I am crazy about horses and art. I love drawing and riding horses because they are such unique creatures. Does anyone else like horses? I hope you like the picture attached!
From Sylvie Dominte, age 10

from Sylvie

I absolutely love your magazine. I loved the Harry Potter issue. I am in Hufflepuff, is anyone else? I have been reading this awesome magazine for about 2½ years. My favourite books are the Harry Potter series and Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransome. Does anyone else like Arthur Ransome books? My favourite animal is a rabbit. Please can you do an issue on animals please? I love climbing trees and playing outside with my friends (they live down the same road as me!). Did you know that cows have best friends and get stressed when they are parted?
From Charlotte, age 10

I love AQUILA and wish I had come to meet you sooner. I have read only about five AQUILAs now and my friend Ffion has AQUILA too. She told me that she got a Harry Potter one and I was very upset that I don’t have it. I want to answer Rachel’s question which was: When I grow up I want to be an engineer or an actor, does anyone else? My answer is: An engineer would be great! Especially after our car broke down in April. But I mostly want to be a vet. My friends (Jessica and Lilly) and I are writing a book for things to do as a vet which is why I’m late for school even though I have my watch on, I forget I am wearing it! Goodbye and I promise to write to you every month.
Yours sincerely, Mia Rushton, age 7½
P.S. Here’s a picture of a tomato can, I hope you like it!
P.P.S. Could you do an issue on charity, nature, vets or saving animals if you haven’t already?

from Mia

Dear AQUILA, Hi! My grandma and papa got me AQUILA for my birthday (October 2017). My hobbies are reading (my favourite being Harry Potter), sewing and playing music. I play the ukulele, which is a tiny guitar with four strings and different tuning. My favourite issue was Harry Potter (obviously) – it was really interesting. Okay, now for a bit about me. I live in Camden, London and have a very annoying brother called Finn. I am writing this the day after arriving home from a holiday in Crete. It was torture the two weeks before the holiday (when I knew about it) because I love ancient mythology and Crete is massively involved in Greek mythology. It is where: Zeus was born, the minotaur lived in the labyrinth and where Daedalus and Icarus lived. Please could you do an issue on Greek mythology? I hope you like the picture of me, drawn by me!
Shout out to my friend Vita who also gets AQUILA.
Yours sincerely,
Ella Rowcliffe, age 9⅔

from Ella

Hi AQUILA, I’ve been reading your magazine since February 2018 and so far I am loving it. My favourite animals are tigers and dolphins. I love to read and write. I also like nature. When I grow up I want to be an interior designer. My mum and dad were born in India, so I am Hindu and I am very interested in the Indian and Hindu culture. Could you do an issue on world cultures please?
From Abhi, age 8

Dear AQUILA, I am going bowling today and I’m so excited. I’m going for lunch at a restaurant and I have an imaginary friend. I hope you like the picture of her that I drew.
From Susi, age 8

from Susi

I really like being with animals. My favourites are horses, dogs and guinea pigs. Could you do an issue on horses, dogs and guinea pigs next?
From Abigail, age 7

from Abigail

Dear AQUILA, I am writing to tell you about my holiday in Spain. My family and I took a four-hour flight at 3pm. When we got there it was super sunny. The buffet there was gorgeous, it even had a chocolate fountain. What I mostly did was go swimming and play with my friend Jessica. Also there was a mini club and a game arcade. Most days were the same but one day we went to Palmitos Park, a zoo park. There was a komodo dragon and we watched an amazing dolphin show. As well as the dolphin show we watched a parrot show; one parrot even roller-skated. I was sad to leave Spain but it was a great holiday.
From Katya, age 8

Dear AQUILA, I subscribed in April 2018 and I think AQUILA is awesome. It is the best kids’ magazine I have ever read, and the Magnificent, Marvellous Map is just epic. I live in Norfolk and only 20 minutes away from the sea and in a week’s time I am going on a pack holiday which is a small holiday with the rest of my Brownies. I am going to Weybourne which is only just down the road and my best friend Isabella and I are going to sleep together.
I love AQUILA and can’t wait for next month’s copy. Keep up the good work.
From Eva O’Donnell, age 11

Dear AQUILA, I live with my daddy who is an engineer, my mammy who is an optician, my little brother Danny who is 8 and my little sister who is 1. I love movies that are based on true stories, my favourite movie is The Greatest Showman. I was wondering if you could do an issue on how people make and plan movies. Like Rachel (April 2018) I want to be an actor when I grow up, or even a singer. I agree with Erin (April 2018) that we are destroying the world by letting out too much carbon dioxide. I made a weather barometer with an empty jar, a balloon, a straw and a piece of paper. The pressure of the air pushes the straw up, but if it is low pressure it goes down. My little sister Abby is a super fan of Peppa Pig! Well, to be fair…I am a little bit as well!!!
From an AQUILA Fan,
Sophie Holmes, age 9

I know you’re probably fed up to the nostrils (and maybe your foreheads) with hearing this but I LOVE AQUILA!! I also adore, appreciate, like,… ermm…(gets out a thesaurus) am crazy about and think the world of it! I also love: acting, dancing, singing, drawing, writing, reading and art. My favourite kind of art is crafts. I love dolls. So I make houses, furniture and other things out of recycled materials for them. I think you are never too old to play with dolls. If you love them too and want to make stuff for them, go check out MyFroggyStuff YouTube channel. My favourite books are Murder Most Unladylike series, Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls and Harry Potter. My fave issue so far was Harry Potter (June 2017). My fave character is Luna Lovegood ‘cause she’s kind, smart, quirky and not afraid to be herself. I am a Hufflepuff and my patronus is a dolphin. Anyone got any ideas what I should read next?
Shout out to one of my bffs, Maebh who also gets AQUILA.
From Florence, age 9 (Dublin, Ireland)

I love receiving all your issues and have read the Pop Art issue (April 2018) and was amazed as I was studying Andy Warhol in art! AQUILA always gives me great ideas for my art, science and even writing (which is great because my SATS are coming up)! I appreciate all your issues and think that AQUILA is a great inspiration to all children. Keep doing what you’re doing and I can’t wait for the next issue!
From Emerald, age 10
P.S. I love the beach; could you do an issue on the sea?

from Emerald

I think your magazine is great and I loved the Safari issue (May 2018). I LOVE to draw and so do my friends. I used to live in England but because my family is Irish I moved to IRELAND. I call myself Irish and so does my twin brother Kody but my big brother Ben doesn’t. Oh and my favourite animal is a hedgehog. When I read May’s issue I started a bug safari – well not really. I got two pet woodlice Rob and Jim but Rob’s antler fell off so he was weaker. I couldn’t tell if he was in pain or not but when I left them in the house I’d made for them overnight when I woke up Rob was sadly dead but Jim was still alive. This month I’m going to the orthodontist for the first time to see my teeth. Here’s a picture of my teeth.
From Tyler, age 10

from Tyler

Hi AQUILA! I have a cat who is terrified of me. She has a long name and a short name. Her long name is Sathriene and her short name is Saffy or Sath. I have a dad called Steve or Stephen and a mum called Julia. I like reading books and now I am reading How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell. I am only on book three: How to Speak Dragonese.
From Isla Hollis, age 8

Dear AQUILA! Here is one of my pictures I’ve drawn especially for you! I hope you enjoy it!
From Evelyn Miller

from Evelyn

Hi AQUILA! I’ve been getting your magazine since May 2016 (Daredevils). My favourite parts of AQUILA are Polly Chrome’s arts and crafts, Ian and Over to you. Do you think you could make Ian a bit longer please? My favourite issues are Chocolate (April 2017) and Harry Potter (June 2017). I would recommend these two books: the first one is called Street Child by Berlie Doherty which is set in Victorian London and the Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children series. I play the trombone, does anyone else? My other hobbies are judo, dancing, karate, and swimming. I love drawing and reading does anyone else? To Liam Byrne (February 2018) I love all of the Anthony Horowitz books! A big shout out to my friends Bethan (who thinks dancing is so great that she went to Disney to dance in the parade!) and Sophie who are currently making a film. I did the Pottermore quiz and I’m in Gryffindor, is anyone else? I also made the Chocoshambles from the Chocolate issue (April 2017) and the hot chocolate from the Polar issue (December 2017). To Ava Bownes (Feb 2018) I am also a crazy HP fan, I’ve got all the books and lots of the wands, hats and cloaks. Also I love unicorns almost as much as books, but not quite as much seeing that I’m the biggest bookworm in our class and if you’re wondering why that’s a good thing I really don’t know.
From Isla Tulloch age 11
P.S. Please could you do an issue on books?

Hi! I wanted to tell you about the feeling I have when I dance. I do ballet and I think I might start character. (Yes that’s a thing.) I have done an exam and two competitions for ballet. My exam was in London, where I used to live, (I live in France now) and I passed it! My competitions were in France.
The first one went really well and I passed with a silver medal! The second one went badly and I did not pass. (I don’t like saying fail.) What I really wanted to say was that I have an ultimate passion for dance, and I want to show the world how good I am, and that being little doesn’t affect your dancing skills.
Change of subject: I worry a lot about climate change and I have a blog about it on WordPress, the name is Bea’sList. Please check it out!
Another change of subject: I absolutely LOVE reading! My favourite series is Harry Potter. I’m in Ravenclaw, I’ve got Harry’s wand and my patronus is a kingfisher. I do Pottermore, does anybody else?
From Bea, age 10
P.S. Hi to my friend Eva who goes to my school, CSI and who gets AQUILA!
P.P.S. In ballet, I’m on points! (I started last year!)
P.P.P.S. I have two cats and I’m getting four fish and I MIGHT get a dog!
Here is a photo of me in my dance show! (I’m on points!)

from Bea

Dear AQUILA, I love your magazine and read it all the time. I live in New Zealand, which is a lovely diverse country and I am happy to live here. I am Danish. I want to talk about my favourite animal, a meerkat. Meerkats live in groups called mobs or gangs and take good care of one another. There are normally 50 meerkats in a mob. I like them because they make sure that everyone is looked after well. I also like how they ‘babysit’ other pups. One meerkat will stay out of the burrow and keep a lookout for hawks and eagles, which will attempt to eat the meerkats. What I like most about them is that they make wonderful, well-designed burrows to live in.
I hope you like my letter.
From Isabella, age 11
P.S. If you like meerkats, read Ian Whybrow’s ‘Meerkat Madness’ books. They are great.

Dear AQUILA, I agree with Philip. I think that Safari Parks are a great idea and should definitely be supported. However, I think it’s wrong to take animals from their homes and put them in an enclosure taking their freedom but if the animals are endangered then they are no longer in so much threat of extinction. The animals are safe from poachers and unharmed. The animals are well looked after by the well-trained staff. Some safari parks don’t look after the animals well but you can’t judge all safari parks by a bad few.
From Anna Forrest, age 10

I have two cats and one dog. They are called Smudge, Cookie and Alfie! I have one brother, one mum, one dad, six cousins, five aunties, three uncles, one granny, one grandpa and one grandma. I have a big family!
I think I am really good at English because we use words like discombobulated, solitary and obscure. I love reading the magazines! I loved doing the crossword in the Safari issue. I got them all correct!
From Ava, age 9