Your Letters

We love it when you write to us with interesting facts about your life – pets, holidays, school and so on.

We publish as many of your letters as we can in the printed magazine, and some more here on the website.

Dear AQUILA, I have been reading your magazine for several years now (2, 3 or 4 I’m not sure) and my brother had it before me as well. You probably get this a lot but I really like reading AQUILA. I learn about things that I might not have learned about otherwise, such as how money is made up and how many dinosaurs had brightly coloured feathers instead of scales.
I found the Game Theory issue (June 2018) very interesting as I like to watch and play video games myself. They have helped me to be more creative with my solutions in real life as I like to play strategy, puzzle and action games as I find them exciting as well as mentally challenging. I also found it interesting as it explored the psychology of even the simplest of games, such as Rock, Paper, Scissors as well as how games have changed and improved over thousands of years.
As well as this, I find your magazines very funny and they make me smile from the little comments within the information.
When I grow up I want to be a teacher or a creative scientist such as cosmetic chemists or formulation chemists. Reading your magazines has helped me to understand how to make information more interesting and engaging, just like the best teachers have to. I want to be a teacher because I like to help people understand things and learn, like you have helped me to learn. I got very good grades at school and enjoy it somewhat, but I do not like how constricting it is. It’s still very similar to how it was 150 years ago and I think that it would be interesting if you did an issue on the modern day school system. I want to be a teacher to help change this and make my students want to learn and be creative. (Sorry to go off on a side tangent.)
In addition to this, I play the flute and piano, both at grade 3 (distinction on the flute, whoop whoop!). I love to play music as it makes other people happy and helps me to be creative in a world of rules and regulations.
I would also like it if you did a full issue on psychology, but I understand this may be too complicated for the target audience of 12 years old.
Thank you for making such a great magazine.

From Adam Filan, age 13 (but mentally a lot older) 🙂

Thanks for your kind words. We love what we do here at AQUILA and glad that it has inspired you! – Harvey

To AQUILA, I love doing Brainfeeders in your magazine so in the Game Theory issue I had a go at them. When I reached the Word Morphs I had a go. On the GAME to SETS one I found a different way to complete it: GAME → SAME → SAGE → SAGS → SATS → SETS! What’s more it takes fewer moves than it needed to be!
My friend’s dad did the 3 Peaks Challenge! I climbed Snowdon to meet him and it was hard work! Altogether we raised around £3,000 for the Brain Tumour charity and Cancer Research.
I LOVE AQUILA it’s the most amazing magazine!

Best wishes, Olive, age 8
P.S. Game Theory is my favourite issue; I love playing games!

Little Monster
Little monster was worried, and so he said,
‘Mum will there be kids living under my bed?’
His mother laughed, and patted his wrist.
‘Don’t worry, my love, kids don’t exist.’

Little monster was still quite unsure,
He checked under his bed; he could just see the floor.
As he pulled his pyjamas over his head,
He heard a child’s voice from under his bed.

He heard it again, he jumped up in fright,
Monster leapt over the bed, and switched on his light.
The child said, ‘It was spiffing to meet you!
How do you do, now I’m going to EAT you!’

The child ate monster, thus,
Monsters should really be
more scared
of US!

From Ava, age 9½

Please can you do an issue on being eco? After all, we want to save the planet. About the GPGP (Great Pacific Garbage Patch), global warming, fossil fuels, how we can reduce our eco-footprint, what effect this has on animals and how we can stop all this.
The GPGP is a big pile of rubbish in the middle of the Pacific ocean. It is twice the size of Texas and 9 feet deep. It is also as heavy as the US.
Your eco-footprint is your total impact on the environment. It is like your carbon footprint but bigger. If you burn thousands of fossil fuels a day you would have a huge eco-footprint.
I hope you will do an issue on being eco, so we can alert everyone to how mean we are being to the environment.

From Laura, age 8

Hi AQUILA! I have been reading AQUILA since Polar Explorers (December 2017) and I haven’t been disappointed! I love a week called ‘Anti Bullying Week’. Can you do an issue on that? I’ve been enjoying the activities and I love Brainfeeders. My favourite TV show is ‘The Chase’ – does anyone else watch it? I have two brothers and I like art. Mum’s friend Dorothy subscribed to AQUILA for me. Bye!

From Chloe, age 10

Dear AQUILA and friends
My adventure is me and my friend Thea getting stuck in handcuffs (don’t try this at home). Basically we decided to put handcuffs on and give the key to my sister (little sister) and her friend (Thea’s sister) and run around in a field. So we were running around and having fun and all sorts and then we turn around to see my sister and Thea’s sister searching for something or other so we go over to them and asked them what they were searching for and they said they had lost one of the keys so we all looked in vain and eventually gave up. Thea and I thought it was not that bad because we still had one key. So we ran further into the field then we hear a shout and turn around to see my sister and her friend looking for something again. So we run over to them and asked what they are now looking for and they said they had lost the other key so now we really start searching. Ok now mum called us to go home so we ran over to tell her that we had lost both the keys. When we have explained as best we can, my mum asked whether we could squeeze out of the handcuffs. I could not but Thea managed to so I had to go home with one hand in handcuffs. When we got home Dad was there so that was a relief, so I went with him into his workshop and he tried for ages to get it off but every time he either picked the lock or fiddled with the clicky thing it got tighter and tighter. Eventually he put the handcuff in a vice and banged it with a hammer. The end.

Love Mia Ganachoud, age 12

I really like your Safari issue (May 2018) and my favourite part was page 6-7 about facts on animals. How do rhinos leave messages for other rhinos in their poo?

From Sophie, age 8

Scientists believe that white rhinos can smell different types of chemicals in other rhinos’ poo which gives them information on the gender, age and health of their herd mates. – E.B.

Hi AQUILA! This is my first time ever writing to you, and I started reading AQUILA in January 2018. My mum bought me a subscription for this fab magazine, and I am so glad she did. I’m a football fan. Being from Scotland, Paisley, my team that I support is Glasgow Celtic. I go to four clubs – karate, science, writing and art. I know that there was a Harry Potter (June 2017) issue and a Chocolate issue (April 2017), that I’m so sad I missed. I think my favourite thing about AQUILA is that it has so much fun info and with fun quizzes and activities, it makes the perfect magazine for me. I have a big brother, Daniel, who is 19, a little sister, Holly who is six. I also have two guinea pigs, and my brother owns two dogs. The guinea pigs are called Cookie and Sparkle, and the dogs are Sammy and Oscar. When I’m older I want to be loads of things. Here are just some – zoologist, biologist, astrophysicist, author, artist, singer, songwriter, actress, black belt, illustrator, director (movie), scientist, vet, animal behaviourist, environmentalist, teacher, waitress and many more. I really like space, and learning about it. I loved the first issue I got, Rocket Science (January 2018). I also love going to the cinema. My favourite animal is a unicorn or a panda, (oh and UNICORNS ARE NOT MYTHICAL!!!) and I like metallic pink and rose gold. If I had a superpower, I wouldn’t be able to pick one. I think it would be cool if you could do an issue about The Future.

Love Isla age 9. xxx

I love your magazines (especially the puzzles page). Mum and Dad got me a subscription for Christmas 2017. My favourite issue so far has been Rocket Science (January 2018). I love magic – perhaps you could do an issue about it.

From Imogen, age 10

Last February I went down to Glasgow to see the Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour with my mum and it was brilliant! We got to see all the dancers from week 9 to the final. My mum and I had fantastic seats! There is a photo of me standing with a ‘10’ sign in front of the dance floor! I love dancing, could you please do an issue on it? I have a couple of questions: Why did you name this magazine AQUILA? What do you get if you get star letter? In response to Olivia (Dec 2017), my favourite subjects are also maths and art.

From Isobel, age 12
P.S. Hi to my pen friend Charlotte in Australia!

Hi AQUILA! My granny bought me the subscription for AQUILA for my birthday in March. I have only had a few issues and I already can’t imagine what it would be like without it! I only see my gran once a week and every time I see her I always check the post! My favourite parts of each magazine are the crosswords and the word searches (I also like David Armitage’s comic strips). I would love you to do an issue on nocturnal animals (like owls, they are my favourite animals). Thank you for writing such amazing magazines!!!

From Emily B-P, age 10

Hi to everyone at AQUILA!!! I live in New Zealand and I love Ed Sheeran. I’ve been wanting to write to you for ages so I am!!! A few years ago we went on a big holiday around the world; we went for a month!!! First we flew to Auckland then we flew to San Francisco and stayed there for a day! And from San Francisco we flew to Manchester in the UK (of course you knew that), we had a family reunion in the Lake District and then we went to the airport and flew to Rome. We went to the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the museum and the Sistine Chapel. I had a great time but it was so hot, then we flew back to England, and from England we flew to Hong Kong, we also stayed there for a day and then we flew back home to New Zealand. I’ve probably said enough but I’ll say a few more things: you probably think I love exclamation marks but trust me, I don’t; I talk a lot but I’ve just got to finish a page, anyway I’ve got a joke: What do you call a fake noodle? An impasta!!!

Yours sincerely, Boudica, age 9 and a quarter
P.S. Just breathe whenever you like!!!

Hi! In the Easter holidays, my family and I went on a cruise ship Carnival Horizon! Our room number was 2509. I went on both the waterslides and the sky ride and sky course! The ship was only 40m smaller than the biggest ship (Harmony of the Seas) which I have also been on!
I have a little sister called Emily who is 7. My best friend is called Lillie Mae and two others are Sophia and Heather. I love Harry Potter and Doctor Who, does anyone else? My house is Gryffindor, and my wand is dragon tears and cherry wood, 11 inches. I’m quite a tomboy and my favourite three colours are dark blue, orange and green. Can you do an issue on the Amazon river and rainforest please? (Random: I’m good at making omelettes! It’s true, honestly!)

Love Holly Mitchell, age 10 and a bit

I really like getting AQUILAs; I like them all but my favourite copy is the Harry Potter (June 2017) and Grow Your Own (March 2018). I think you should do an issue on red pandas (they’re my favourite animal).

From Maebh McConell, age 9

Here are some of my hobbies: reading, art, swimming, climbing, guitar, trombone and calligraphy. I’m definitely a bookworm so I can’t pick my favourite book but I love Harry Potter. Go RAVENCLAW! Right now I’m reading the Secret series. Have any of you read the Secret series? Here is the alphabet in lowercase in the font script and a drawing of a realistic eye.

From Hilda, age 11

My friend and I recently wrote to TESCO (and received a reply!) about the amount of plastic we produce and I have also sent that friend some AQUILAs (the next 3) for her birthday! In the Electric Issue (November 2017) I sent a letter to the pen friend page and I am still in contact with my pen friend! My favourite issue so far has got to be Pop Art (April 2018). At my school I have started a journalism club and we produce and publish our very own school magazine. Our current topic is SOS (Save Our Seas) and I have made a desk tidy out of recycled plastics for our teacher, it has eco-friendly pencils in it along with recycled corks as rubbers. As a school project, I made a recycling movie about what we recycled over half term. I also have Blue Peter badges: green, blue, diamond and silver (coming soon!). Does anyone else have any Blue Peter badges? I also did a performance with my dance academy (well, actually….seven shows) six as our March yearly show (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and one raising money for Air Ambulance. Could you do an issue on SOS because I think it is important we save our seas and save the planet.

From Daisy Cobern, age 10
P.S. I hope you like my drawing (I used pencils made from recycled fridge parts to do it!)
(The coloured pencils are made of recycled plastics.)

Your magazines are absolutely amazing as always! (Yes, intended alliteration.) It has been a while since I wrote last time but my opinion on AQUILA has not changed a bit. I just wanted to say a few things:
• First of all, sorry for being picky, but the die on the front of the Game Theory cover (which I loved by the way) is impossible as all dice must have opposite sides which add up to seven.
• Second, what happened to magic maths? I quite liked it, so if you could include it every few issues that would be great, but if you can’t that’s fine.
• Third, I really liked the Harry Potter, Pop Art, Safari and Incredible Journeys issues.
• Finally, I had to do a special maths test at school called the UK Maths Challenge (did anyone else do it?) and got a bronze, which I am really proud of.

Thank you, Kiarna, age 13
P.S. Could you do an issue about food?

Yes, opposites sides of a die do usually add up to seven, but we decided to go against the norm as a bit of fun. We wanted to give Calculata more space in the magazine, but the little Magic Maths articles may return in the future! – Aquila

I have been receiving AQUILA for a year and a half now and I love it. Recently, I got a night-vision motion sensor camera and I put it out at my dad’s work. I’ve caught LOADS of foxes! There’s a fox with a limp, a fox with a really thin tail, a mum and 3 little cubs. I have become very attached to them and hope to carry on filming them. In the meantime, could you do an issue on foxes?

From Matilda, age 10½

I totally love your magazine. My favourite one is Polar Explorer (December 2017). My family and I did lots of experiments, the one I love the best was supersizing a marshmallow. Mine was this big

OMG! Please do an issue on David Walliams or cooking. My hobbies are (get ready): swimming, gymnastics, ballet, cheerleading and talking! It’s a mouthful.

From Faith, age 8¼
P.S. I dyed my marshmallow purple!

Whenever I get AQUILA I rush up into my room reading and rereading. I first started reading AQUILA Christmas 2017 and I’ve loved all of the issues. My favourite so far is Game Theory (June 2018). My uncle is blind and is walking the side of the country. I really like what Maya has done (June 2018) and I am going to start to help charities. Do you like my picture?

From Virginia, age 9

Dear AQUILA, I listen to a radio station called Fun Kids. I have had AQUILA for nearly 5 whole years! It is the best thing ever! I love Harry Potter, Minecraft and AQUILA (of course!). I love all of your characters and I’m obsessed with cats! I’m a coder and I’m the coding master at school! Here is a picture of my cat!

From Ellie, age 10

You’re going to love our March issue! – Pepe

I am into Harry Potter. Please would you make a Harry Potter issue? In the half term holidays I went to Weston which is in Suffolk. My granny and grandad took me to this moth thing. There were lots of different moths. The girl who was running it said I could keep the elephant hawk moth to show my mum and dad. I set it free in the evening. In the moth trap there were also cockchafer beetles. They felt weird on your hand. My brother, Ben, age 6, liked them. I like the AQUILA issues. It would be useful if you made an Anglo Saxon issue next term. I like history. I can remember all the kings and queens of England from William the Conqueror.

From Ella, age 9

We produced a Harry Potter issue of AQUILA in June 2017; back issues of this are still available on our website. – Wordworm

By Iris

Hi! I have one sister called Phoebe and two guinea pigs called Toffee and Squigglesies. Squigglesies is stripey and Toffee is dark brown. They’re so cute! They have a whole shed for their hutch. I love AQUILA and I love it when my dad reads it to me. I really like the colourful pictures and the way the magazine is written. I am home educated and I live in Forest Row, England.
I hope you like my letter.

From Maya, age 9

My favourite issue by far is the Harry Potter one. I play for a local football team with my friend Emily. I have a brother who is 6 years old.
I have only had AQUILA for a few months, but I love it! 1000,000,000,009 pleases; please can you make a magazine about global warming. At my school with my best friend Freyja, we have started a group that stops irresponsible behaviour towards our planet. Did you know that the USA (where I used to live) makes 5 planets’ worth of rubbish? I recommend picking up after your dog, and turning off a light when you leave a room. Our group is called the Green Group. I don’t mind if anyone wants to start it in their school.
I love animals and know lots about them. My favourite character is E.B. I love writing stories and reading. Here’s a picture of my dog Dexter.

From Callie, age 9½

My mum and I made the pinball wizard thingy. It was fun!!! We even added an automatic return because I got tired of lifting it up.

From Alfie, age 8
P.S. How do you pronounce AQUILA?

We pronounce it ak-wi-lah – Aquila

Or try this:
There was a young lad from Manila (capital of the Philippines, but you knew that!)
Who wanted a spare-time filler,
He asked his mum
What would be most fun
She said, we’ll subscribe to AQUILA!

I am writing in response to your May 2018 article on safari parks. I found the debate (pages 16-17) extremely interesting. Recently, I have been contemplating whether or not safari parks are a good thing just like Philip and Phoebe. I agree with several reasons on each side and have been weighing them up.
Finally I have come to the conclusion that safari parks are a good thing. The point that I agreed with the most is that safari parks keep endangered species safe. My favourite animals are rhinos and I know that sadly, along with many other animals, they are critically endangered. I think that every single animal has a certain role to play in this world, therefore a right to live and be saved. I look forward to your magazine each month: there is always plenty in them to keep me occupied on a rainy day. Thank you for reading my letter and letting me share my opinions with you.

Yours faithfully, Isabella Attwaters, age 11

Thanks for your letter, we really love hearing AQUILAnaut views on important topics like this. – E.B.

On 24 June I did my tae kwon do grading. Guess what? I passed with an A! I move from white belt to yellow stripe. Here are a few fun facts: Did you know the founder of tae kwon do is called General Choi Hang Hi and his grade was 9th dan black belt! The Tenets of tae kwon do are: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control and indomitable spirit.
The senior instructor is Brian Williams 7th dan black belt. Can you believe the Korean for stance is saju and for punch it’s jirugi?!
White signifies innocence as a beginner who has no previous knowledge of tae kwon do.
I was so scared!

From Rebecca, age 8½

Hello. My name is Florence and I live in Australia. It is very cold over here (this was written back in July) and that’s good because there are no deadly animals like snakes and spiders which we get a lot of. We have the most dangerous snakes here so I am glad it’s winter. I heard that England had a very warm summer. My dad and I once went to England and it was lovely. My favourite thing to do is dance. I love dinosaurs, they really interest me. Also I am soon going to try the oxidation art from the Pop Art issue (April 2018). I love Andy Warhol’s work.

From Florence

I really loved the Humankind issue (summer 2018). I especially liked it because there were some things about the body because my mum’s a teacher and she teaches things like that. I was also writing to you to tell you what I did last month. I sent a letter and £5 to charity (Bloodwise) because my dad’s friend died of blood cancer. I also did some planting and I managed to sow 5 different plants in about an hour! I am also growing some raspberries, blueberries, plums and strawberries. My dad and my brother, William, ate most of them.

From Isy Fletcher, age 7

Dear AQUILA, I live on the Isle of Wight. Does anyone else come from the Isle of Wight? I think our species will next evolve into a creature that can turn its wrists and heads more to help us to be quicker and more flexible. We could bend our knees more to help us jump higher. We might also breathe and see under water.
Please can you do an issue on Enid Blyton, animals, music or movies? My sister would like a sweet issue!

From Rosie, age 10¾

I like to read AQUILA, I find it funny and interesting. My favourite bit about AQUILA is Ian the cat.

From Maddy Kirk, age 10

Hi AQUILA,, I’ve had a great time with my first issue of AQUILA (Humankind, Jul/Aug 2018). It’s so interesting to learn about your body and other things. My favourite activities were the Stone Age cave painting and the articulated hand make. I find AQUILA really exciting and can’t wait for my next issue.

From Joel, age 8

To AQUILA, for my 9th birthday (July) I got my first AQUILA magazine – Humankind. As it has loads of things to try and make. We tried your sweet potato and black bean quesadillas.

From Edie, age 9

A few weeks ago I went to Germany because my grandparents live there. We did loads of cool things like circus clubs and caving. I can also speak German (quick tip how to say potato in German: kartoffel). Please could you do an issue on Europe? I also like drawing and hand-lettering. Does anyone else?

From Aurelia, age 10½

I enjoy reading the magazines you write so I’m writing / drawing to you. Here’s a picture of a Viking.

From Lazar Marinkovic

I love your magazines! My favourite was Detectives (October 2018) because I am a big fan of science, detectives, coll machines, Calculata and DOGS! I think Pepe is really cool. Please could you do an issue about pets? I am in year 4 and in September I went on a residential and got sooo wet and sooo muddy! It was great! I also think it was a bit annoying because of the bog! My bestie was rolling around in it like a pig!

From Eleanor, age 8

Hi AQUILA, I LOVE your magazines, especially Ian in the Rocket Science issue (Jan 2018). I have made the Hogwarts castle, and probably the Detective secret compartment book by the time this is printed. I have two cats, Bobby and Peggy. Peggy’s a mischief and Bobby looks like a queen, with her posture.
I love reading and writing books. I want to be an author, and I am on page 169 of the book I am writing. If you haven’t read them I recommend ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Warriors’. Please could you do an issue on bugs, mythical beasts or Greek mythology.

From Evie, age 9