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Your Letters

We love it when you write to us with interesting facts about your life – pets, holidays, school and so on.

We publish as many of your letters as we can in the printed magazine, and some more here on the website.

I have already sent you a letter before, but I want to get in touch again. Your service remains fabulous still. The quality of the content remains awesome. I am writing this letter to make a future magazine suggestion. I am a huge Hamilton lover, so I think you should do a magazine on him. He was one of the founding fathers of America, but until rather recently wasn’t very well known. To uncover Hamilton’s past, Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote a musical of 46 songs, which in its first year released on Broadway made about 74 million dollars. Hamilton is a very interesting character; he spent a lot more time on the battlefield, unlike a lot of founding fathers and was killed in a duel at the ripe old age of 47 (sarcasm intended). So I really want you to do an issue on Hamilton.
Sincerely, Finn Peterson, age 11
Dubbed “pho loving imagine dragons fan” by AQUILA

I really enjoyed making the James & the Upside-Down Peach Cake (June 2019) and my family really enjoyed eating it with me!
From Lara Williams, age 7

Hi AQUILA I love your magazines and I have been getting them for three years now. I love art and have done quite a lot of face drawings!
From Ted, age 12

You are amazing. I love your magazines. How do you do it?
I love animals and want to save them. I am raising money for the charity RSPCA. You gave me the idea that I would make a cake stall to help get money for animals. It was really fun. We got some peple to buy cakes. In the end, I raised £2.60 and only had three cakes left. My friends and I are thinking of baking home made cakes and doing another cake stall. My share would of course go to animals.
From: Your totally amazed fan Isabel, age 10
P.S. Thank you for the Harry Potter magazine!

Hi AQUILA, I love your magazines. My favourite one was Cake! (June 2019). I made the upside-down peach cake; it was scrumptious! I was inspired by the magazine on Leonardo da Vinci (May 2019) to paint my own self-portrait. Can you spot any hidden signs? There are 5 in total! Good luck!
From Alexander Gourlay, age 7

I love your magazines! My favourite issue was The Vikings (September 2018). I liked this issue because my name is Freya, and Freya was the Viking goddess of love, beauty, hearth and home. I have made the Viking bread; there really was a difference between the one with yeast and the one without. The one with yeast was a lot thicker and tasted a little bit like pitta bread and the one without yeast was thinner and tasted like crepe pancakes! I had it with honey and it tasted really delicious. When I’m not reading AQUILA I am probably either reading A Series Of Unfortunate Events or playing my violin. Please could you make an issue about polar bears?
From Freya, age 9

Dear AQUILA, I live in Australia and have been receiving your magazines since Christmas of 2018. I enjoy your magazines thoroughly and my favourite issue so far is on Leonardo Da Vinci (May 2019). Harvey’s science blows my mind. Therefore, it is my favourite part of AQUILA magazines. My school features your magazines in the library and suggests how it is a great magazine. Could you please publish an issue on global warming or World War II.
Yours sincerely, Sam, age 11

Dear AQUILA, I have just recently received my first AQUILA magazine on 16/5/2019. Already it feels like a club. All the activities are so much fun. I wanted to show you one of my art works – I attached it to show you how committed I am, so here it is !!!!!! 🙂
From Sofie Pye, from Australia