Your Letters

We love it when you write to us with interesting facts about your life – pets, holidays, school and so on.

We publish as many of your letters as we can in the printed magazine, and some more here on the website.

Hi! I got my subscription from my grandparents for my birthday in 2017. I live in a little island called Lanzarote, it belongs to Spain. I’m a quarter French and 3 quarters English. I have two cats, Charcoal (black and a boy) and Fluffy (grey and a girl). I have one sister, Jacqueline. I have got celiac (allergy to gluten) and I’m allergic to lactose. I like reading, drawing, writing, dancing and playing with my sister. My favourite team members are Aquila, Harvey, Pepe and Calculata. My favourite authors are David Walliams, Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton. I like The Midnight Gang by David Walliams, Matilda by Roald Dahl and The Secret Seven by Enid Blyton. Does anybody else like those books? Could you do an issue about David Walliams? When I’m older I would like to be an English teacher. When I am bored I go to my iPhone and do Duolingo (an app that teaches languages). I am learning four languages: German, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch, after that I am going to learn Ukranian and Swedish. Because I live in Lanzarote I also know Spanish. My favourite issues are The Elizabethans (Sep 2017), The Electric Issue (Nov 2017) and Mr Hawking’s Big Idea (March 2017).
From Anne-Marie Cameron-Wilson, age 12

I love pandas so I drew a panda and today I made chocolate chip cookies and I hope you like my panda picture. My favourite food is chocolate. My favourite sport is gymnastics. One thing you should know is I really don’t like dark chocolate.
Love Amelia

It’s Hannah here. I wanted to ask a couple of questions. My first question is have you anyone in AQUILA with a Blue Peter badge because I have got two; one purple and one blue. I got the blue one by sending in to the Blue Peter studio a non-fiction book about a boy and a girl who were destined to become Blue Peter presenters and one day their dreams come true. Another question I have been wanting to ask is how many people read AQUILA? I am in two minds about this question – I think there might be loads of people in AQUILA but then I think perhaps there are a small amount of people in AQUILA. Please can you answer my questions!
From Hannah Davies-Jones

Hi Hannah, we have around 30,000 families and schools that subscribe to AQUILA so there are quite a few of you! None of the team have a Blue Peter badge, but I am sure some other AQUILAnauts do, why don’t you write in and tell us! – Aquila

I have a pet hamster called Dumbledore and a half pet (a cat) called Mog. I am crazy about Harry Potter and Dr Who. Can you do an issue on Dr Who please?! My first issue was The Elizabethans (Sep 2017). I love reading and writing, my favourite subject in school is English. My favourite animal is a hedgehog and my name Erin is short for Erinaceus which is a type of hedgehog! I have a sister called Evie who is six.
Yours hopefully, Erin McLoughlin

AQUILA is amazing AQUILA is the best magazine ever! Last year on 10 November, I did a sponsored silence in aid of the Poppy Appeal. I stayed silent for two hours. It was really difficult because I love to talk! Altogether I raised £40 and I am really proud of my achievement. I have two really adorable guinea-pigs called Cookie and Teddy. Does anyone else have guinea-pigs? I also play the piano and did my first exam last November. Does anyone else play the piano? I am interested in nature and I love reading, writing and art. Please can you do an eco, global warming or animal issue?
From Kirsty, age 10

Hi AQUILA! I’m just writing to say that I love your magazine. I have been getting AQUILA since Christmas 2016. So far my favourite issue has been Harry Potter as I’m a huge fan. I did the quiz and I am a Gryffindor. I’m reading the 7th book so no spoilers! My favourite authors are Roald Dahl, Jacqueline Wilson and Jim Smith. Does anyone else like them? At the moment my hobbies are swimming, gymnastics and reading AQUILA. In your magazine my favourite pages are Over to you and Brainfeeders. Could you make an issue about plays as I would like to direct plays when I am older.
From Anila, age 9

Dear AQUILA, I really love your magazines. I have wanted to write to you for ages. I have two kittens called Albus and Thimble. Albus is ginger and Thimble is black. I got AQUILA as a present from my grandma and I got the London Eye Mystery from my grandad. I love reading but I can’t really choose a favourite book. The Uncommoners by Jennifer Bell is really good though. I wrote to her and got a HANDWRITTEN reply back! (My friends once tried writing to J. K. Rowling, but they only got a reply from the publisher.) I love writing and want to be an author when I grow up. I also love making things. I made a little doll, I have sent you a photo of it. I have climbed Mount Snowdon with my daddy. It is the biggest mountain in Wales. The AQUILA Mammoth Map of Everything is stuck on my bedroom ceiling so I can look at all its facts when I am lying down. I really like AQUILA.
From Amber, age 10½
P.S. Aquila is also a star constellation

Dear AQUILA STUDIOS, so far I have loved reading, making and playing the games and craft in AQUILA. My favourite one so far is probably Money Maths (February 2018), it is so fun and descriptive but I also loved Polar Explorers (December 2017). I am also sure I will love the next ones.
From Chloe Hughes, age 10

Dear AQUILA, I love how I can use AQUILA in class and I really love everything you do. I hope some of my friends and my little sister will join you too.
Love Daniel W

I have just signed up to be a member of WWF and was wondering if you could do a save our planet edition because I think it is important that everyone should learn about oceans and animals in danger.
From Edith Crispin, age 9

I love AQUILA because I love learning new words and my favourite team member is Polly Chrome, and my favourite thing to do is mostly art and my favourite animal are lambs!
From Kalina, age 8
P.S The picture is of my favourite teddy called Lamb-Lamb

My favourite issue was the Harry Potter (June 2016) one. I love reading: all the Harry Potter books, and the Mortal Engines series. I play the flute and piano. I have two black and white cats called Kitty and Tinker, and a Border Collie called Tommy. I love AQUILA. My favourite parts are Over to you, the stories, and the pages with puzzles on them.  I have no idea why I like Aquila so much, but maybe I like it because I learn things that my teachers in school don’t teach me. Please could you do an issue on the World (all of it), and it would be great to have pull-out posters in each issue.
From Ava Whately, 9 years old

Hi AQUILA! I have a Labrador, he is 5 and called Kit! I got AQUILA for a birthday present last year from my gran and it was an amazing surprise! The first issue I got was Chocolate (April 2017), my mum and I made the recipes in it (it was soooooo good!!). My favourite issue ever was the Harry Potter issue (June 2017) (I loveeeee Harry Potter). My favourite parts are the jokes and experiments or recipes! Some of my favourite things: dogs, AQUILA (obviously), Harry Potter series, Gilmore Girls! and reading. I am also home educated as I have anxiety so I didn’t like being in school and it’s the best! My mum and I are planning on doing so much learning this year so I can bet AQUILA will come in handy!!
From Isobel, age 13

Last night we made the carrot ice cream from the Grow Your Own issue (March 2018). We had it with strawberries and yum yums and it was delicious. Thank you for the recipe!
From Astrid Lowey

Hey Aquila! My name is Poppy and I just want to say two things:
Your magazine is awesome.
Warrior cats is awesome!
A few people have written in about the books before, but I think I am the biggest fan EEEVVVEEERRR!!! For people who haven’t read them before, they are about cats who live in clans and have to defend their territory and catch their own prey. It’s quite confusing, so there is a lot more complicated stuff I don’t have room to explain! My favourite character is Leafpool, who is a medicine cat (basically the nurse of a clan who also communicates with their ancestors, StarClan). My soul is a medicine cat’s soul :-). My second favourite is Cinderpelt (also a medicine cat) and my third is Sorreltail (a warrior).
To Evangeline (March 2018): I let people call me Popscat AND I read Warrior cats (as you know!), so we are quite similar!
I would be over the moon if you could publish my letter in your epic magazine to get the warrior cats message out!
From Poppy, aged 11

Hi, I made the space marble run from Incredible Journeys (Feb 2016). I enjoyed finding out the names of the planets.
From Jack, age 7¾

Hi Aquila people! My name is Tabitha and I am 8. I thought it would be fun to write in to Aquila because it’s nice to learn about other readers and I have never done anything like this before. In April I will be turning 9, and I am going to have a Make Your Own Pizza party at a pizza restaurant! My sister’s birthday is in March, and she’s SO excited.
Thank you for making AQUILA so interesting.

Dear AQUILA, I love your magazine. My birthday is the 9th of June and I love being creative. I also love singing, dancing and playing Badminton. I was born and live here in Germany and everybody speaks German so I would like to be part of something British! I have a little sister called Alba, she is creative and follows in my footsteps. I like writing on the computer and making Powerpoint presentations. I have one cat but back in Scotland my Grandma has two cats Thomson and Morgan, a boy and a girl.
I will write to you again soon!
From Audrey Lassalle age 9

Hi AQUILA, here is the vendor’s tray I made from the Money Maths issue (Feb 2018) all ready for us to have a movie afternoon. Thanks for the great idea!
From Polly, age 8

Dear Aquila,
I live in New Zealand in Wellington. We moved here from the UK three years ago and my Granny sends me Aquila every month. I liked your autumn edition but instead of turning cold for Christmas we have warm weather and we may even go to the beach. In my music class at school we are learning a song called “Carol our Christmas, an upside down Christmas” and these are some of the words:
Sing of the gold and the green and the sparkle,
Water and river and lure of the beach.
Sing in the happiness of open spaces,
Sing a nativity summer can reach!
There was an earthquake last year in November and my school was shut for inspections. We all know what to do – drop, cover and hold. It was still really scary, though. The Pohutukawa trees are the New Zealand Christmas trees and they have red flowers. We will see a lot of those. All the roses are out too. I agree with Ella Jenkins that you should do a New Zealand edition. There is so much you could include – at least 3 magazines’ worth! Here is a photo of me outside the Parliament building.
From Meredith Williams, age 8

Hi fellow AQUILAnauts and AQUILA team. I think you are all amazing! My name is Ella Black and I live with my mum, dad, little brother Alexander and cat sweetie. Alexander (my brother) is sometimes very annoying! I love to use exclamation marks! LOL! I love AQUILA, my grandparents got me and Alexander it for Christmas in 2016 but also got us past issues! My hobbies are swimming (I’m in Ren 96 and in squad E2) dance (highland, cheer, tap, disco, modern/contemporary and ballet) violin, netball, reading and Aquila! I know I do loads! In response to Sammy (Feb 2016) I love love love Percy Jackson! In response to Morgan (same issue) my dad’s favourite colour is orange! In response to Joseph (Jun 2017) I’m in Slytherin and proud to be! Is anyone else? Now I have some questions: if I send in a half-finished story would you finish and print it? Aquila who is your favourite team member that’s not yourself? Mine is Calculata! And what happened to Calculata’s part at the end of the mag?
Bye, Ella (aged 11)
P.S. I love Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple (movies) and Hercule Poirot (books)
My favourite member of our team has to be the adorable Pepe! – Aquila

Dear brilliant team at AQUILA,
Firstly, I don’t like your magazine… I love it!! I appreciate all of the work you do to encourage young children to learn new things (whilst having a bit of fun at the same time). Even though I love all of the AQUILA team my favourites have to be Polly, E.B. and Pepe! Please can you do an issue on Environmental issues, A.I. or Japan. Questions: Is anyone else in Ravenclaw? Does anyone else love the performing arts? Has anyone else heard of the musical ‘Hamilton’? My B.F.F.s are Jean and Lily. Hi to you two! The other day I thought up an idea to help save the environment: if no one used paper for two years that would be incredible for our planet. Instead of printing new books you can just borrow books from a friend or read off an iPad, phone or computer. We shouldn’t print out new money and instead use credit/debit cards. As the rainforest produces 15% of the world’s oxygen, we need to take action. On the bright side, I have two cats called Schnitzel (he’s the black one) and Penny (she’s the tortoise-shell one). I live in a tiny village near Bath, with my mum, dad and little sister, Claudia. Hi to all of my friends in London: Zoe, Anna, Hiyaw, Hafsa and Vera.
From Ava


Hi, I love AQUILA, every time I read it I learn something new. I have one little sister who is 8 and two cats called Oreo and Mylo. Mylo is mine and is the smaller of the two. Also they are both black and white. I love animals and when I grow up I want to be a zoologist. David Attenborough inspires me to look more closely at nature. Also every week I put some money aside for charity.
Yours sincerely, Hannah Willis age 11

Wassup AQUILA! I live in Freo, Australia. I received an AQUILA subscription for ma b-day last year. My favourite parts about AQUILA are Over to you and your stories – my favourite story so far is the suspense/horror story The Game. My favourite books are Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter and the Percy Jackson books, so far I have read up to book 7 in Artemis Fowl, read all the Harry Potters and read the first Percy Jackson book. Shoutout to Milo in Hackney my birth home and just cuz we like the same books really. Aso i want to shout out to my bros Tom, Zac, Oscar and my PEACE bro Rex.
AQUILAnaut Jesse (call me DJ) signing out

Hi! I have been getting your magazines for just over a year now and I love them! My favourite one is the Forest Adventure because I love the outdoors! Everyone says that Harry Potter (June 17) is their favourite yet I’m not a massive fan. Is anyone else not very interested in Harry Potter? If so, I would love to know! I live in Cambridge with my mum, dad, brother Sam and my two guinea-pigs, Patchy and Cinnamon. They are so cute! I love animals, reading and baking. My favourite authors are Arthur Ransome and L. M. Montgomery. Anyone else like these authors? I am sending a picture of my guinea-pigs to show you how cute they are. Cinnamon is mine (front of picture) and Patchy is my brother’s (further back).
From Megan

The first AQUILA issue I got was the Harry Potter issue (June 2017). My Hogwarts house is Ravenclaw. I really like AQUILA! Right now I finished the Memory back issue (December 2015). Have you done an issue about fairies? If not please do!
From Frida, age 7