Your Letters

We love it when you write to us with interesting facts about your life – pets, holidays, school and so on.

We publish as many of your letters as we can in the printed magazine, and some more here on the website.

Hello AQUILA! I’ve been collecting your awesome magazines for 7 months and I absolutely love it! My favourite issue has to be the Safari one because learning about how to save the world is very interesting but I think we need to do something about it. A bit about me now. I’m 8 years old and my birthday is two days before Christmas! I live in Wilton and go to Salisbury Cathedral school. I keep my AQUILAs in a special folder that I got from my old school. My favourite things in AQUILA are Polly, Astra, Over to you, and Brainfeeders. I go to Cubs and my hobbies are doodling, Lego and reading. Please could you do an issue on books and reading? BYE!
From Harry Joseph Gabriel Marchant-James

You are the best magazine! My favourite issue so far has been Harry Potter (June 2017) and I have collected this magazine since December 2016. You get into it the more you read it. I found the word Aquila on my globe! I would love there to be a Roald Dahl issue with facts about his books and his life and how to make a witch’s spell bottle with Polly Chrome! AQUILA has given me two pen-pals and lots of knowledge. It is one of the best magazines ever! My mum and I loved Harold’s Comedy Showcase by Azenath Adede. Bye for now!!
Nancy, age 8½

I got your magazine for my birthday last year and at first I didn’t read it much but now I read it as it comes through the letterbox! I have an annoying (but sometimes cute) brother. I’ve just started playing the clarinet and my teacher Daisy is really nice! I love the Jul/Aug 2018 summer double issue and my favourite page is ‘A Man’s Best Friend’ as I absolutely adore dogs! I also liked the ‘How do you Grow?’ page by Harvey because it had some very interesting facts.
P.S. Please can you write some more about Roo, your other office dog, as she sounds cool.
From Poppy, age 9

Hello! I like to make friendship bracelets and my brother likes to read. In summer we like to play in our garden and we like the trampoline best. We also have swings and a slide. My brother wants to learn French and I want to learn Japanese. We don’t have any pets but we would really like a big fluffy cat that is not at all shy. At school we are learning about World War II and Elliot is learning about The Twits by Roald Dahl. If you haven’t already, I would like it if you made an issue on World War II because it is really interesting and Elliot wants an issue about reading because he really loves reading.
From Ruby and Elliot Chapman, age 10 and 7

Hello, my name is Lara and I’m ten years old. I’ve been getting your magazine for a couple of years now and I love it. I live in a little town on the north east coast of England with my Mummy, Daddy, little sister Etta (8) and our dog Tazzy (18 – that’s 126 in dog years!). My passion is circus. When I was seven I had a circus birthday party and then I started doing it regularly, soon I will be joining performance troupe or youth circus – a group of young people who put together really cool shows alongside the amazing people who make circus central what it is today. At the moment I am learning to go backwards on a tightwire, ride a giraffe (a really tall unicycle), juggle with three balls and how to front flip off things. Because as a planet we should try to use as little plastic as possible you could maybe wrap the Aquila magazines in paper instead of plastic as paper is biodegradable and the plastic Aquila currently comes in is not. I also have a pet snail (giant African land snail) called Walter. I love animals and I think they are very important and with all this plastic in the sea most of the sea creatures at least won’t be able to survive. We only have one planet Earth and we have to treat it with the respect it deserves.
From Lara, age 10¾

I am a huge fan of your magazines. I have been subscribed since December 2016! My favourite issues are Detectives, Harry Potter and Game Theory. My favourite parts are the jokes/riddles, the puzzles and articles that make me think/give me interesting information (I beat all my friends at rock, paper, scissors now!).
In the Detective issue, there was a section where we had to observe someone giving a case to a detective. Here’s what I think: He said he hadn’t travelled that day, but there was a train ticket sticking out of his pocket, he wouldn’t look the detective in the eye, and he just happened to be looking at the safe in which there was a diamond necklace. Coincidence? I don’t think so. He also pretended that he didn’t know the women when he had already said that he did. He was holding binoculars so he could have been looking for which numbers on a padlock had been used the most.
Here are some jokes.
A boy comes home from his first day at school. His mother says, “Did you learn a lot today?”
The boy replies, “Not enough. We have to go back tomorrow.”
What do you call a flying hippopotamus? Dangerous!
Here is a riddle. Two women go to a bar. They order the same drink. It takes one woman 5 times as long to drink one drink than the other. There was poison in each drink. Only the slow drinker died. Why? Answer: The poison was in the ice so the ice had time to melt into the drink.
I love to read. My favourite authors are Sophie McKenzie, Andrew Lane and Michael Morpurgo. I also love Rubix cubes. My record is 44 seconds. I am trying to solve my dodecahedron and it is extremely hard, but I can do 6 sides. As I said at the start, I love your magazines so keep up the great work!
From Joseph Westbury, age 11
P.S. As Doctor Who has just started again, could you do an issue on sci-fi? I would love that.

Hi Aquila! I got a subscription for my birthday and the first issue I got was Grow Your Own. My favourite issue so far has to be Detectives (October 2018). My favourite subjects are English, spelling and math. Does anybody have any tips for starting Secondary school because I am slightly freaked out about the whole subject. Here’s a riddle: a couple always go for a cup of tea every Wednesday afternoon. They always go to the same cafe. The cafe owner wants to kill the man so he can marry the woman. He has one useful bit of information: the man takes a while to drink his tea, but the woman downs it in one. It was a hot day so the couple asked for iced tea instead. The woman, as predicted, drank hers quickly, but the man lay dead on the floor after taking 7 minutes to drink his iced tea. How did the cafe owner kill him? Answer: the poison was in the ice cubes. The woman drank too quickly for the ice cubes to melt, but the man drank slowly enough for them to melt. Here are some ideas for issues: The Suffragettes, WW2, J. K. Rowling, Strictly Come Dancing and Baking.
From Charlotte, age 10

Hello my name is Cara and I got my subscription in April for my 11th Birthday. Not long ago I did my SATS which stands for ‘Statutory Assessment Tests’ and I found them really easy! They’re not how you’d expect, lots of people fret about them, when all you really do is sit in a room and do a couple of tests.
I got into AQUILA because of one of my friends named Freya. I sit next to her in the afternoons at school and she reads them, and does the quizzes, so I asked her if they were any good, and she said ‘Yeah! You should give them a try,’ and so I did. From then on I’ve been ADDICTED!
I do have a few questions for you, and it’s about Mosha, the elephant in your Safari edition. She was walking with her mother when she stepped on the land mine, but she’s not mentioned later on in the story, so what happened to her?
Also, when you work on the magazines, is it just one person per topic, or do you all work on it together?
I have one pet cat named Hector, even though I REALLY want a dog, preferably a Border Collie. My grandparents have always had dogs and at the moment they have a Jack Russell named Molly!
The type of things I am into are animé and the internet and art! When I’m older I’d really like to go to Tokyo, once I’ve learnt Japanese, and I’d also LOVE to tour the world! I like the internet because of all the wonderful things it can do. I don’t fully understand how it all works, but I’d love to learn how. I also love spooky stories, and regularly in the morning the people on my table and I tell them to each other! I love art because it helps me to zone out and relax. I normally draw anime and stuff like that. Normally, I struggle on the eyes, I think it’s because of the complexity of them.
I can’t wait to see the new edition of AQUILA! Thank you so much for reading!
From Cara Donnelly, age 11

Hi! I am in year 7. I remember writing to you before, it got printed in the Robots issue (January 2015). I was only 7 and I don’t think my letter was that interesting! I recently have begun reading through my old AQUILAs (I’ve been getting them since Pompeii (September 2014) and I agree with Connor (Utopia issue), that it’s really important to save endangered animals. It is really sad because the white rhino only has two females left and there will be no more so they will become extinct. When I was nine I did a fundraiser for WWF elephants. I can’t remember how much I raised (it was a lot) and my then 7-year-old brother did WWF rhinos. We have to save our animals; they are so important to our world. On that interesting point, a castle in England called Knepp Castle did this really good thing in 2001. They had loads of acres of farmland and they introduced these endangered native animals and let them run wild. They also care for plants and it is an amazing place. People actually live in the castle! Because it is not controlled by humans, there is loads of wildlife there now. I haven’t been, but I would love to go, and so should any wildlife/outdoors-type AQUILAnauts!
Now I will tell you a little bit about me: I play piano (grade 3) and saxophone (grade 3). I am a tomboy and I love making camps and fires etc outdoors. My favourite books are Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. My favourite sports are swimming, sailing, football and skiing (also athletics, I almost forgot!). Does anybody else like these things? My Hogwarts house is Gryffindor! In response to Leela (Egypt issue), it is very cool you met an adventurer. I love adventuring and your adventures in Spain sound really fun! I have some tips for AQUILAnauts adventuring in a wood, marsh or field, here goes:
1. Spiders: do NOT be afraid, they eat flies and midges!
2. Wood: when lighting fires, use dry OLD wood.
3. Clearings: Fire can spread. MAKE A CLEARING.
4. Trees: Climb them but check that branches aren’t rotten or weak first.
5. Mud: It’s not bad at all, but to stop getting stuck, run really fast across it.
6. Slugs: Gross but harmless.
7. Weather: Who cares? Enjoy yourself!

I think that’s all. Oh, I forgot – my favourite thing to do to relax is drawing cartoons, so naturally I love Ian. Here’s a cartoon:

From Olivia, age 11, nearly 12!

I have recently been away for 6 weeks. We went to Portugal, Spain (España) and Morocco (Maroc). I have been to 19 countries and 3 continents. We have about 86 pets – about 40 fish, about 40 stick insects, 2 chickens, 1 dog, 1 rabbit and 1 guinea pig.
Back to my holiday…
In Morocco: We went to Rabat and saw the Hassan Tower and Mosque. Then we went to Marrakech. There is a big square in Marrakech that, at night, is full of entertainment. On the way back we broke down in the mountains and stayed with the locals.
In Portugal: We went to the beach a lot. My favourite part was when we found a secret cove. To get there you had to climb, squeeze, wriggle and jump! We had custard tarts!
In Spain: We went to a blue lagoon that was freezing cold! We also went to Valencia and played on a giant Gulliver.
Here are a few recipes from the holiday:
Tajine: fennel, carrots, aubergine, courgette, tomatoes and spices, potato and water. Has to be cooked in a tagine Maroc.
Berber omelette: Egg, spices, tomato and onion. Has to be cooked in a tagine Maroc (alright, maybe in a frying pan…).
Mint tea: Mint, sugar, hot water, black or green tea leaves, or lemon grass.
Paella: Rice, saffron, artichoke, turmeric, water, potato, carrot and peas. Has to be cooked in a paella dish (outside, on a fire).

I am homeschooled and I have three siblings: Maddy (13); Jude (8) and Evan (4).
From Freya, age 10

I got your magazines in November 2017 (Electric Issue) for my birthday and it was one of my favourite issues. I find lightning fascinating. Whenever there is a storm I look out the window and look at the storm, watching the electricity. I like playing table tennis and football, I support Chelsea and my favourite player from the Chelsea football team is Hazard who is Belgian, like one of my favourite fictional characters, the detective Hercule Poirot. I also like watching the F1 Grand Prix. I think that Lewis Hamilton has to be an amazing driver because he is winning the Championship against the two Ferraris, Kimi Raikonen and Sebastian Vettel, who have faster cars! I am insane about books! I am absolutely mad about them. I enjoyed the Viking issue (September 2018) because I like the authors J. R. R. Tolkien and Rick Riordan. I also like murder mysteries, especially ones by Agatha Christie. I like the detectives Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple and Inspector Morse. Graphic novels are also really good; I like reading TinTin (who is also Belgian) by Hergé (who I believe is also Belgian). I like playing chess, writing, art, maths, acting and HISTORY!! I love learning about history, mainly ancient history like the ancient Greeks and Romans. The Roman legionaries had to have SPQR (Senatus Populus que Romanus) which means the senate and the people of Rome. One of my favourite animals is the golden eagle whose name in Latin is Aquila chrysaetos! I play two instruments, the drumkit and the guitar. In July I passed my grade 2 guitar with distinction. Can you please do an issue on Ancient Greek mythology.
From Gracie, age 11

My name is Izzy and I live in Devon near Kingsbridge/Plymouth with my mum, dad, sister (Morwenna which is Cornish for maid of the sea) and two lovely but smelly guinea pigs called Imogen and Horey. I live in an amazing house with around ½ an acre full of beautiful land. I am sooo lucky! I know loads of people say this but you are the best magazine company in the world. It is amazing to read as it is done in a fun way so you don’t even know you are learning and it is amazing for school projects (thanks to the team who make them up)!!! The stories are great too, though my favourite books are the ‘Murder Most Unladylike’ series by Robin Stevens which are so amazing you don’t want to put them down. They are an amazing mystery series where some teenage girls (finally!) find the murderer before the detectives do. I started high school in September. I know how scary it is but try not to worry about anything and go with your gut, tutor as well as finding out what the done thing is. And if anyone is being mean to you tell someone straight away even if the person you tell is one of your friends, sister, brother or someone who can’t do anything about it, as long as you have someone to talk to. Starting new schools is exciting, so try to be happy about it.
From Izzy

Hi AQUILA, I am new to your magazine. I have two highly annoying brothers who are five and three, called Sacha and Emi. My favourite books are Matilda and George’s Marvellous Medicine and I am currently reading the Harry Potter series and think the books are great. I have also seen one of the movies but think the book is better. Also, I know you have done an issue on Harry Potter but what about an issue on J. K. Rowling? I also think you could do an issue on Roald Dahl.
I have drawn J. K. Rowling AQUILA magazine and a Roald Dahl one.
From Gaia, age 8

I love AQUILA. My favourite issues would have to be Harry Potter (June 2017) and Safari (May 2018). Last night my family had a BBQ, it was so good. My hobbies are reading and knitting. I am reading the 6th Harry Potter book for the second time. My favourite HP book is the 7th one and my least favourite is the 2nd. My favourite part of AQUILA is the stories. I have lots of AQUILAs.
From Ben, age 9½

Hello AQUILA, I have some ideas for some magazine issues and here they are: Dinghy sailing (I am totally obsessed, I have a dinghy called an RS Tera), Homophobia, Climate Change and Music and Famous Musicians (I play the cello). I have a Scratch account and made an animation game (Maze Game it’s called) and it is an AQUILA maze! Oh, did I mention to you to do an issue about cats? My favourite parts of AQUILA are E.B., Aquila (I LOVE history lessons), Brainfeeders and Over to you.
Thanks for the amazing magazines!
From Joséphine, age 9
P.S. I loved the Detectives issue!

From Adam, age 8

Hi AQUILA, I have had AQUILA since the December 2016 issue (Midwinter Feast). I adore Harry Potter and my favourite character is Hermione Granger. I also am very into music and love the piano. For some reason I have never got round to actually making something from AQUILA. My favourite character is Harvey because I love science, especially physiology. I live in Putney and would like to say hi to Lizzy Wilson and Celeste Upton. I am in year 6 and both Lizzy and Celeste are in my class. We have a one form entry so I have got 26 people in my class. My favourite issue so far was definitely Harry Potter.
From Aimee, age 10

HI AQUILA! I have learnt to yearn for the first day of every month at which point I find a letter addressed to me in the letterbox. I live in London (which seems quite a boring place to live compared to some of the fantastical lands other AQUILAnauts live in) with my mum, dad, cat (who is named Wisher) and my cannibalistic fish. My main hobbies include: reading, writing, watching people operate on rabbits or other cute, cuddly things; drawing; cloud gazing and cuddling my cat.
The thing I love most about AQUILA is the way it makes things come alive. My best subject, as you may have guessed, is English – at school I despise maths, but Calculata makes maths come alive – it is one of my favourite pages in AQUILA (along with Ian, the science pages and best of all, the contents). (Yes, I know that sounds strange but I love the welcoming and the editors comments because they link the readers and the writers together.)
Hope to write again soon,
Thea Hodges, age 10½

I love your magazine. My favourite issue is Game Theory (June 2018). I am in year 5 and we are going to Upton Court for 3 days and 2 nights for a school trip – I can’t wait. I have never been on such a big adventure. I have two guinea pigs called Nibbles and Bibbles, they are both boys. In the summer holidays last year I went to Cornwall. My favourite part was when my mum, nana and I went to the Lost Gardens of Heligan. They had a huge playground, although I did get stuck under a tractor with two boys because it started raining.
Yours truly, Olivia, age 9

I am really enjoying reading AQUILA, I like the short stories too! My sister and I really find them funny! I like filling in the passport and finding out interesting facts that I didn’t know before. I got AQUILA for my birthday and some of my friends have got it too.
From Imogen Simkin, age 9

I love your magazines. This is impossible to happen but I grew a sunflower in SEPTEMBER – isn’t that crazy. Here is a picture of it and please can you make an issue about plants.
From Quinn, age 9

This is my first time writing to you and I’ve been meaning to for ages but I just didn’t have the time to… on second thoughts, I probably did but – anyway, I live in Brighton with my mum, dad and my sister. We live in a 3-storey house with a big garden and a trampoline.My favourite pages are Over to you, Brainfeeders, Pepe and Polly Chrome. Could you do an issue on Women’s Rights? I am a Harry Potter MEGA fan and I am in Gryffindor, is anyone else? In reply to Aran’s letter (Feb 2017) yes, I love English! I do football, netball, handball and boxing, does anyone else? I recommend the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling The Lost Island of Tamarind by Nadia Aguiar and Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter. I hope you like my letter!
From Elle M C, age 10

I love your magazines, but my favourite issue is Grow Your Own (March 2018). My grandma bought me my first one two years ago and I L.O.V.E.D them! This year, we went on holiday to Harrogate, York and Sutton Coldfield! We stayed with our old friends for one night before making the three hour journey to Harrogate! In York, we went to the York minster, the Railway Museum, the Yorvik Centre (Viking HEAVEN) and Dig. I found it awesome!! Finally, we headed home. I loved it, but it is great to be home! Are there any other readers who love to go on holiday and come home again?
From James Drury, age 10

Hello AQUILA. I like running and sports. I won a trophy in the Tring Fun Run for winning! Does anybody’s school do sports day with obstacles in the morning and then races in the afternoon? Mine does. I have a legendary teacher who has been on Countdown and is epic at football. I have loads of penpals and it is really exciting to get a letter from them. I think AQUILA is great and my brother keeps handing me the ones he got when he was my age. Sometimes the whole family joins together to work out the puzzles! I live in a family of 6!
From Bella, age 10

I think your magazine is great! My favourite issue so far is Detectives (October 2018). My siblings and I do not go to school so AQUILA is like school but super fun! I really like Ian! My hobbies are ballet and collecting caterpillars which turn into moths and butterflies. I also make cards and sell them to raise money for premature babies!
From Etta, age 9
P.S. Could you do an issue on Romans?

I am writing to tell you about my amazing charity camping trip I went on with my dad and brother, Noah (7). We went on a Friday after school and stayed until Sunday. We were raising money for air ambulance and there were many different active challenges and campfires. I took on a surfing challenge where you had to stand on a hard, fake surfboard and stay on it while someone stood at a machine and made the board shake faster and faster until…WIPEOUT! If I could describe the campfire in three words it would be cold, cold and cold!
From Molly, age 9½
P.S. Shout out to my friends Ava and Emma who also read AQUILA. Isn’t it amazing?

I’ve been planning to write to you for absolutely forever! So now I am. I have four pets: Cloud, my cat; Biscuit, my dog; and the horses Nea (Nee-a) and Dillian. I live in County Cork, Ireland. I was born in America, then moved to Scotland and then Ireland. I like unicorns, cats, writing stories, Disney, Minecraft, books and obviously AQUILA! Books I recommend are Harry Potter, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Murder Most Unladylike and anything by Jacqueline Wilson. I’m in Hufflepuff, anyone else? I also play guitar. And Colin (Safari issue, May 2018) which planet do you live on? Is it in our solar system?! My favourite AQUILA members are Polly Chrome and E.B. Could you make Ian longer?
Cáit (pronounced Cawt), age 11

To AQUILA, Here is my Ian style comic. Can you do an issue on nature and how we are not looking after it?
From Tess, age 9½

I love AQUILA magazines and my favourite one so far is Science of Light (November 2018). I learned so much! My mom loves it! She’s my teacher, I’m homeschooled. Can you make a Princess Diana AQUILA? I love her!
From Saoirse Blue, age 12, Beacon, NY

I LOVE your magazine! (I think that’s the universal start to letters to AQUILA.) Aside from this, I love comics (drawing them), turning inanimate objects into cartoon creatures (it’s awesome) and steampunk stuff. I should also add writing stuff in brackets (see what I mean?). I do Scratch lots (or used to). I’ve made loads of projects and I am a fan of Mysterycreator7. If you’re on Scratch search for them. If you’re not on Scratch you SHOULD! The best band in history are Queen (ask your parents!) because they just are. I love reading, especially Ali Sparkes and Rick Riordan. Does anyone else? But after all this, I just want to say that people need to stop polluting the Earth, stop throwing litter into the sea! It’s killing all sorts of creatures that help our ecosystem. Also, be vegetarian! Less people eating meat = less people eating cow = less need for cows = less er…farts = less methane = better environment!!! It all works out in the end. Also, don’t get plastic bags in supermarkets, just use backpacks and things. And if anyone says recycle everything, it’s good for the environment, THEY’RE WRONG!!! Having non-recyclable stuff in the recycle bin is bad and stuff can only be recycled 2-3 times before it goes to landfill. It’s REDUCE (use less) REUSE (use it again) and then RECYCLE!!!
Bye, Charlie
P.S. Shout out to my awesome penpal Lucas, who sent our picture into the Science of Light issue!

Your magazine is amazing. My Granny and Grampa got them for me and so far, they are epic. I got a folder to put the magazines in too and it is really cool.
I think AQUILA is helping with my literacy and I even got a certificate in school for improving my literacy so I ought to give you a big Thank You.
I went to William Shakespeare’s house over the Christmas holidays and it was super interesting and I really enjoyed it. I would really appreciate it if you made an issue about William Shakespeare, or about bunnies.
P.S. I have two rabbits.
Here is a photo of me and my family outside William Shakespeare’s house.
(From left: my brother Amos, me, Daddy, Mummy and Grampa)
P.P.S. I also like Harry Potter.
From Isabel, age 9

Hello AQUILA! I love your magazine. So far my favourite issue is the Viking issue (September 2018) because I live opposite a castle that was invaded by the Vikings in
800 AD. Recently I revived a metal detector for Christmas, I can’t wait to use it on the beach. My favourite animal is a kakapo. There are 96 left, they’re actually the biggest flightless parrot in the world. They apparently smell of honey!
From Orla T age 10

Hi AQUILA! I started my subscription in March and since then I have been hooked on your fantastic magazine. My favourite parts of AQUILA are Over To You, Brain Feeders and the stories. I completely loved the Charles Dickens issue as I am a huge fan of books, my favourite author is Matt Haig, who has written a variety of Christmas stories. I would love it if you could do a Doctor Who issue please. I play the piano and the clarinet and am 10¾ years old. Shout out to Ava, my friend, who is a new AQUILA subscriber.
From Eliza
P.S. I love all animals.

Hi I live in France but I am English and I have a little brother called Elias who is 7 years old. In answer to Sophie Williamson (December 2018) I also love maths and am also an eco warrior because I am in a club called eco warriors which is where we are trying to ban single-use plastics, getting biodegradable bottles for the school and warning the world about plastics. So stop using single-use plastic bottles! I love playing roblox does anyone else? I love cats. I love Aquila and think it is very important to help lonely people now since I read about it in this magazine (December 2018 page 24). I would love you to do an issue on cats or single-use plastics or Story Thieves. My BFFs are Amelie (completely bonkers), Rihanna (who I sometimes call Kiwi), Zoe, and Lola. In my school we do kindergarten duty and I have made friends with Elise who is in K1 (3 years old) and is so cute!
From Almas Bhatti, age 10

Hello! I am slightly nervous because I’ve never sent you a message before. I have been reading AQUILA since Pets and Swamps (2014), and I think it is marvellous!!! I loved the detectives issue, and I also enjoyed the recent “Chittering on the Weald village newsletter”. it would be cool if you could do another one; perhaps when you do an issue set around the same time.
I love books, and I think you and other readers would enjoy Diana Wynne Jones (best friend of Neil Gaiman) and Frances Hardinge’s books. I also recommend Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot and Jane Marple have got to be the best fictional detectives ever! You probably won’t put this in AQUILA, and it would be awesome if you did, but shoutout to Daisy Wilson who is an awesome person and my friend and she reads AQUILA too
Yours, Iris ‘Rissles’ Dunford, age 11
P.S. You could do an issue on ink – I’ve been making some at home – and sorry for any lack of good grammar in this letter!

It just so happened that my July/August AQUILA arrived on a day when I was off school ill. I loved doing the cave art activity and here is my version. We didn’t have any charcoal in the house so to draw the man with his spear, the tree and the animals I used mud painting. It was incredibly messy but loads of fun.
My favourite part of AQUILA is Over to you and Ian. Happy 25th birthday!!
From Millie, Aberdeenshire, age 8

My name is Eva, I live in France and I am bilingual. Bilingual means I can speak two languages. As you have probably guessed, I can speak English and French. I don’t want to show off or anything, but I think I am a bookworm. A lot of people say so, anyway. My school is a school where everyone there is bilingual. They don’t have to speak English and French, they can speak French and: Arabic, English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Polish, German or Portuguese. A special hello to my friend Bea who also has a subscription to AQUILA and is in my English class at school. Bea is actually short for “Beatrice” and Bea gets very annoyed when Miss Bellanca (our English teacher) calls her “Beatrix”. I find it very annoying when she does that, too. She can’t even pronounce “Marianne”, she has to say “Miriam”, EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! (No offence, Miss B!) My best friends are: Lily-Maud, Daphne and Ines. I AM A TOTAL HARRY POTTER FAN! I am a Ravenclaw, my patronus is a Komodo dragon and my wand is willow and dragon heartstring, 11 inches, nice and whippy, good for charms. My little sister Bo is in Hufflepuff. I HATE pollution and I want to do something about climate change. I even put an empty jam jar labelled “The Nature Fund” on the kitchen window sill. My family will now occasionally pop some coins into the jar so that when we have enough money, we will donate it all to charities that support nature such as Greenpeace, WWF and Friends of the Earth. I would like to tell you a lot more about my life like I have a pet fish called Disco and that I love drama and theatre and acting but my hand is aching so I’ll have to stop. Au revoir, tout le monde!
Eva Black, age 10

Hi AQUILA I love reading all of your new editions and my favourite is the Humankind issue (Jul/Aug 2018) because it has so many facts about humans that I didn’t know about before. I made a poster that says why I like all of the team, can’t wait for the next edition to come out! Bye, thank you for the great opportunity!
Libby, age 10

Dear AQUILA, I was down in Dorset in the summer holidays in Charmouth next to Lyme Regis. It was great because we were on the Jurassic Coast, so every day we went fossil hunting. It was so much fun looking at the ground and not knowing where you’re going. I found some beautiful fossils and when I found each one I thought to myself ‘WOW! I wonder how much this would cost in a fossil shop?’ I found a few fossils in rocks too and it was helpful that we had a fossil hammer. When I got home I counted more than 40 fossils.
From Rafi Pollard, age 8
P.S. The Mayor of London came to our school to play cricket!
P.P.S. Please do a magazine about famous fossils or at least famous fossil hunters like Mary Anning.
P.P.P.S. I found a shark egg too! See if you can find it. When we came back home we researched ‘shark eggs’ and it was there!

Hi AQUILA. I live in Ireland and I have been getting AQUILA since February. It is the best magazine in the world. In June I ordered six previous magazines that I didn’t have. I love reading and my favourite book series is ‘Murder Most Unladylike’, anybody else? In reply to Lydia (January 2017) I love Strictly Come Dancing. My favourite magazine was Mr. Hawking’s Big Idea (March 2017). My favourite pages are Over to You and all the stories that AQUILAnauts write, they’re all so good. I play GAA and hurling which are sports that only people in Ireland get. They’re a bit confusing and include a football, a sliotar (small ball) and a hurley (a special stick).
Bye for now, Neasa (ne-sa), age 11

To AQUILA, I’ve been reading your magazines for a bit over a year now (AND I LOVE THEM!). I really liked the Vikings issue (September 2018) and the Safari (May 2018) one too. I play hockey (on land) but that isn’t my favourite sport. My favourite sport is hurling! Hurling is an Irish game played with a stick (a hurl) and a ball (sliotar). My friend James and I are the only people who play hurling. I love watching Adventure Time, who else does? My favourite character is probably Key-per. He’s a little yellow guy with a key strapped to his head. I love all the stories in your magazines. My favourite was The Very Last Jar. I hope you liked reading my letter.
From Tyler, age 10

I have been subscribing since June 2018 (Game Theory). I got it for my birthday and was really excited! I wish I had subscribed earlier though – I know there was a Harry Potter issue and I am sad that I missed it! I love reading, my favourite books are Harry Potter; His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman and Murder Most Unladylike by Robin Stevens. My favourite part of AQUILA is the Brainfeeder page. I particularly like the wild word morphs! Last year I and my friends at school held a cake sale and we raised £272!!! We gave it all to the Cancer Research Charity. I am very proud!
From Keya, age 10

My name is Alana and I LOVE AQUILA! The first thing I do when I get a new AQUILA is look on the back to find out what the next issue is! My favourite issues would be the Viking issue and the Humankind issue. And yes, I like history! Did you know that King Henry VIII had a servant to wipe his bum and Saxons washed their cloths in wee! I also have a dog called Inca. She is all black and a lab golden retriever cross and she is super cute! Recently I made a bake sale with 6 cakes and sold them at the back of my church. I raised £145.17p! I also wear glasses and had an operation when I was 7, which cut a muscle in the back of my eye. Yes, they got scissors and cut a muscle! Could you do an issue on music or art?
From Alana, age 9