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Your Letters

We love it when you write to us with interesting facts about your life – pets, holidays, school and so on.

We publish as many of your letters as we can in the printed magazine, and some more here on the website.

Dear AQUILA, I love your magazine! My two favourite issues are Charles Dickens (December 2018) and Curious Cats (March 2019). I got a subscription from my great grandad in December 2017 and I’ve been enjoying it massively since then. I’d love to become an author or journalist when I am older. I REALLY enjoyed the Edwin Drood article in the Charles Dickens issue.
I write my own family newspaper called The Family Times. I send it to my family almost every week. I use AQUILA as inspiration and it helps give me ideas. I have attached a picture of one of my issues (Issue 8) which was last year in March. I enjoy writing them and hope to write another one soon.
In response to Tabby (Feb 2018), yes I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Minecraft and Harry Potter. I have read all the books and watched the movies. I love Jacqueline Wilson books, does anyone else? I would recommend the books Wonder and Auggie and Me both by J. R. Palacio. My favourite AQUILA character is Wordworm and I would love to see more of him. Thank you.
From Poppy B, age 10½

To the people who wrote AQUILA, they’re amazing! Your magazines inspired me! My favourite animal is a snow tiger and leopard. My favourite pet is a chihuahua and a cocker spaniel; my favourite dinosaur is the troodon and a microraptor.
From Amelia McLean Hall, age 7

I would love it if you did an issue on trumpets because I play the trumpet and I would love to learn more about my instrument. In the Leonardo da Vinci issue (May 2019) I looked at the picture on page 5 and the photo with the musical score. I wrote the notes down and played it on my piano and trumpet – it sounded awesome!
From Faith, age 10

To AQUILA, please can you do an issue on Lego because Lego is very adventurous and lots of children like Lego. Here is a suggestion for the front cover based on the Lego Movie 2.
From Corbin, age 8

I love reading your magazines since I had them for my birthday. They are always full of interesting facts and I don’t stop reading them.
From Eleonore, age 10

I have drawn this picture for you, I hope you like it! I am sending it to you because I am inspired by all the animals in your magazine.
From Jessica, age 10

Dear AQUILA, I am really enjoying your issues especially the Cake issue (June 2019). I made the James and the Upside-Down Peach Cake for my delightful and lovely grandma. I was wondering if you would be able to make a hippo issue for me? I love hippos and I’ve adopted one called BomBom. I get sent videos of her swimming in the swampy waters with her family.
From Stella, age 7

I just wanted to say that I would really like you to print an issue on sport. I would like that because I am really good at cricket.
Yours sincerely, William Clews, age 9½

I love reading your mags and I love baking so when the cake issue came out I was delighted. I am a huge fan of Harry Potter and have read most of the books. I started reading AQUILA in September 2018 but my mum got me the Harry Potter issue. I have started reading advanced books such as Charles Dickens. I love reading AQUILA and I can never wait for the next issue.
From Francesca, age 10

Hi! I love AQUILA and I’m sooo excited for the next issue. I’ve got to say, I can’t wait any longer for the summer holidays – it’s going to be the best summer ever. Hopefully the November issue is good because that’s the month of my birthday!! My fave issue is Cake! (June 2019). I really want you to make a WWF issue because I love animals; I’ve actually got a dog myself, his name is Jasper. I’ve recently collected AQUILAs and I love them. Hopefully you’ll keep creating these fascinating magazines. I hope you like the picture of me getting ready for summer!
That’s all from me. Bye.
From Kasia Bateman, age 9

As soon as I get your magazines, I always read and look inside it. I am writing to you to thank you for all your amazing issues of your magazines. I have been with you for two years and ever since I have loved it. Once I made carrot ice cream and the recipe was from your magazine. My favourite issue was Chocolate (April 2017) and Cake (June 2019). Your facts are really fun to read. I got this for my birthday and this was the best birthday present I got.
From Anaisha, age 9½
P.S. When are you going to release a unicorn issue?

Hi I’m from Greece and I have a little sister called Antonia. She is 9 years old and she has got a little fish called Nemo. My fish is called Steve, it’s black, orange and white and smaller than Nemo (who is orange). I’m writing to you because I LOVE your magazine. I hope you like my Ian cartoon and my drawing.
From Angeliki, age 11

Dear AQUILA, I have not written to you for a bit. I was just telling you how nice it was to receive the Leonardo da Vinci issue (May 2019). I really found it interesting, amazing and sort of mysterious! Also, thank you for the Cake issue (June 2019) that I got this week. I have already made the upside-down peach cake (we actually made it with nectarines). It was delicious.
When the Ancient Greece issue comes out I will have been having AQUILA for a year.
Finally. I would like to ask, could you do an issue on Ancient Egyptians or Enid Blyton?
From Joel Young, age 9
P.S. I learnt that Leonardo da Vinci was left-handed. So am I!

This is my AQUILA badge I made.
From Seren

Dear AQUILA, Recommended reads: The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins; The Maze Runner trilogy by James Dashner; The Riverman trilogy by Aaron Starmer
From Erin, age 11
P.S. All of the above books are probably 11+

To AQUILA, I first got my subscription for Christmas (Charles Dickens, Dec 2018) from my nanny and grandad. My favourite issues are Charles Dickens and Curious Cats (March 2019). I love drawing, writing stories and poems, but most of all I love AQUILA!!! My favourite animal is a horse, so I drew this picture for Polly Chrome art and craft. I love doing the quizzes in your magazines, and I made the Whole Lotta Lava papier mache model from Supervolcano (January 2019) – it was so fun! I love reading Ian, and I made a Girard-inspired Cat, and after I made a horse one using the same method.
I love to read and my favourite books are The Dream Snatcher trilogy by Abi Elphinstone.
From Kittie Dutch, age 10

I have had your magazines for a few months and I love them sooo much! I think that the Brainfeeders are my favourite part. They are brilliant! I love the little interruptions in the middle of the articles and the fun fact trumpets are very interesting.
So I’ve said so much about you, so here’s some stuff about me: I’m 10, although I am told I look like I’m 13); I LOVE HARRY POTTER! – I have read all of the books and seen all of the movies!; I am 5ft 2 inches (which is why I look 13); I am going to start a book and when it is done I will send you a copy!
One thing I would really like an issue on is Jokes & Riddles, to include the first jokes and who came up with them etc, that’s it! I hope you liked my letter and I cannot wait to see what the next issue will be!
From Max Currier, age 10
P.S. Ian is the best!

Dear AQUILA, I love your issues! My dad got me a subscription and I never want to read anything else! My favourite parts/people are Polly’s DIYs, Ian’s witty comics, Brainfeeders and Harvey’s science pages. Oh, wait, I forgot: EVERYTHING! My best issue has been Curious Cats. After I read it, I made my own issue called Dog Dilemmas, all about dogs as pets, dogs’ ancestors and more. Here are a few issue ideas: The Science of Sport; Global Warming/Climate Change and Engineering. I am having all of my yearly exams this week but I am quite confident (phew!). I know this sounds kind of weird, given this is the ‘next issue’, but, I’m really excited about the next issue! I love dogs and I think Ian should have a dog BFF!
From Saskia (Hufflepuff), age 10

I have been subscribing since my birthday and I’m LOVING IT! I’m quite a Potterhead (Harry Potter fan) but I just missed out on the HP issue. Could you please do another one? I also suggest you do an issue about famous authors like Roald Dahl or J. K. Rowling, or an issue about the BBC. I hope you like my ideas.
From Cerys, age 10
[Hey Cerys, thanks for your letter. We did a Roald Dahl issue back in June 2016 but unfortunately is has sold out. However, we learnt from that and when we printed the Harry Potter issue we printed a lot more copies and you can still buy it from our website! – Aquila]

I really liked your Leonardo da Vinci mag! Maybe you could do one on books or Rick Riordan next, please! I’ve written a poem here about Leonardo da Vinci and I also went to Florence, Italy, a while back!

He was an artist with a pretty big beard,
And by all the other creatives he was feared.
For he was a fantastic inventor,
And for brains he was right in the centre.
By the look of the fact of Mona Lisa,
It looks like something didn’t please her.

Thanks and Goodbye,
Suilven, age 12½

I really enjoy reading your magazines! I like the fun fact trumpets and that you use your time to make AQUILA for 100s and 1000s probably 1000,000s of kids who enjoy getting and reading it. My two favourite magazines are Humankind (summer 2018) and Curious Cats (March 2019). Thank you for using my name in some of your AQUILA magazines. I’ve read all of the Harry Potter books and I loved them! Harry Potter and AQUILA are my two favourite series. I’m looking forward to the Cake issue next month. I hope you like my letter.
Sincerely, Phoebe

Hi AQUILA! I am writing to you for two reasons. One is because I absolutely ADORE your magazines and have been getting them for 2½ years. I learn so many scientific facts! I also love Ian, especially in Rocket Science and Curious Cats. My favourite issues have been Detectives (October 2018), Curious Cats (March 2019) and Harry Potter (June 2017), since I am HP obsessed. Please can you do an issue on bugs?
My second reason I am writing is because I’ve recently entered a competition called 500 words where you have to write a story that is 500 words or less. I have got through to the last 5000 out of about 100,000! I am very excited!
If you haven’t already read them, I recommend Wonder, Skellig, Septimus Heap and WARRIORS. Also, I play guitar and have two cats, does anyone else?
Thanks again for being so brilliant!
From Evie, age 10 (Gryffindor)

My name is Freya and I’m 11. I love your magazines and think that you really work hard. How long does it take to make them?! About me: I am home schooled and have three siblings (sooo annoying!). I love sports: gymnastics, climbing, American tag football and athletics, but all sports are fun! I made a word morph for one of your mags. We’ve been getting AQUILA for one and a bit years and I love it! I love animals and we nearly have a zoo! We go travelling and I have been to 19 countries (probably more by the time you read this). My favourite issue was Detectives as I want to be a spy when I am older. My favourite book is definitely The Hunger Games – Catching Fire. Can you do an issue on climate change? Or sports, or reading or something! Did you know there is a thing called a wolphin (whale-dolphin) – weird!; that a rat can last longer without water than a camel and a porpoise is the most clever animal on Earth and that albatrosses can sleep in flight?! Oh and last of all: bluebirds can’t see the colour blue!
From Freya age 11

You must have heard this a million times but I have to say it… I love love love love love love love love love love love love AQUILA! (12 loves – lucky you!). I have received magazines all the way from England since July 2016 (I have never stopped loving AQUILA). My favourite magazines so far are Harry Potter (June 2017), Game Theory (May 2018) and Detectives (October 2018). I really love the art, Brainfeeders and the short stories. I have a huge obsession with geese. Although they make honks, they are beautiful. I will never eat goose! My favourite breeds are the pink-footed goose and the Canada goose. Again, I love your work and keep it up. (motivational smiley face!)
From Lucy, age 12

I have a really clever kitten! She’s only nine months and she’s learned to open the cupboard door! Her name is Violet.
From Leaurie, age 8

I love your magazines they are so cool. It’s really nice to see people like me, I am always looking forward to the Brainfeeders. I love Ian, he is so funny.
From Lenny, age 8

I love history, writing, rock climbing, singing, acting and reading. I also like Malala Yousafzai and how she stood up for education and changed the world. I was wondering if you could do an issue on her? That would be lovely! This is what I think the cover should look like.
From Matilda, age 9
P.S. The Charles Dickens issue was my first magazine and I have been LOVING it!

Dear AQUILA, I LOVE time travel. However, the one thing I like more than time travel is… AQUILA. I got AQUILA as a Christmas present (December 2017, Polar Explorer,) and I love it SOOOOOOO much. The thing I like the most about AQUILA is… Ian. I like Ian because he is very funny but can also get into LOTS of mischief.
I would LOVE it if you did an issue on time travel because I’ve always had an interest in it. The shows I like the most are Doctor Who and Stranger Things because they are Si-Fi and really, really cool. I went sledging for the first time recently due to Storm Emma. The issue I have liked the most so far is Rocket Science (January 2018). So, if you could do an issue on time travel that would be GREAT.
From Leonard Borg, age 10

Hi AQUILA, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your magazines! My favourite amazing issue so far was probably the HARRY POTTER issue (June 2017) and as you might be able to guess already my all-time best book series would definitely be the Harry Potter series, does anyone else like the books? I have two guinea pigs called Thunder and Patch. They are adorable, does anyone else have guinea pigs? I love animals and recently my friends and I did a cake sale in aid of WWF.
Yours Eva, age 8

Hi AQUILA, I’m writing to say that I totally agree with Rosie Palsier’s book review on Treason. I read this book with my nan and we both thought it was amazing. After we had read it I gave it to my school. I encouraged one of my friends to read it and he did and then told his dad about it and his dad said it was the most amazing book he’d read in a long time.
Yours Faithfully, Jack Wood, age 11

Hello! I love reading AQUILA! I was really interested in the Safari Park debate in the May issue and I thought I would write in to tell you my opinion!
Really it is hard to label the sides as good and bad as both Philip and Phoebe have true and valid points. It is really fun going on that experience and it does gives you an opportunity it is hard to find without spending a lot of money and travelling a long way. However, even though the majority of safari parks give the animals a good amount of space and try their best to replicate the animals’ natural environment, you can never forget they are really imprisoned, and in some bad safari parks and zoos they do not look after them properly. I definitely agree that we should do everything possible to try and prevent animals from becoming extinct, because it is an awful thing to happen, especially if it has been caused by humans, and sometimes when animals have been abandoned by their group it is kind to make sure they still have a home and friends.
Thank you, Olive Mitton

Hello! I have had AQUILA for a long time. My granny has got it for me. I sit down on my sofa reading Aquila for a while. I live in Devon and I am in Year 7. I have 3 cats and many hobbies. My favourite issue is Shipwrecks & Australia (July/August 2015) as my mum’s best friend lives in the outback. My family basically all come from Brighton near you! I’m mixed race (my mum’s British and my dad’s half British half Indian/African) A question, how old is Ian? Goodbye!
From Lola, age 11

Hi AQUILA! I love reading your magazines. I find them very educational and inspiring. I have answered Escape from Castle von Splinterbaum (June 2018). I have decided on:
1. Pass inspection with a stolen ID.
2. Cut the padlock on the cell door using a pocket knife.
3. Put gloves on to disguise fingerprints and take off shoes to sneak past the sentries.
4. Tie bed sheets together and use them like a rope to climb to ground level.
5. Keep down low to dodge the lights.
6. Use bed sheets again to scale the castle walls.
7. Use bed sheets like a harness and wear gloves to cross the precipice of doom.
8. Make a bridge out of wooden planks to traverse the swamp.
9. Use false ID to board the train.
I also made the pinball wizard from the Game Theory issue (June 2018). Here is what I’ve made shown in the picture. It works really well and I had great fun.
From Joanne, age 8
P.S. Please can you do an issue on Mythical creatures.

Dear AQUILA, My favourite animals are cats, especially tigers and domestic short haired cats. We have 2 cats, they are both domestic short haired, one is black and white and one grey and white striped, their names are Charlie and George. I really like your magazines, especially the Big Cats issue. Last term I went to London and at London I went to the Natural History Museum where we went to an exhibition all about butterflies and I loved how one of them landed on my shoulder. Unfortunately, it is too cold in New Zealand to have bright butterflies like that. We have the kiwi as our native bird. It lives in the forest and only comes out at night.
As you can tell I love animals, in fact when I grow up I am going to be a teacher or vet because if I’m a vet I will have to see hurt animals and fix them.
From Emily Mount, age 6, New Zealand

Dear AQUILA, I’ve subscribed to your amazing magazine for over a year now and I’ve read all of them cover to cover. My favourite issue was the Hong Kong issue – please could you do more issues on cities such as New York and London? Recently, my Head Teacher, two other students and I had the opportunity to go to the Houses of Parliament and Portcullis House which was amazing! We met our local MP James Cleverly and had a meeting with him about the ‘Send my Friend to School Campaign,’ which is really important as many children across the globe don’t have an education, or it is unsafe to go to school where they are. This campaign tries to make education accessible to all. We were also allowed to knock at Number 10 Downing Street to hand in our school’s petition about why we should take action. The day was amazing and one that we will never forget; the highlight of the day was seeing the Downing Street cat.
A week later, we got a letter back from the Prime Minister! It said that she would back the campaign more and actually do something about it. I really hope that this trip has made a difference and inspired others.
From Amber Pugh aged 11
P.S. Hi to Arwen, Mrs Sarti and Mrs Dunne.

Hi! I’m Rosie, a new subscriber and I’m from Australia. So far I’m loving this AWESOME magazine and I am proud to say, I have completed my passport! I can’t wait for your Vikings issue and more. Lately I went skiing in Mount Buller (Victoria, Australia) and the snow was awesome! I went up loads of chairlifts and progressed loads! My friends and I did snowball fights together and had loads of fun. My favourite person in AQUILA is Pepe and I loved the article on dogs.
Yours Truly, Rosie

Hi! AQUILA I love you! I live in Turkey with my parents, annoying sister, cat and my two bunnies. I really like AQUILA and I showed the Pop Art issue to my class and they loved it! My favourite issue is Humankind (July/August 2018)
Ella B.S., age 10

Dear AQUILA, I know you have heard this one million times, but I love your magazine! It is so interesting and carefully thought out. I love all the members of the team, but I thought: maybe Ian could have his own page.
Last year, I went to the Titanic museum in Belfast. For the people who do not know, the Titanic was thought to be an unsinkable ship. She was 882 feet long, almost the length of 4 city blocks! Thousands of people were on board, split into 3rd class (the cheapest), 2nd class (a little more expensive), and 1st class (the most luxurious, and expensive of all three). The captain of the Titanic was called Captain Edward John Smith. He was sailing the ship from Southampton to New York. Since the ship was ‘unsinkable’ he decided to take a shortcut through the Atlantic. They were getting lots of ice warnings from other ships, but the captain didn’t take much notice. That evening the ship struck an iceberg. Now, usually, this wouldn’t damage such a strong ship, but, down below, the fires that powered the ship were weakening the metal, therefore, the ship sank. Another thing that caused many deaths was that they didn’t have enough lifeboats. Here’s something interesting: in 1898, fourteen years before the Titanic sank, an American writer named Morgan Robertson wrote a book called The Wreck of The Titan. In his story, the Titan, a passenger ship almost identical to the Titanic, and labelled ‘unsinkable,‘ sails from England, headed to New York. With many rich and famous passengers on board, the Titan hits an iceberg in the North Atlantic and sinks. Because there are not enough lifeboats, many lives are lost. The Titan predicted exactly what would happen to the Titanic fourteen years later. It was an eerie prophecy of terrible things to come.
I recommend Kasper by Michael Morpurgo, it is about a cat who goes on the Titanic and survives, and speaking of cats, I have two cats/kittens (cattens) called Poppy and Floyd. Lastly, in response to Amelie G, February 2016, I play Minecraft too.
From Tilly, age 10

I love books! Especially Little Manfred by Michael Morpurgo and the Harry Potter series; my favourite character is Luna Lovegood – is she anyone else’s favourite?
I really like Over to you, Brainfeeders and Just Think in your magazine. At my school this year we prepared speeches about the impact of Artificial Intelligence and we think that even if we lose jobs, new jobs will be made. I also agree with Phoebe in the Vikings issue (September 2018), in that although Vikings were loyal and courageous, they had little or no sympathy and they should only have attacked if it was necessary and it wasn’t.
I hope you like my letter.
From Rebecca, age 12
P.S. Chipmunks are amazing!

Recently, my family and I went to Wales to go walking up a mountain called Cadair Idris 893m tall….we climbed it twice!! We also went swimming in the sea loads, sometimes it was warm, sometimes it was cold(ish). I have been subscribing since December 2016. At school I am going to do a Paramedics Club. I have got a really nice new teacher called Mrs Baker. When we where on holiday we stayed next to a mansion which was so private that you couldn’t even take pictures of it and its grounds! I am really good at art and it’s my favourite subject at school but you should see George’s (a boy in my class) art work! We also went to a flooded quarry. When we were on top of the quarry you had this amazing view of Fairbourne and Barmouth. I love your mag, I just wish you would send out AQUILA more, say like once a week.
Love From Ava S.

AQUILA is my favourite magazine I live in France and my favourite series of books is …. (drum roll ) The Roman Mysteries!! Does anyone else know them??? For an answer to Mimi in issue Sep 2018, I also love Pusheen the cat. I also love Harry Potter and I am in Hufflepuff. I have 3 cats Sunflower, Patchy and Ninja. I have one younger brother he is a little cute but very annoying. I love reading and playing Minecraft. My favourite Minecraft server is Mineplex does any else play on Mineplex?? My favourite bit in AQUILA is the story bit. I have been getting AQUILA since May 2017. My favourite issue is Polar Explorer (December 2017)
From Almas, age 10

Every day I checked the mail box, every day my hopes until the day I was sick from school! Maybe being sick benefits sometimes! I was so happy with that sound of the postman I forgot I was still in my PJ’s!
From Winston Munro, age 8

Hi AQUILA!! I got my first issue for Christmas 2013 from my Nannan (my grandmother) I was 6. I am 11 now but AQUILA is still really, REALLY great and I learn so much from it. A few months ago I did a world war two project and you helped me a lot with that, so thank you so, so much!! Last year I made a life-changing decision to change my name from Isis to Indigo. It was a tough choice but I knew it was the right one because people where being really mean to me and calling me a terrorist when I had done nothing wrong!! The bullying carried on and in the end I got my name legally changed to Indigo!
Thanks for the amazing mags, Indigo!!

Here is my Ian cartoon, I hope you like it!
From Lucy Abberton, age 8

I really liked your Supervolcano issue (January 2019) but I didn’t need to make the papier mâché lava because I live on a volcano island. It’s called Jeju and it’s in South Korea and there is volcanic rock everywhere! Here is a picture of me and my sister Haidee holding some.
From Evie-Ruth, age 9

Here’s my super duper mouse shooter and I love your magazines! I’ve been subscribed for two months now! I love characters Aquila, Polly and Harvey. My cat’s name is George (he is very fun!). I’ve had 4 subscriptions (including AQUILA and one called Astrapi) but my favourite by far is AQUILA. I like making things.
From Felix, age 7

Dear AQUILA, here is my opinion about keeping pets: saying we own our pets is like saying we own our siblings – it’s not true! Pets are friends that have the shape and skills of an animal. One more thing, I personally think it is a good idea to have a pet.
Yours faithfully, Juno

Hello, AQUILA! I made the Super-Duper Mouseshooter from the Curious Cats issue. My templates didn’t print well, so I made it myself using inspiration from your instructions, and it shoots bottle caps up to 10 feet away! This is so cool, and your magazines have given me so much inspiration. Thank you, AQUILA!
From Daisy, age 10

Hi! I love maths, engineering, science and most importantly, AQUILA. My favourite magazines are Detectives, Real World Maths and Game Theory (I can’t choose because they’re all so good!). In April I made a village called “monkey village” (see the pic) and my sister called Edie made a town called “monkey town”. We used a lot of paint and Sellotape! I hope you like it!
From Max Hibberd, age 7

It was brilliant to see the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona mentioned in the November issue. I went there in October and saw Mars, the Moon and nebulae through their telescopes! Here is a photo of me at Meteor crater near Flagstaff – well worth a visit.
From Amber Davis, age 10

I really enjoy your magazine – it is brilliant! I have been getting it since Christmas 2017 when my grandparents gave me a subscription. My favourite ones so far are Game Theory (June 2018) and Detectives (October 2018). I love reading and my favourite books are Harry Potter and Murder Most Unladylike by J. K Rowling and Robin Stevens. Does anyone else like them?
I would really like it if you did an issue about Climate Change and Global Warming as I think people should know what’s happening to our world and help stop it.
From Isabel, age 10

Hi AQUILA, I live in Cambridge and I looovvvveeee Pandas!! I am in year four (the best year) and am obsessed with the most obsessive things in my year: slime and sqqquuuisshhiees! Do you like them too? Well I KNOW my whole year does… ok, back to me! (sorry I go hyperactive and crazy sometimes!! – yeah right, ‘sometimes’!) I am also super-obsessed with the environment and try to pick up as much litter as I can. My school even had a whole fortnight (not the game) where we didn’t use the light at all! I even got to make a poster for it. I also made a bird feeder at school that is like a swing, before we put the food up we even got to swing on it a little! We have gone to France over half term and grew some tangerines in our garden, here are my results… (in the tree are some tangerines)
Au revoir! Ariana

Hi AQUILA! I absolutely love your magazines and I can’t wait to receive them in the post, they make my day! I love every type of animal and I really want to be a vet when I’m older. I have a cat called Olive, 19 chickens and fish. I have a special breed of chicken called a Legbar that lay blue and green eggs. They are delicious! I also love reading. I especially love books by Jacqueline Wilson, does anyone else? I’ve really enjoyed every issue but I especially liked the ‘Grow Your Own’ (March 2018) and ‘Curious Cats’ (March 2019) because I adore cats. After I’ve finished reading the AQUILA magazines I’ve started to take them to our library at school for others to enjoy. Thanks for all the brilliant magazines!
From Annie, age 10

I have already sent you a letter before, but I want to get in touch again. Your service remains fabulous still. The quality of the content remains awesome. I am writing this letter to make a future magazine suggestion. I am a huge Hamilton lover, so I think you should do a magazine on him. He was one of the founding fathers of America, but until rather recently wasn’t very well known. To uncover Hamilton’s past, Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote a musical of 46 songs, which in its first year released on Broadway made about 74 million dollars. Hamilton is a very interesting character; he spent a lot more time on the battlefield, unlike a lot of founding fathers and was killed in a duel at the ripe old age of 47 (sarcasm intended). So I really want you to do an issue on Hamilton.
Sincerely, Finn Peterson, age 11
Dubbed “pho loving imagine dragons fan” by AQUILA

I really enjoyed making the James & the Upside-Down Peach Cake (June 2019) and my family really enjoyed eating it with me!
From Lara Williams, age 7

Hi AQUILA I love your magazines and I have been getting them for three years now. I love art and have done quite a lot of face drawings!
From Ted, age 12

You are amazing. I love your magazines. How do you do it?
I love animals and want to save them. I am raising money for the charity RSPCA. You gave me the idea that I would make a cake stall to help get money for animals. It was really fun. We got some peple to buy cakes. In the end, I raised £2.60 and only had three cakes left. My friends and I are thinking of baking home made cakes and doing another cake stall. My share would of course go to animals.
From: Your totally amazed fan Isabel, age 10
P.S. Thank you for the Harry Potter magazine!

Hi AQUILA, I love your magazines. My favourite one was Cake! (June 2019). I made the upside-down peach cake; it was scrumptious! I was inspired by the magazine on Leonardo da Vinci (May 2019) to paint my own self-portrait. Can you spot any hidden signs? There are 5 in total! Good luck!
From Alexander Gourlay, age 7

I love your magazines! My favourite issue was The Vikings (September 2018). I liked this issue because my name is Freya, and Freya was the Viking goddess of love, beauty, hearth and home. I have made the Viking bread; there really was a difference between the one with yeast and the one without. The one with yeast was a lot thicker and tasted a little bit like pitta bread and the one without yeast was thinner and tasted like crepe pancakes! I had it with honey and it tasted really delicious. When I’m not reading AQUILA I am probably either reading A Series Of Unfortunate Events or playing my violin. Please could you make an issue about polar bears?
From Freya, age 9

Dear AQUILA, I live in Australia and have been receiving your magazines since Christmas of 2018. I enjoy your magazines thoroughly and my favourite issue so far is on Leonardo Da Vinci (May 2019). Harvey’s science blows my mind. Therefore, it is my favourite part of AQUILA magazines. My school features your magazines in the library and suggests how it is a great magazine. Could you please publish an issue on global warming or World War II.
Yours sincerely, Sam, age 11

Dear AQUILA, I have just recently received my first AQUILA magazine on 16/5/2019. Already it feels like a club. All the activities are so much fun. I wanted to show you one of my art works – I attached it to show you how committed I am, so here it is !!!!!! 🙂
From Sofie Pye, from Australia