PollyHi AQUILAnauts, check out the links below to see examples of artwork by the artists mentioned in our perfectly Pop Art issue (and don’t worry – your letters are further down the page) …

Peter Blake: http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/blake-the-toy-shp-t01175

Pauline Boty: https://theartstack.com/artist/pauline-boty/s-man-s-world-1964

Richard Hamilton: http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/hamilton-towards-a-definitive-statement-on-the-coming-trends-in-menswear-and-accessories-a-t00705

Jann Haworth: https://www.artsy.net/artwork/jann-haworth-donuts-coffee-and-comics

David Hockney: http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/hockney-a-bigger-splash-t03254

Jasper Johns: https://www.moma.org/collection/works/78805

Corita Kent: http://corita.org/collection

Yayoi Kusama: https://www.victoria-miro.com/artists/31-yayoi-kusama/

Roy Lichtenstein: http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/lichtenstein-sandwich-and-soda-p77811

Eduardo Paolozzi: http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/paolozzi-meet-the-people-t01459

Andy Warhol: https://www.artimage.org.uk/6086/andy-warhol/colored-campbell-s-soup-can–1965

Take a look at the original Beatles Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover by Jann Haworth and Peter Blake that was parodied on April’s contents page. Maybe someone you know has a copy of this!

Your Letters

We love it when you write to us with interesting facts about your life – pets, holidays, school and so on.

We publish as many of your letters as we can in the printed magazine, and some more here on the website.

Hi AQUILA, I love this magazine very much and it has proved to be very helpful for a few homework tasks 🙂 I am writing to tell you about a very exciting opportunity I had over the Easter break. I play the cello and I was invited to be part of the National Youth Orchestra of Scotland. It was so much fun. There were so many people there, ranging from ages 8–18 (ish). We stayed in a big boarding school near Perth for almost a week. We played and practised everyday and then at the end of our stay we got to do a big concert in the Albert Hall in Stirling. I live in Shetland – right at the top of Scotland so everyone was shocked to hear how far I’d come for it. It was so much fun and I can’t wait for the summer course.
From Eva, age 13

I really like AQUILA. My grandparents got me a subscription on my 7th birthday. My favourite part of AQUILA is Ian, he is so funny! A while ago my friend Eliza and I made the Chocoshambles from the April 2017 issue! I live on Bainbridge Island, Washington, U.S.A. with my mom, dad and our dog Sadie. Here is a photo of her. It is also very wet today as it rains a lot in the Pacific Northwest. Currently my school is being rebuilt so we have an incredibly small playground with no undercover area so we just have to get wet.
In spring break I visited England with my dad and stayed at my grandparents house. I got some really cool toys and learnt how to make stop motion videos with them. There are two types, humans and pets. Currently I have two dogs and one person that make really good videos.
Some of my favourite issues in AQUILA include the Hong Kong issue from February 2017 and the Harry Potter issue from June 2017. I really like reading the Over to you part because I get to know what some kids think about AQUILA and why they like it so much.
From Alex Judge, age 8½

Dear AQUILA, Hi! It’s been a while since I have written a letter to you so I am very excited to send this one! I have been subscribed to AQUILA since January 2017. My favourite issue was the Electric issue (Nov 17) but I also really liked the Dinosaur issue (Jan 17) and the Money Maths (Feb 18). I am reading the ‘Elementia Chronicles’ (a Minecraft fiction series) and I’m really enjoying them. I am on book three of four. My hobby is chess and I’m very good at it! My favourite video games are: Minecraft (obviously), Pokemon, Terraria and Super Mario games. Let me know if you like any of these! I also play the guitar and am on Rock and Pop. Aquila, I have a question: how long has the magazine been running? My favourite characters are Wordworm, Aquila and Pepe.
Goodbye for now!
From Jack, age 10 (AQUILA’s biggest fan!)

As you’ll see in the July-August mag – we’re 25 years old, beginning in 1993 – Aquila

HI AQUILA, I love your magazines a lot! My favourite issue is Safari (May 2018). When I get my AQUILA I sit in my special reading chair and read for hours and hours. In my special reading chair I read my Harry Potter books, I’ve read up to book three. I have a four-year-old sister. My sister and I do all sorts of arts and crafts. I love tigers and Lego but your magazines are the best.
From Laura Slaney-Garcia, age 8

What’s up AQUILA! I drew this picture of me and Biscuit my cat riding a paintbrush broomstick because a) I love Harry Potter movies and b) I love craft. Your magazines are AMAZING!
From Iris
P.S. I am very glad I am in your club!

Dear AQUILA, I started receiving your issues for my birthday this year. At school I like sharing my AQUILA magazines with my friends and we all enjoy Over to you, Ian, the stories and Brainfeeders although we never get the maths parts±
I can play piano and violin, and I also enjoy football. I am in the year 5 girls’ football team, and so far we have played against three schools! We came second which was quite good since there were four schools!
My favourite food is sushi, chocolate, sweets, pasta and lots more. I absolutely hate mustard and pickle. I have a sister called Alice and she is six. Here is a poem I wrote about London:

A city thronged with people and signs,
Blaring lights and dashing cars,
In the distance Big Ben chimes,
In the streets people hold The Times.

Builders smoke in streets with friends,
People wearing trendy clothes,
People are walking without end,
Little girls with pretty bows.

Traffic lights go red, orange, green,
Things are seen and heard and said,
Some people are rude and mean,
Little birds peck bits of bread.

All the shops sell many things,
Dresses and t-shirts, leggings and jeans,
There is also lots of bling,
Everyone always has their dreams.

From Sophie Penney, age 10 and a bit

We have received our first magazine and it is great. I can’t wait for all the other issues. My sister loves it as much as I do. We have decided to make the Balloonatic Bird Feeder for our grandjan and grandad Mike for getting AQUILA as our birthday present (it is AMAZING!!).
Yours sincerely Oona, age 9

I really love your magazine as it is filled with facts and fun! I’ve heard that you have done a magazine on horses before but I did not get that one so please could you do another one?
My BFF, Ruby Martin (who also gets AQUILA) and I made this poem:

Unicorns are Real
Think of all mythical creatures,
Well have you ever seen a horse with a horn?
A horse with a horn eats peaches,
And can make sun and storm!

They shine like diamonds, no matter what colour,
All gallop in forests and woodlands!
But just because you haven’t seen one,
Doesn’t mean that they’re not real!

I really love horses, ponies, unicorns, Pegasus and Pegi (Pegi are horses with horns and wings!). Enclosed is a drawing of a horse labelled by me. I hope you like it!
I really enjoyed Mr Hawking’s Big Idea (March 2017) especially the part about star signs.
Please keep doing things the way you are!
From Zara, age 10

I love your magazine, I can never put it down. I have had it since 2013 and I don’t think I will ever stop wanting it. My favourite pages are Brainfeeders and the stories. I live with my mum, dad and cat (Zippy). My favourite books are Harry Potter, The Mage and Magpie series and War Horse, has anyone else read these? I love drawing, dancing and STEM (science, tech, engineering and maths) does anyone else? I am taking GCSEs in September, I am so scared, am I the only one? I love history and war-related things especially planes like Spitfires and Hurricanes. I am going to Greece this summer. I’ll write again and tell you all about it. Can you do an issue on war planes?
From Hollie, age 13

My favourite magazine so far is the Pop Art issue (April 2018) because it has Scary Tales of New York and I love coyotes. I like being part of AQUILA.
From Gracie, age 7

Hi AQUILA! My Granny got me this awesome magazine for my birthday in October. When I went over to my friend Eleanor’s house I was surprised that she had AQUILA – she also got it from her granny for her birthday! At school our topic is Stone Age and we learnt mostly about Stonehenge but we also found out about Seahenge and Woodhenge. Miss Edwards, my teacher, said we were all very, very active learning students in topic lesson. Please can you do a magazine about the Stone Age and in it put about Stonehenge, Seahenge and Woodhenge?
In answer to Finlay’s letter from March 2018, my dad reads RSPB and my brother got Adventure Box for his birthday. Also, what does E.B.’s name stand for? When I read the first issue I thought it stood for Enid Blyton!
We are doing a play about Ancient Egyptians. Could you do an issue about Ancient Egyptians?
And Eleanor, please write to AQUILA even though I know you’re quite shy.
From Tegwen, age 8 and 8 months

E.B. originally stood for Envir Badger, because when AQUILA started I was actually a badger, and I was in charge of things to do with the environment and our planet. In 2014 I magically morphed into a human, so you can think of me as Enviro-Boy if you like! – E.B.

Hi AQUILA, At home we tried to grow our own avocados using the seed from inside an avocado, some cocktail sticks and a jar of water. By poking three sticks into the side of the seed you can keep the bottom in water. Eventually a root will grow, which will soon be followed by the plant. As you can see from the pictures it has worked quite well so far. Unfortunately it might take 15 years to grow an actual avocado so we will have to be patient!
From Freya Terris, age 9

Hi Aquila! My name is Ruby, I’ve been reading your magazines since December 2017 now. My grandparents got them for me and I really like them. My favourite issue so far is probably the Pop Art one. Early this year I went skiing for the first time and I really liked it. There was so much snow we also went swimming and bowling higher up in the mountain. When it was time to go I was so sad but hopefully we are going again.
From Ruby Spicer

Hi Aquila, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your magazines! My favourite amazing issue so far was probably the HARRY POTTER issue (June 2017) and as you might be able to guess already my all-time best book series would definitely be the Harry Potter series; does anyone else like the books?
I have two guinea pigs called Thunder and Patch; they are adorable. Does anyone else have guinea pigs? I love animals and recently my friends and I did a cake sale in aid of WWF.
Yours, Eva, age 8

Here’s a picture of my Very Inviting Vendor’s Tray from the Money Maths issue (February 2018), I hope you like it!
From Douglas Logan

Hello! A few weeks ago, all of my year group went on an overnight trip to Rookesbury Park. We did fun activities like circus skills, sensory trail where you wear black goggles so you can’t see anything and follow a rope, and survival. Survival was my favourite as you got to make fire and build shelters! I was quite worried about this trip at first but then I realised IT IS AWESOME!!!
From Tabby, age 9

Hi! I love reading all the magazines you send me. I admire AQUILA. I have been reviewing it for almost 2 years now and have enjoyed all of them. My favourite one was the Harry Potter issue in June 2017. I have one brother, aged 5 and I live with my family in England. I love doing the word searches and activities (they keep me busy!) My favourite books are the ‘Harry Potter’ series and The London Eye Mystery (which we recently read in school). My all time favourite author is David Walliams. His books are so interesting and funny. Please will you do an issue on different types of art and artists ( I love art as you can see!).
Yours faithfully, Evie, age 10

Hi AQUILA! I made the pinball game from the Game Theory issue (June 2018). It was lots of fun and I enjoyed decorating it. I hope you like it!
From Nina Brook

Hi AQUILA, I love your magazine as it is full of eco-friendly ideas! I would like to tell you about a magazine that I do with four of my friends called B.S.N.R. magazine. We write articles on animals and talk about the way humans are treating the environment. We have raised £18.59 for Kakapos by doing a small cake sale and are trying to encourage people to do the same because every little bit will count. Our magazine is a monthly magazine like AQUILA! When I read AQUILA, it makes you realise how many other children are doing the same and I think it’s very positive. I hope other readers will be inspired to help the environment!
From Vita, aged 10

Hi AQUILA, I live in Dublin, Ireland and I love AQUILA. I love Irish dancing and have been doing it for almost six years! Just before Easter, I went to the world championships and I represented Ireland. In May, loads of people from my Irish dancing school and I are going to Euro Disney in Paris. We are going to perform on a massive stage in front of lots of people. When I’m older, I want to be a scientific illustrator and botanist (someone who studies plants). Please can you make an issue on carnivorous plants because I think they are really cool. Is anyone else interested in botany?
From Maren, age 10

Dear AQUILA, although I haven’t had your magazine for a long time, I still love them! I started just a few months ago, a couple of days after my birthday, which was lucky! My mummy also bought me the Harry Potter (June 2017), Reptiles (April 2014) and Big Cats (March 2013) as back issues. My brother George (age 6) might still be too young but he loves the Periodic Table, so it would be great to have an issue on that!
My favourite issue so far was Harry Potter. I love it! I have read all the books, watched all the films and read Fantastic Beasts, Quidditch Through the Ages and The Cursed Child. Another of my unusual interests is dragons! I like running around playing dragons with my friend Evie. Also, my favourite animal is a panda! Please could you do an issue on dragons / beasts, pandas or even sharks!
From Daisy, age 9
P.S. Hi to my friends Paddy and Alex who also read AQUILA!
P.P.S Here is one of my beasts I designed!!!

HI AQUILA! I have just started reading your series of magazines and I love them. I have so much to tell you. First I would like to know if you like my picture of the team?
I live in Wales (when I say Wales, I mean the country not the mammal whales), it’s always wet here but we get loaded with farm animals (I love them!). Lately I’ve found a…wait! I am not going to tell you until a drum roll okay: Dam! Dam! Daaaam!! A rare breed of mushroom! Could you do an issue on what is weird in the world such as UFO sightings and Yeti sightings etc please?
Bye for now.
Lisa, age 8

Yes, we love the drawing – thanks! – The Team

Dear AQUILA, the team and everyone else, I’m just writing to tell you that you are absolutely so talented with your drawing and writing. I’m saying well done especially to these people: Evcat, George Carpenter, age 9; Victoria, age 9; Dorothy, age 8; Meghan, age 10; Elliot, age 8 and finally for a beautiful kingfisher, Adam Smith, age 9.
Guess what?! My mum’s a beekeeper and she’s head of the beekeeping society. I have read The Very Last Jar! It was a great story. I hope you like my picture of the bee store!! We’re having a bait hive in our garden this spring. I’m so excited.
From Isyf, age 7

Here are some interesting facts based on a zebra. A zebra lives in Africa. They are herbivores, which means they don’t eat meat. Zebra stripes help them to blend in with their surroundings, so if a predator is far away it will give the zebra a chance to run away.
From Emily B, age 7

Things I like: Outside play, music, Smokey (my pet cat), exercise, nature, nature films, Minecraft, painting, dogs, art, making things out of junk and Whizz Pop Bang.
From Denzel, age 7

Dear AQUILA, I found out an interesting fact today. You know you put a shell to your ear and it sounds like the sea? Well, it’s actually your blood circulation in your ear making that noise! I found this out when I put my hand to my ear and it sounded like the sea. Here’s a picture (just because I can’t help drawing).
From Tilly, age 8

Here’s a drawing of my dog Pickles.
From AQUILAnaut Zefferina, age 10

Dear AQUILA, I know everybody says this, but you are AMAZING! In reply to Finley, I like RSPB and get it every two months. My favourite issue was the back issue Pets and Swamps (summer 2014). My favourite food is goyoza, favourite animals are the lemur, hoatzin and cassowary. My favourite British bird is the nuthatch. Please could you do an issue on lesser-known creatures? I also think it is strange that, even though AQUILA is Latin for eagle, many eagles’ scientific names don’t have Aquila in them!
From Evan, age 8

The Let’s Debate page in the Safari issue (May 2018) made me want to give you my views on safari parks. I don’t think safari parks are good, they take species away from their natural habitats and home country. And as Phoebe said, the enclosures are never big enough. Animals can’t live like they normally would in the wild, it would be just like your pet, for example a hamster, stuck in a small cage all day long, only having a wheel to exercise in and people looking at you the whole time.
Another thing is, even if it is cheaper than going on a real safari, most of the animals aren’t supposed to be in the UK, the temperature is wrong and as Phoebe says, on cold days they won’t come out so it would be a waste of money.
Even though safari parks do protect endangered animals, they wouldn’t be endangered if it wasn’t for us, because of all the poaching and hunting. That’s what we need to stop so that the next generation can see animals in the wild rather than cooped up in a small enclosure. And that animals can walk free in the wild without being at risk of being killed by humans. We need to stop many things, for example the sale of ivory from elephant tusks, a lot of countries are trying to stop it now.
Safari parks are good to protect endangered species but it would be better if all the animals were running free in the wild.
Yours sincerely Georgina Ellis, age 12

Hi AQUILA, I live in Belgium and I LOVE!! your magazine. I’m cross because of Brexit, it doesn’t seem fair that England has to leave Europe especially if the rest of my family lives there. In case anyone is asking themselves how I speak English and I live in Belgium it is because my parents were both born in England. I also speak French and a bit of Dutch. In case Colin was asking himself if anyone else has read ‘The Heroes of Olympus’, I have! I have also read the whole ‘Percy Jackson’ series as well. I have a pet cat called Cacahuète, which means peanut in French. I also have a pet monkey called Kaka-ouet Ella, oh no, sorry, it’s my little sister (hahaha!). One more question, do any other AQUILAnauts live in Belgium?
Yours, Leo Jones, age 10