PollyHi AQUILAnauts, check out the links below to see examples of artwork by the artists mentioned in our perfectly Pop Art issue (and don’t worry – your letters are further down the page) …

Peter Blake: http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/blake-the-toy-shp-t01175

Pauline Boty: https://theartstack.com/artist/pauline-boty/s-man-s-world-1964

Richard Hamilton: http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/hamilton-towards-a-definitive-statement-on-the-coming-trends-in-menswear-and-accessories-a-t00705

Jann Haworth: https://www.artsy.net/artwork/jann-haworth-donuts-coffee-and-comics

David Hockney: http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/hockney-a-bigger-splash-t03254

Jasper Johns: https://www.moma.org/collection/works/78805

Corita Kent: http://corita.org/collection

Yayoi Kusama: https://www.victoria-miro.com/artists/31-yayoi-kusama/

Roy Lichtenstein: http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/lichtenstein-sandwich-and-soda-p77811

Eduardo Paolozzi: http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/paolozzi-meet-the-people-t01459

Andy Warhol: https://www.artimage.org.uk/6086/andy-warhol/colored-campbell-s-soup-can–1965

Take a look at the original Beatles Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover by Jann Haworth and Peter Blake that was parodied on April’s contents page. Maybe someone you know has a copy of this!

Your Letters

We love it when you write to us with interesting facts about your life – pets, holidays, school and so on.

We publish as many of your letters as we can in the printed magazine, and some more here on the website.

I love all your magazines so much but my all time favourite is the one about Harry Potter (June 2018). I’ve read the whole series! My favourite member of your fantastic team is Wordworm because I love English and writing. This week, at school, we’re having a whole week of times tables. Did you know that I was the first person in my class to complete 95 random times tables and divides in under six minutes? I love cats, rollerblading and lots more things I probably can’t fit in this letter. I also love Ian, he’s always saying funny things. I wrote two stories and gave a copy of them to you, I hope you like them. I love your magazines!

From Elicia Lander, age 8

Hi AQUILA! This is my first time writing to you! I first got this fabulous magazine from my parents in 2013 and I told them how AMAZING it was! I am in year 4, I think I am good at maths and art. Since I am good at both, I obviously enjoy them. I live with my brother (who is 12 years old) and my mum and dad. I do chess, swimming, fencing and piano. Personally, amongst these clubs, I like swimming the most. I enjoy this because it is a fun experience for me and I have the best instructor in the whole wide world. My favourite author is Jeff Kinney. My favourite book in the series is Dog Days. Clearly, my favourite magazine is (of course) AQUILA. My favourite member of the AQUILA team is Polly. I had great fun making Wonton soup from the Hong Kong issue (Feb 2017). Unfortunately, I don’t have any pets. I wonder what Pepe will say.

From Shree Ghosh, age 9

I made the carrot ice cream (March issue) with my younger sister, Hattie (6). My mum thought the recipe might have been an early April fool, but once we tasted it, she thought it was delicious! So did I! (But I didn’t ask for seconds like I usually do with ice cream!)

Charlie, age 8½

I am writing to tell you how a pro survives in a forest. These are the things you will need to make a base:
A spade to dig a fire pit so you can stay warm; two small metal poles to go over the fire pit so you can put a tray over the pit to cook your food; A hand-held axe to cut your wood up so it will fit on the fire pit.
You will then need to set up your base by a stream so that: 1) you can put your fire out easier and 2) you have a water source for drinking and fishing.
Must haves: A few boxes of ‘seven oceans’ standard emergency rations – these will change one litre of pond water into fresh water so you will not get dehydrated; a flint and steel fire starter and a packet of cotton wool to get the fire roaring with heat. The most important things are billy cans and tins of meat and spaghetti because tinned food lasts longer than any other packet food.
These are all the things that you will need to survive in a forest.
I hope it’s interesting.

From Aiden Toms, age 10

I hope you like my drawing of a blue tit and a collared dove. I worked really hard on them! I think I might be in Gryffindor but I don’t know. I love nature, reading and dogs (especially you Pepe!). I loved the Forest Adventure issue (October 2017) and I loved the fox on the front. In the future please do an issue on DOGS! Also, Hi! To my friend Rebecca who also reads AQUILA!

From Eden, age 8. (Long live AQUILA!)

My nanny and grandad gave me AQUILA for Christmas. I am really enjoying reading it and learning new facts. I have lots going on this year. I am going to be singing at the O2 in London with my choir from school, in February half term I went to Butlins and in March I went camping with the Guides. It was my birthday last month and in June I am going to Paris with school for our end of year treat!

From Ruby, age 11

When I am older I want to be a marine biologist because when I read your issue Utopia (summer 2017) I realised about endangered animals and how interesting everything is! It inspired me to make this mobile that swings in the breeze. Thank you for making brilliant issues to read.

From Emily, age 9

I started getting your magazines at Christmas and so far they have been really exciting! I love the Harry Potter issue because I am crazy about Harry Potter. My brother Jerem is also interested in AQUILA. Here is a picture of us together.

Yours sincerely, Amelie Nash, age 9

Dear AQUILA and AQUILAnauts, I love reading AQUILA. I also love horses and horse books written by Pippa Funnell (grand slam eventing winner). I hope I can learn to ride one. Along with that a thing I really want to learn is dressage.* Attached is a drawing of a stable block.

From Sophie, age 8
*Dressage is a French word for training
P.S. Can you do an issue on horses?

HI AQUILA! I absolutely love your magazine, it’s outstanding! I live in St Agnes, Cornwall. Can you please do an issue on famous legends or movies please? I’m quite into mysteries! I also adore Harry Potter! (I am in Ravenclaw and my sister is in Slytherin!). I can do a really good voice impression of Hermione Granger! Every year at school we have a thing (event) called World Book Day where you can dress up as a book character. This year I’m dressing up as Mad Eye Moody; people who have watched all the movies will know who he is! My favourite Harry Potter book is the fifth one because it has Umbridge in it! Do you like my Harry Potter newspaper?

From Faren, age 9¾ (like in Harry Potter!)

Me last World Book Day

Hello AQUILA! At the time of writing, I’ve just got my second issue (Money Maths) and I already LOVE AQUILA! I live in England but I can also speak Russian. I first got AQUILA as a Christmas present and I have Aquila’s Magnificent, Marvellous Mammoth Map of approximately Everything hanging on my wall. I like art and craft and designing. I have all the Harry Potter books and have read them three times and I really recommend them. Another book series I recommend is Ruby Redfort, this series is about a girl who is a secret agent at the age of 13 and escapes a number of psychopaths. I would love it if you could do an issue about fashion, art or books.

Many thanks, Nikki Kovalenko

I absolutely love your magazines! One of my hobbies is reading. My favourite book is Harry Potter. I have all the books and have also read all the books. I have a litter sister called Lucy who I love very much. I also love doing Lego. I have loads of Lego sets (mostly of Lego friends). I have also made up a couple of Lego things. Some of the Lego sets I have made are two spaceships, a small pretty Lego garden and a place to get food and drink called the SNACK SHAK. My favourite subjects at school are art, history, English and PE. My favourite game at school is called ‘Chicken Licken’. I made this game up with my best friend Bev-May. I have a lot of friends. They include most people in my class.
The rules of Chicken Licken are:
1) You choose a person to be ‘it’
2) That person is ‘it’ and has to try and get someone else
3) If you are tagged you are ‘it’
4) Always play near a bench. The person who is it cannot get you if you are sitting on a bench. If you are on a bench and someone ‘its’ you, it does not count and you are not ‘it’.

From Ella Greaney, age 8

I am writing to tell you AQUILA fans about a simple way to help the environment like I do. It’s amazing how much difference one child can make by litter picking with a bin bag and grabber when the weather is good. I pretend that it’s a game of I-spy and you’ll be amazed at how much you will find.

From Tarika, age 9

I started getting these amazing magazines in December 2015. Here are my responses: In response to Eve Dyball (summer 2017) I play Minecraft too! In reply to Jacob (December 2016) we are quite alike! I have cats and chickens, play the piano and LOVE The Ooglies show. In reply to Imogen W (Dec 2016) I love Harry Potter too! I love cats and wildlife and AQUILA. I also read NG Kids, does anyone else? I love arts and crafts and draw in Manga style, does anyone else? I like reading murder mysteries. It is a bit strange but does anyone else? I enjoy reading Over to you (obvs), Polly Chrome, Pepe, Brainfeeders and maths and Ian. Could you do an issue on wildlife or authors? I love to read and recommend Katherine Rundell and Liz Pinchon. My favourite subject in school is PE, English and maths, does anyone else like them too? My hobbies are reading, drawing and swimming. I recently swam one mile which is 68 lengths of the leisure centre pool! My dream job is to become an author or poet. My letter’s getting long so I’ll stop writing now. I hope you like my picture!

From Erin W, age 10

I love your magazine! It is the only one I read! It’s lovely to see your hard effort to please us! I draw a lot! Mainly people standing on hills under cherry trees! My favourite things to do are: read, pet cats, draw and read some more!

From Mae, age 10

I live in London with my mum, dad, big sister and well ME! I love the magazine, the first one I got was on Christmas Day! I love Cressida Cowell’s books! Does anyone else? I love drawing and I am preparing for my preparatory test (piano).

From Irene J

I love reading your magazine and also other books (so much that I want to be an author) and wanted to show you this picture. These are all the books I am reading now, I read a little bit of each of them every night. I absolutely love reading and I am very lucky that I can do it because some people can’t afford to go to school and get educated on these things which is very sad. Personally I support all charities and when I am in Glasgow and there are homeless people asking for money I always give them some.

Yours sincerely, Rowan Laing

I’ve only been involved with AQUILA for a couple of months and I really enjoy it. I am going on holiday soon and I am definitely bringing AQUILA. It will make the long 8-hour journey so much fun!

From Isla, age 9

I got my subscription in April 2017 for my birthday! So far my favourite issue has been Harry Potter (June 2017), I’ve read all of the books and have watched all of the films. I love reading as well! My favourite books are all of the Harry Potter books, A Place Called Perfect and Letters from the Lighthouse. What are your favourite books? I think Emojis are really cool! My most used Emoji is the Emoji poo, it’s my favourite! I would love it if you could do an Emoji issue! My favourite person in AQUILA is Pepe! I love animals and caring for them. My favourite animal is a dog. What is yours? Before I go I just want to say ‘Hi!’ to my cousin Rich who also gets AQUILA!

From Lucy, age 9

I love the idea of carrot ice cream from the Grow Your Own issue (March 2018). I haven’t tried it yet but I am sure I will. This is my first time writing to you so I have lots of things to tell you. I love animals but I haven’t got any myself. Well, I am Greek, so really in Cyprus I’ve got lots of pets: 15 cats, 5 kittens, 5 chickens, 8 chicks and 3 rabbits (we haven’t named them as there are too many!) My granny and grandpa in Cyprus look after them all for me! They’re the ones who started this all up for me as a Christmas present. Because I am Greek they’re not called granny and grandpa, I call them Ya Ya and Bapou. I am home-schooled. I am sooo good at drawing. I will draw you a portrait of my mother.

From Ourapia Tsimari, age 9

I love your magazines #somuch! Wordworm: I love English! Polly Chrome: I once did a copy of Peter Rabbit (Beatrix Potter) and it turned out well. Pepe: You’re cute! Ian: Can you appear more in AQUILA? Please can you do an issue on the rainforest? I like to read Tintin, Enid Blyton, Asterix, David Walliams, Roald Dahl, Shakespeare and, of course, AQUILA. Hi, Ella Jackson, my friend, if she is reading this. I have a puppy called Bramble and once my book was on the floor and Bramble pulled the bookmark out (the book was Matilda). I play piano and I’m onto grade 2. Is anyone else? When I’m older I want to be an actress or a teacher. Replies: Amy Heslop (Jan 2018) I love hockey and rounders; Ilaria (same issue) I like your picture; Umi (Feb 2017) my favourite subject at school is also art along with English; Ivy (Jan 2017) I think your drawing is great; Edward Dons (June 2017) I love Famous Five! My fave is Anne; Rosa (April 2017) I have read Swallows and Amazons, five stars, and seen the movie. I have also read Swallowdale and Winter Holiday; Juno (Sep 2017) I did gymnastics for two weeks. Also, I have two cousins called Iris and Juno!
My favourite films are Mary Poppins (5 stars), The Sound of Music (5 stars) and The Wizard of Oz (5 stars). I used to like unicorns but they’re not my fave now. E.B. you should meet my friend (not my boyfriend) Adam because he is mad about geography (and nuclear and hydrogen bombs 🙁 ). I love art but I am rubbish at it. If I am drawing real life, I just can’t get the noses right. Can you do an issue on Anglo Saxons because that is a topic coming up in school. I have a twin sister called Ellie (uuuuggghhh) and a younger sister called Naomi. In school my best friend is Joel and second is Ella and Emily. My third is Izzy from church. I just love your magazines. Did you know that AQUILA is a constellation?

Bye! From Beth, age 9

I’ve really liked your magazines already and I just started getting them in January 2018. Anyway I like Harry Potter so much, I love unicorns and Japanese culture. Actually Byron Bay (where I live) hosted the Japanese festival. It was a lot of fun. I got AQUILA when I turned 9. I got it from my mum’s godfather. I live in Australia and I went to the UK for the summer holidays. It was a big climate change! On our holiday we first went to London to see my grandmother. I had a Christmas feast over there (totally different to Australia). I also went to the Natural History Museum. I really liked it but I didn’t like the spider (I have arachnophobia). I also went to see my aunt, uncle and cousin. They are called Muffin (aunt), Dave (uncle) and Iona (cousin). We went to this deer park; I love deer. I never knew that swans could break your arm or geese can pull off your finger! Here is a picture of me in Scotland with Silver the reindeer.

From Esme
P.S. Could you do an issue on the ocean?

I am quite new to your magazine but I am enjoying all of them so far. I want to tell you a story about a jackdaw called Jeffrey. A few years ago, I was just doing something, when my mum told me that there was a little bird. At first it was hopping around and eating worms, later, it was just moving around v-eee-e-r-r-r-y slowly. We originally thought it was a rook so we called it Ruth. But then we found out that it was a jackdaw and we called him Jeffrey. We called at least three different rescue centres and ended up waiting ages for the RSPB.
Could you do an issue about the Tudors or the French Revolution (if you haven’t done them already)? I like gory stuff for some weird reason.

From Holly, age 9

I have some ideas for some issues of AQUILA: DIY, animals, technology, culture, cooking, movies, under the sea, and gaming.

From Charlotte Kenney, age 7

To Aquila: I have just got my first issue of this you know Aquila!!!!! I think that your magazine is very good but maybe possibly could you make your magazine a bit more exciting? I am only seven but I think that’s fine don’t you? I think I am quite good at jokes, here is one. Three boys went to the swimming pool; a fairy came, she said ‘whatever you say when you are on the slide, you will land in at the bottom.’ The first boy said ‘SSSSWWWWWEEEETTTTSSSS’ and he landed in sweets at the bottom; the second boy said ‘MMMMOOOONNNNEEEYYYYY’ and he landed in money at the bottom; the last boy hadn’t heard because his ears were blocked, so he said ‘WWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE’ and he landed in wee at the bottom! I hope you liked my joke. At my house both my mum and dad work in London so I only ever see them when it is quite late.
I have an acrostic poem for you to read:

Aquila best magazine ever – that’s the one
Quizzes mind-bogging confuddling and fun
Underground issue chocolate shipwrecks Hong Kong
Interesting informative there’s nothing here wrong
Laughs and gasps as you turn every page
Aquila the best for you no matter what age

From Holly Bigmore, age 7

I hope you like my collage.

From Ian, age 8

Here are two pictures of my Mars Rover from the Life on Mars issue (November 2015). We did it now because we’re learning about space as our topic in home school. Hope you like it. I like getting AQUILA. My favourite cover was Living Underground (April 2016) and I don’t have a favourite magazine as they’re all good!

From Lexi, age 9

First things first: I love your magazines. I have only been subscribed since December 2017 so I missed Harry Potter, and Chocolate issues but have read somewhere (I read a lot!) that you can download them from the internet. Anyway, I’m racing ahead. My name is Isla (I-la) and I live in a village in Leicestershire near Broughton Astley, apparently the longest village in Europe. I live with my mum, dad, sister (Daisy, 3), brother (William, 8) my cat (Onchao (On-chow)), 1) and my dog (Mia, 1). WARNING! I write an awful lot (has anyone seen my maths explanations?). If someone asked me my favourite subject I couldn’t choose between English or science (especially chemistry) as I love both (and AQUILA). Speaking of which, can you do an issue on chemistry?
By the way, I also, like Rosie Palsier, February 2018, recommend a Berlie Doherty book. It is called Street Child, about a boy called Jim who goes on an adventure in Victorian Britain. Of course, nothing makes sense until you’ve read Far from Home too, the story of his sisters. (Told you I blabber on!) The one thing about AQUILA that I don’t understand though is who ed is. Whenever you’re talking to the reader you put, ed). Anyway, enough complaints and more compliments. Could you do an issue on unicorns? (Most girls would agree, boys……) My favorite chocolates are Oreo Dairy Milk Cadbury bars. Anybody else’s? anyway, that’s all for now.

From Isla Morris, age 9, year 5
(P.S. My best drawing is a unicorn)

Hi Isla, we’re glad you are enjoying AQUILA! You can buy back issues from our website and ‘Ed’ is short for editor. They like to interrupt every now and again! – Aquila

My name is Audrey and I live in France. I was born in Vancouver but moved to France when I was 3 years old. I’m also half British. I first got my subscription to AQUILA in December 2016, from my grandparents. I absolutely adore AQUILA and am ever so glad that I get to receive your magazine every month.
I love learning languages and take German lessons at school. Next year I will continue German and start Spanish. I also love reading and am reading Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. My favourite author is Judy Blume. She’s an American woman from New Jersey who writes books that are for all sorts of age levels. When I read her books, I never want to stop. Does anybody else know her? My passions are music and acting. When I’m older, I want to be either an actress or a singer, or both. I write stories sometimes too. There’s another thing I really want to do when I’m older, which is to work at the UN women. I am a huge fan of feminism. I have played the piano since I was 4 years old, and recently started playing guitar this year. My favourite subjects are English and music. My favourite animals are dolphins and dogs and my favourite sport is ice-skating. I also love to draw
I am writing this in February and now in France we are on our second week of holidays. There are a lot of holidays in France. Also the French system for schools is very different and complicated compared to other schools in other countries, it goes like this: Petite Section (1st year of Kindergarten), Moyenne Section, Grande Section, CP (first year of elementary school), CE1, CE2, CM1, CM2 (then middle school starts), 6e, 5e, 4e, 3e, 2nd, 1ere (and then University starts). I’m in 6e, which is Year 6. Also in France we don’t go to school on Wednesday afternoons, but finish later on other days. For example, I finish school at 5:30 every day.
Now I am going to give you a recipe that my little brother and I invented:
-1.5 cup of flour
-1/2 cup of sugar
-2 eggs
-15 cl of milk
-5 spoonfuls of raisins
-2 tsp of vanilla
-2.5 apples cut into small pieces
-50 grammes of butter
-Baking soda
Heat the oven at 175 degrees celsius.
Put the flour, sugar, eggs, and baking soda in a salad bowl and mix it together.
Melt the butter and add it to the lot. Add the milk. Mix it together.
Add the apples and the raisins. Mix it all.
Put it in a dish then put it in the oven.
Thanks, well bye!

From Audrey, age 11
P.S. I give French lessons on YouTube. If you search Learn French with Audrey: Lesson 1, you will find me! I publish weekly except during holidays. And could you please do an issue on the evolution of music?

I have been receiving your fantastic, interesting, inspiring and imaginative magazine for just over 2 years now and every time see it at my door my heart is beating so fast as my imagination runs wild as I think of what this amazing magazine has in store for me! I have been horse riding for about 5-and-a-half years and I have got some rosettes! In May I am going to go to see a horse show at Royal Windsor Horse Show! I am super excited! My favourites issue were the Harry Potter issue and the Pop Art issue.
My favourite animals are horses and dogs but I love all the animals in the world too! My favourite house from Harry Potter is Ravenclaw; in the online house tests I was put in Ravenclaw. If you want to read a great book I recommend Undercover Princess by Connie Glynn – I enjoyed it so much I am reading it again, one of the things I love about this book is that it is very page-turning!
My favourite hobbies are horse riding, reading, writing and spending time with animals!

From Cornelia (Coco) Y6, age 10