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Download your Matchbox Mummy template for the craft feature in the July-August magazine. Please print at 100% for correct dimensions.


Your Letters

We love it when you write to us with interesting facts about your life - pets, holidays, school and so on.

We will try to publish your letters in the printed magazine, but if there is just not enough room, we’ll put them here on the website.

Thanks to Imogen and Jacob for your Ian cartoons. We couldn't print them big enough in the magazine, so here they are:



by Imogen W, age 9



Ian by Jacob, age 9½


Here are two reviews of First Class Murder that we couldn't squeeze into the printed magazine in November.

I read this book quite a while ago when my friend Beatrice lent it to me. I really enjoyed it. I didn’t suspect who the murderer was. I like the characters and how much detail Robin Stevens put in. I would give it 4 out of 5 stars because I preferred the other Murder Most Unladylike books but I still really liked First Class Murder. I am excited for more books in the series to come out.

From Melissa, age 11

I have read First Class Murder twice and have enjoyed it. I think it is an exciting book. I like mystery books because there is always a question part where your head is spinning with questions like where?, why?, when? I felt like I could never stop reading this book; I just wanted to read and read. My opinion is that a good author will always make you feel that way when you read their books. I think Robin Stevens is a good author and it has inspired me to read her other books.

Alice Newton, age 9

We hope First Class Murder has inspired you to read some other sleuth fiction – here are five of my particular favourites.


Murder on the Orient Express, by Agatha Christie
The Ultimate Truth, by Kevin Brooks
Running Girl, by Simon Mason
The ‘Case Closed’ series, by Gosho Aoyama,
‘The Famous Five’ series, by Enid Blyton

NOW, here are your letters . . .

Your magazine is totally epic; I love it so much I could hardly write these words to tell you. I already have 18 of your magazines. I am in Year 4 at school and play the clarinet. I live in Italy with my mum, dad and my two sisters. We have a lot of pets: 5 cats, 3 hens and 1 family dog called Kessie. My favourite sport is gymnastics. I’ve always wanted to be in the Olympics. Here is a poem about the Olympics:

When you want to feel good,
You want to win,
Believe in yourself,
Never give in.

When you feel you have let down the team,
And you feel bad inside,
That’s OK, you did your best,
Just give yourself a nudge and then you will glide.

If you try your best,
You can never fail.
Each athlete is different,
Each with their own tale.

From Erin, age 9

I am writing because first of all I LOVE AQUILA. It is cool and funny and everyone should ask their mum or dad that they would like a subscription for Christmas or their birthday. If you really like reading like I do then you want to know which good books to read… it is my opinion that Diary of a Wimpy Kid is the best book ever!!! I hear everyone likes Harry Potter. I’m in Gryffindor, and I am so lucky not to be in Slytherin, practically the worst house in the world.

Can you do an issue on rugby?


From Arthur Gee

Hi, I’m in year 6 and I love reading. My favourite books are: Percy Jackson (has anyone else read them)? Also, I love Chris Riddell books and I sooo recommend The Butterfly Club by Jacqueline Wilson. I don’t have a favourite page of AQUILA because they’re all my favourite pages! By the way, does anyone else like playing chess?

I have two guinea pigs called Kim and Aggie. Aggie is a golden agouti and Kim is a white rex.

My favourite AQUILA mag so far has to be the Victorian issue (September 2015). I loved the Victorian automaton!

I have a five-year-old sister (Polly). My favourite subjects at school are computing, English, PE and maybe maths! I got my first AQUILA magazine at Christmas and I have been glued to it ever since!

I have written a little acrostic poem all about AQUILA:

Amazingly, victoriously fabulous
Quirky and cool
Utterly phenomenal
Irresistibly fantastic
Laughing fun
AQUILA is the best!

From Kitty, age 9

I know you have heard this loads of times but your AQUILA is supercalifragalisticexpialidocious. I got AQUILA in February from my Nanna and I’ve been loving it ever since. My favourite parts are Over to you and Brainfeeders. I am in Year 6. I have a brother and I made up a poem about him.

I really want a pet. My favourite authors are J. K. Rowling, Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, Julia Donaldson and Lemony Snicket. Can you do an issue on animals?

Here is the poem

Things about my brother,
Is that in the summer,
He talks to me in his bunk,
He stops when the sun has sunk,
He usually makes me embarrassed
Makes me wish I was in Paris,
But the best thing about he
Is that I love him and he loves me.

From Grace L, age 9

I got your magazine for Christmas and have always wanted to write a letter. I adore reading and writing and I’m an absolute Harry Potter fan! I’ve just started Year 6 and I was really scared until I read your advice! I love Hunger Games, Twilight and the amazing… Eva Ibbotson! She has written many amazing adventurous books that are usually based in the Amazon. Any recommended books? I love Big Time Rush, does anyone else? I’m going to start reading the book First Class Murder! It sounds very exciting! I love Over to you and seeing my letter in it would be amazing!
I hope you like the drawing and picture below:

Harry Potter
Harry Potter, Ron Weasly, Hermione Granger,
Mean old Voldermort puts Harry in danger.
A stranger arrives at Harry’s door one day
And Mr Dursley shouts and tells him to go away.

That didn’t end well, Hagrid being a magic man,
So he carried out a very mischievous plan…

At Hogwarts, Harry meets Ron with bright red hair
Who shared a box of jelly beans and ate a yucky one as a dare.
Later he meets Malfoy,
And with envy he makes Harry fly.
Harry almost gets in trouble, but makes the quidditch team,
Youngest player in a century, it seems…
Then Harry realises he’s the chosen one
And he won’t stop till the work is done!

From Izzy Hawkins, age 10

I have just started reading AQUILA (like my stster). My hobbies are: reading, drawing, cycling and playing the guitar. Does anyone else play guitar? I have just passed my grade 3 exam with 87%! I love Harry Potter, I’ve been to Harry Potter studios! Has anyone else? My favourite character is Hermione, I have a replica of her wand!

I love to listen to classical music, I think it is really nice! If anyone plays the violin and plays in an orchestra, do you think it is worth it? I’m thinking about playing it! I am in year 6 now and our topic is WWII!

In the holidays I went to stay in a treehouse! It was really EPIC! I really like treehouses and would love to have one, but I don’t’ have a big enough tree…

From Carys, age 10

You’ve probably heard this about a million times, but it’s true, AQUILA is the best magazine in the universe!!! I live in Sydney, Australia with my mum, dad, brother and sister. I’m in Year 5 and my favourite subjects are maths and English but I also like PE and art. My hobbies are playing netball, reading novels and of course reading AQUILA! I’m getting a dog soon and I want a playful and friendly family dog but I don’t know what breed to get. Does anyone (especially Pepe) have any tips on what to get?

My favourite book series are ‘Warriors’ by Erin Hunter and ‘Harry Potter’ by J. K. Rowling. Can you please do an issue on space and the rest of the universe? By the way, I’ve got an idea for another AQUILA team member: Mandy Techno who does technology and IT stuff. I have done a drawing of what I think Mandy Techno should look like. I also play the euphonium (grade 3). For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s a bit like a tuba but smaller.

From Nicola, age 10

Well, dogs are all individuals, just like you humans, but apart from me (obviously) I would say Labradors, Boxers and New Foundlands and Cocker Spaniels can all make great pets! - Pepe

I have been getting AQUILA for about three years. My favourite pages are Brainfeeders and IAN. I live in Singapore with my parents and brother and my cute dog Sootie. Sootie was adopted after someone found her on the streets. She is a local cross breed called a Singapore Special: she has a spotty tongue and one ear is up while the other is down. My favourite books are the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott and the ‘Harry Potter’ series. I have three wands and lots of other Harry Potter stuff. In response to Emily and Izzy Birch, I took nine tests and got Ravenclaw in all of them. My favourite subjects are music, drama, maths, English, science and ICT. I love watching Star Wars. I like to play Minecraft and Pokémon Go. My hobbies are gymnastics and piano. I am taking my grade 7 piano this summer. Do you read every single letter that is sent to you?

Hi to my best friend Ginny and her sister Izzy.

From Abigail, age 12

Abigail, yes we do read every letter we receive and we absolutely LOVE getting them! It is just a shame that we can’t publish them all. - Ed

AQUILA is super fun because it has lots of different pages and exciting things to do. My favourite hobbies are sport (especially football), baking, reading, writing and rollerskating. Does anyone else like any of those?

I love football and play for my local team. I want to find out if any other girls play football because at the moment more boys do. I recently got a pet hamster and she is called Ziggy. She is so sweet! Does anyone else have a hamster?

In response to Sacha (Feb 2016), I love Harry Potter too. In response to Scarlett (December 2015), I collect Shopkins too. I have recently read Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis and it is amazing! To anyone who hasn’t read it, read it now. Does anyone else like Gill Lewis? I am in Hufflepuff house and my sister is in Ravenclaw. Which house are you in?

Please can you do an issue on sport? Please can we have more penfriend pages?

From Vivie S, age 9

My name is Emily and I am 11 years old. AQUILA is awesome. My favourite pages are Over to you and the Brainfeeders. At school my favourite subjects are: art, PE, and French. I love learning a foreign language because it is challenging and I like a challenge. I go to secondary school and it is amazing. I would like to say to Rose age 10¼ and Scarlett age 11 (December 2015) not to worry about it. Once you have been for a few months you are used to it. If none or not many of your friends are going to the same school you will make new ones!

I love to play Minecraft, does anyone else? I used to go to Brownies, I got loads of badges. My favourite one that I earned was ‘writer’ because it was quite hard. We had to write a letter to someone, put together a glossary of words and write a story of our own. If anyone else went/goes to Brownies what was the badge you found challenging and what did you do for it? Recently I have read the book Ten Things I Hate About Me, Flirty Dancing, Cherry Heaven and Chloe. They are all AMAZING.

Some of my biggest achievements are swimming 100 metres, doing the leap of faith (climbing up a tall pole, jumping off and catching a trapeze) and going on a cross country run with school and beating my record (we did it twice). Also in PE my favourite part is warming up because we have to do a lap of the tennis courts (there are four) and I always finish first.

From Emily Wighton, age 11¾

My name is Louisa and I am 10. I really love your magazines and I think they are the best ever. I love IAN, Over to you and Brainfeeders.

I have nine alpacas and two dogs. Does anyone else have alpacas? My hobbies are art, skiing and pottery. My favourite subjects at school are geography, English and art. When I grow up I would like to be a clothes designer. I already design clothes in a book. My favourite animals are owls, dolphins and pandas. I love reading the series ‘Anne of Green Gables’, has anyone else read it?

I play the piano and the flute. Please can you do an issue on alpacas?

From Louisa Moor

I was cleaning my room today and I found this old letter that I did not get a chance to send.

Best wishes, Poppy, age 11

Dear AQUILA, I know this has been written an infinite supply of times, but your magazine is awesome!! My favourite colour is purple. In response to Jo W (Jul/Aug 2015), I love art and scratch too! Shout out to AQUILA readers James and Katie, and I made quite a battle with James my fellow AQUILA reader in the general knowledge quiz! He came first and my team came joint fourth place out of eighteen schools!

From Lily Pocock, age 8½

I LOVE AQUILA! My elder sister, Daisy, was reading it before me but now I read it too! My friends always want me to get them a three-month subscription for their birthdays and I do. I also love the Brianfeeders you make. I nearly always get them. I have made two for you:

1. What two things can you never eat for breakfast?
2. What was first on Earth, second in Heaven and never been to the Sun or the Moon but is in Space?

Please can you do an issue on riddles?

From Mimi, age 10

Answers: 1. Lunch and dinner / 2. The letter ‘E’

I find the topics in AQUILA are always really interesting with some fun as well. A couple of suggestions would be to make a language member of the team called: Bilingual Bobby and to try and use Kit a bit more. That leads me on to my next thing. I love sport, especially football! I play for my school girls’ football team. I am a statistician and I know lots of stats. I also like gymnastics, baking, swimming, hockey, cycling and playing the piano (I am grade 4). Does anyone else play the piano?

Anyway, I live in London with my mum, dad, my brother Theo and my two cats, Teddy and Pippi.

Thank you AQUILA for giving us the link to the Harry Potter sorting website. I got Hufflepuff! My favourite character is Ginny or Dobby. My favourite moment is when Malfoy turns into a ferret. My favourite film is ‘The Parent Trap’ or ‘Annie’. They are both amazing movies. I also love ‘Matilda, the Musical’.

Can you do an issue on games, old and new?

From Mason, age 10

I have been getting AQUILA for four months now and I know you must have heard this a MILLION times, but AQUILA is great!

I like Harry Potter, does anyone else?

I have made up a poem about the night. I hope you like it:

The Night
In the night the trees are waning
And there is no mistaking
That the moon is far away
From us on this present day

Probably somewhere in the Middle Ages
Or where the Horseshoe rages,
In the country kids are sleeping
And ambulances screaming
It’s the night, it’s the night
Hide me from that bright light

If I could have a cat, then I would, but my dad is allergic and my mum doesn't like them.

My fave page is Over to you, but I love everything.

In answer to Eleanor (April 2016) I am also learning Spanish.

From Harper, age 7

I'll start off by saying, your magazine is the absolute best in the world. Thank you to my Gran for getting me a subscription for Christmas.

I live in Aberfoyle near Stirling with my mum, my dad, my 6-year-old brother Joel who is mad about Star Wars and my two adorable cats Nimbus and Troop (Joel named Troop after a Stormtrooper).

I love reading and hope to be an author. I am writing a book about a (very beautiful) evil princess called Sheza Master Criminal (she's a master criminal) and her pirate boyfriend Bajuchi Swordman.

My favourite book series are Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling, Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan and The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani. My favourite films are The Princess Bride, Indiana Jones and The Hobbit.

I have been getting AQUILA since December 2013. My favourite pages are Polly Chrome, Over to you and Ian.

I play the fiddle and am on grade one. Does anyone else?

I went to Rome, Italy last November and it was amazing. We went inside the Colosseum and this church thingy with a hole in the roof so when it rained there was a big puddle on the floor. Most importantly, the pizza and ice cream was great.

My Harry Potter house is Ravenclaw. Is anyone else in Ravenclaw?

Mara Gillan, age 9

I love AQUILA so much. When the magazine comes I go berserk. I love all the AQUILA team but my favourite is Polly. AQUILA makes learning really fun. I live with my mum, half brother, cousin, granddad, dad and my 3 cats Casi, George and Jasmine.

My favourite colour is blue. I love Jacqueline Wilson and my favourite book is Little Star. My favourite parts of AQUILA are Over to you, Brianfeeders and arts and craft. AQUILA has encouraged me to be myself and not to try and be someone else. Thank you for helping me in life.

Can you do an issue on Harry Potter? Can you also do a page on IAN?

From Michaela

I am called Alexis but people call me Lexi. I am half Polish. I have had AQUILA since last year. I play the saxophone (I have a pink one), piano and I sing.

My best part of AQUILA is the story. I liked The Fairy Godmother’s Apprentice. I have some ideas for AQUILA: a music member, PSHE character and an IT character. Why is IAN not in the team?

If there was an AQUILA island it would maybe look like this.

From Lexi Kawozynski, age 9

I want to be a teacher or a zookeeper when I am older. If I become a zookeeper, I would love to work with giraffes. I love them so much. Also, I like working with children aged 6-7 because when they’re little they say random things which make me laugh! I have an 11-year-old brother and a 2-year-old sister. I’m 9 so I’m the middle child (sadly!).

My favourite emoji is the blush emoji. I got a teddy of it last Christmas. My favourite issue of AQUILA is probably the Living Underground issue (April 2016) because it was very interesting. My favourite parts of the magazine are Over to you and Brainfeeders. I enjoy testing my family at the dinner table.

My grandma and grandpa gave me AQUILA for my birthday. I am learning so much from it! I recommend it to my friends and currently six of them have subscribed!

Can you do an issue on giraffes or zoo animals? This is a picture of a giraffe, I hope you like it. Does anyone else like giraffes?

From Yasmin, age 10

At school I love sharing and talking about AQUILA to my friends, mostly Ronnie, Bessie and Jess. I love to study Greek language on my own! I also like space. Did you know the distance from the Equator to the North Pole is 10,000,000 m or 107m? My lovely nanna and poppa got this for me! I’ve got a sister Vesper, brother Hector and toddler brother Enzo.

Can you guess my favourite number, Calculata?
200– (–180) + 8

From Lily, age 9

From my workings I guess that your favourite number is 388! When you have what looks like a complex minus next to a minus, it luckily becomes a straightforward addition! - Calculata

I live in a small town in Northamptonshire. I have been subscribed for two years now. The first issue I got was November 2014. I love gymnastics, swimming and dance etc. I am very flexible I can do all three splits; can anyone else? I recommend AQUILA to all readers. One night I asked my mum to read with me and she chose the happiness article. We read it all the way through, her favourite part was when it said helping round the house makes you happy. I’m sorry to say it but it is true! My fave subjects are PE, ICT, art and maths. Earlier this year three of my friends and I went to a gymnastics competition. In the first round we won and in the second round we came 8th (sad face) but it doesn’t matter!

A shout-out to Miss Poppy Hutchinson who subscribed earlier in the year.

From Hannah Parker, age 10

I really like AQUILA! In response to Lucy (Roald Dahl issue) I get the Beano sometimes and I have a collection, they are really funny! My favourite pages of AQUILA are Over to you, Ian, Jokes, Brainfeeders and Just think. I live with my older brother, mum and dad. I also play the violin. In response to Eden (Roald Dahl issue) I’m in Hufflepuff too. Your stickman comic is really cool as well. I’ve also made a collection of comic strips called Mr Bob. He is a puppet that comes alive. I’ve done a drawing of him for you to see. Does anybody have any cool ideas of what to build on Minecraft? Right now I am reading the Harry Potter series (first time) and I’m in the middle of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, it’s exciting! In response to Aliyah (Roald Dahl issue) I really like Blue Peter as well! I go to Cubs (Braid District). Who else does? What district?

From Catriona, age 9

My favourite sport is rounders. I am an only child and I go to an all girls’ school. I love drawing. Do you like the picture of me which I drew? My favourite lessons are sport, art, history and maths. I am rather small for my age. I love making bath bombs. Could you please do more Astra and Pepe? I am quite interested in politics even though my dream come true would be to win a show-jumping competition. I adore macaques (a type of monkey). I am rather good at non-rhyming poems and passages. Please could you do an issue on extreme weather? My project on extreme weather won. I did mine on ice.

My favourite colour is blue. I have blue braces. My favourite film is ‘The Sound of Music’.

From Alice, age 9½

Hello AQUILA. I am quite shy because it is my first time writing. My favourite issue was the great Australia and Shipwrecks (Jul/Aug 2015) so I wrote a poem about the Great Barrier Reef and Australia:

Barrier Reef
Through the coral and the fish we dive
seeing dolphins in groups of five

Sea crustaceans,
Marvellous creations
You imagine wishes,
See jellyfishes

Or have fun in the sun.

But you may know
You will not have to go
For you haven’t seen the sea

Oh how the sea will shine
revealing fish in schools of nine

Jellyfish we send at the end.
The end.

From Nastasia, age 7

Knowing that most letters to AQUILA start by saying 'Aquila is incredible', I am begging to differ. I am not going to start my letter with 'Aquila is incredible'. It won't be in the middle of my letter, either. It will, in fact, be right at the very end! This may seem to you as a letter different from the others, but this is because I am a girl who is different from everyone else, just as each person is different from everyone else. I think that being different is good, because the world would be so boring if everyone were the same. I am an ENORMOUS Harry Potter fan, and to all the other Harry Potter fans out there, I am in Gryffindor. To anyone else who loves writing, I love writing, too! I agree with Molly Gibbs (March 2016) that IAN should be longer because it is very entertaining and it's very annoying when you've read it five times and counting and have to wait an entire MONTH for the next bit! Aquila is a great creation because it is fun, entertaining, and you learn lots in a different way from how you would learn at school, and as I said before, different is good (in my opinion). Does anyone else agree with that? So, as promised, I know you've heard this billions of times, but... Aquila is incredible! Thank you for being part of this world, Aquila.

From Emma, age 10

You have definitely heard this like a million times but AQUILA ROCKS!

I LOVE Harry Potter. I know loads of other people love it too but I am the ultimate fan. I did the Harry Potter house sorter like a million times and every time I was put in Gryffindor and I had 0 per cent Slytherin. Does anyone know if they sell Slytherin stuff at Harry Potter studio? I really want to know because it is weird if they do. I read all the Harry Potter books in like three months!!! I thought they would be boring but they were AWESOME!!!!!

Please can you do an issue on Harry Potter, Jacqueline Wilson or Authors (with a massive bit about Harry Potter)? Did you know that Harry Potter and J. K. Rowling share a birthday? Did you know that Harry Potter was created when J. K. Rowling was on a train between London and Manchester? She said that Harry Potter just strolled into her head fully formed. I drew some random monsters but unfortunately my teacher caught me and they are lost. With my brother I made an alien out of play dough and J2O lids. It was cool, here is a picture of it. I sent a letter to a pen friend but she never replied. It has been like 3 months since I sent it.

From Carys, age 9

I have just finished reading my first AQUILA and I think you are just great.
I thought you might like my poem:

A country far away
I would like to go
To the other side of the rainbow
Far beyond the magic of its arch
To a land that would be new and strange
As my journey ends
Would I find someone to be my friend
And if so
What could he teach me?
And what could I teach him in exchange?
I have been told
It would be a long way but I will go there one day.

Harry Sturrock, age 8

I only started a year ago but I absolutely love AQUILA. My favourite pages are Over to you, short stories and Brainfeeders. I live with my mum, dad and sister Nia in a little village (which is in Wales). We have recently visited Scotland where my grandmother lives. When I am older I would like to be an author because I read Roald Dahl's stories and I wish I could be like him. I play the piano and trumpet and I play in an orchestra and soon I'm ready to play in front of everyone. Please could you do an issue on our brain and how it works. I especially liked the Victorian issue because it helped me with my Victorian homework!

My favourite authors are Michael Morpurgo, David Walliams and Roald Dahl. I have also watched some of the Harry Potter films. I have also watched Labyrinth. If you haven't watched it, you can get the game instead. 5- and 4-year-olds might find the film a bit scary but if you are 6 or over you will find it funny.

From Isla, age 8

Hi! I really enjoy reading your great magazine, which I have been getting since December 2014. It is AMAZING! My favourite parts of the magazine are Brainfeeders and Over to you. I am part of my school's reading club, and I am doing the CILIP Carnegie Medal, is anyone else? My favourite book so far is One by Sarah Crossan. We are going on a trip to the British Library in June, which I am very excited about! The Year 7s (my year group) at my school are also going on a trip to Thorpe Park soon. My favourite books of all time are Holes by Louis Sachar, Knife Edge by Malorie Blackman, Star Cats by Martin Leman and Northern Lights by Philip Pullman. Also, if anyone likes detailed colouring and drawing, I would definitely recommend Animorphia. I have decided to enter the 500 words competition next year, and have already started my entry. I go to Scouts, and am going on the 2017 Canada expo :) My hobbies are swimming, taking photographs on my phone, reading and watching YouTube. My favourite Youtubers are Joe Sugg and Marcus Butler. We have exams next week, which I am nervous about, especially my history test, as we will have to write an essay. My favourite subjects at school are dance, drama and science. What are everyone else's favourite subjects? Can you do an issue on photography please? My favourite Disney character is Stitch, what is everyone else's? I have a cat called Mo, who turned 4 on July 16th. Here is a random haiku about stars:

Iridescent stars,
Like sprinkles on a cupcake,
Sets the night ablaze

I love flamingos! Hi to my cousins Tilly and Anouk!

Here is a picture of my cat.

From Ruby, age 12

I have been having AQUILA since December now and I love it I get really excited when it comes through my door. My favourite part of AQUILA is 'Just think about' because I want to be a philosopher when I grow up. I am very interested in law because ever since I was a little child I have loved campaigning for the Labour Party and over political causes and I LOVE the suffragettes. My hobbies are: public speaking, reading, music (I play tenor horn) and sports and I am very upset about the referendum result. I am going to be in Year 6 and I am very scared. Does anyone have any advice for starting in new classes? In response to Lauren (Jul/Aug 2016) my friend’s cat died of TB and the vets thought a badger gave it to her but I think it is barbaric to kill them just because some of them carry it. I live in Macclesfield, a town in Cheshire.

From Julia, age 10

Hi Aquila! I absolutely love your magazine as there are so many great things to do, read and make packed into one issue. I live in my house in the countryside with my sister Honor, mum, dad and daft dog Mabel. Mabel is a goldendoodle and she is really funny, as every morning she comes into my bedroom for a cuddle and then lies on my fluffy rug. It always make me laugh! I also have a gorgeous pony called Mia and my mum has an equally pretty pony called Rannoch AKA Pooky, I love them both to bits even though mine bucks me off!

I was really pleased because over the summer holidays I stopped biting my nails after 3 years – I am so proud of myself as I took ages. I recently took my grade piano exam and I was so nervous, because I did it at a really grand college and I was a bit awe-struck but thankfully I passed with 115 out of 150 marks.

Due to my feelings about animals I hate the hunt and the badger cull because I once saw a fox being chased and it really upset me. When I grow up I want to make sure it stops.

Thanks for making these great magazines.

From Constance, age 10

HI AQUILA, my best issue so far has to be Roald Dahl (June 2016) because I LOVE his punctuation and grammar. When writing, I have just received the Children of WWII issue (September 2016), it looks amazing. I love the history of all the magazines. I loved the Ancient Egyptian issue (Jul/Aug 2016) even though it was full of gruesome and horrible things. I hope there is an animal issue because I love them too, especially rabbits.

From Sarah, age 8

I live in Somerset and play the piano and the ukulele. I’m on book 2; does anyone else play the ukulele? I started reading AQUILA in April 2016 and my favourite issue so far is Roald Dahl (June 2016), he is one of my favourite authors and I am mad about Matilda. For my birthday I went to London to see the stage production of it.

From Megan, age 8¾