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Your Letters

We love it when you write to us with interesting facts about your life - pets, holidays, school and so on.

We publish as many of your letters as we can in the printed magazine, and some more here on the website.

Hello AQUILA! This is a blanket rule: I do not like magazines – don’t panic, I love AQUILA. I live near Birmingham, and I am moving some point in June, I’m not sure where yet though – eeek! For everyone who says ‘I love Minecraft does anyone else?’ I’m going to say: Sorry, no. I like English (literacy) especially poetry and detailed creative writing, and I think Miriam’s poem ‘Smart Lady’ is really good – not that I’m an expert, but I like it. I am looking forward to secondary school science, as I want to be a chemist when I am older. I love knitting, singing and reading; my favourite book series is Ruby Redfort, I’ve got all of them and I am waiting for the last one to come out a long time into the future! I would recommend them to ten to thirteen-year-olds, but I don’t know. I would say they are very action and adventure, and also a bit spy-y (I know that’s not a word but I like making things up) warning there is an in-built code which I have not cracked yet. Like some others, I agree with you that Jonathan’s letter (December 2015) deserves praise for his patience and determination, you should really be proud of yourself. I have been getting AQUILA since December 2015 and I have loved everything and I want to make the lickable wallpaper from the Roald Dahl issue (June 2016). I made the rubber-band racer (May 2016) but my wheels were wonky so it kind of doesn’t work. I have two really cute bunnies called Pumba and Scarlett (names from the Lion King – but not enough girls’ names in the film so Scar was changed to Scarlett!). I don’t know any other subscribers but I am going to say HELLO to my German friend Hamna if you read AQUILA. I learnt a German song on my guitar in Year 4.

How many subscribers do you have in Germany? (I am English, though!)

From Catherine Alms, age 12

There are well over 80 AQUILAnauts in Germany. –Ed.

I know hundreds of people have said this, but AQUILA is a miracle! I am in year 4. I have two younger brothers and two older sisters. My brothers are called Theodore (he’s 8) and Clement (he’s 3) and my sisters are called Anne (she’s 14) and Sofia (she’s 13). My favourite subject is maths, because I am the cleverest in my class and I think maths is the easiest. I read Roald Dahl’s books, the book I am reading is Matilda. The books I have read are called Fantastic Mr Fox, The BFG, George's Marvellous Medicine, The Giraffe the Pelly and Me and The Twits. My favourite team members are Aquila, Astra and Calculata. I hope your next issues will impress me (that will obviously happen).

From Maximilian Arnander, age 9

I love you guys so much! It’s the best magazine EVER! In response to Isobel Busby (November 2016), I love playing netball! I also do acting, singing and I LOVE football – does anyone else? I really enjoyed your issue about Children of World War II (September 2016) and we are learning about it in school. You have inspired me to write a poem.

Is this the last time?
I know what’s happened here again,
The devils, they are back!
Swooping through the air so swiftly,
Silent as a mouse.
I run and stumble to the shelter
Is this the last time, who knows?
I place my gas mask on my face,
Tears leaking around myself.
The bombs drop,
Ploughing to the ground
The smoke makes it hard to breathe,
Climbing in from every gap.
I knew the next words that I spoke would be the last
Of them all and I said ‘Mum, I love you’
Then I plunged into the darkness.

I hope you enjoyed it and please can you do an issue on famous people?

From Grace, age 10¾ 

I have been getting AQUILA since the November 2012 (Story of Silk) issue and I genuinely think it’s the best magazine I have ever read.
I love to play music, sing, roller-skate, swim, read and write songs. I’m also president of a micro-nation called the United Republic of Amyland (otherwise known as my bedroom!). I’ve written a constitution, made currency and held an independence day. Does anyone else have a micro-nation?
I also wanted to say DON’T WORRY to ANYONE who is scared about starting high school. A lot of TV shows and stuff really over-exaggerate what it’s like. I’m in year eight right now, and I have made so many new friends that I would never have met if I hadn’t come out of my shell a little. It’s nowhere near as scary as I thought it would be.

From Amy Bower, age 12
P.S Shout out to my Secretary of State Danielle!
P.P.S Please can you do an issue where you mention Brexit?
P.P.P.S How long is the longest amount of time someone has been getting AQUILA?

I love your magazine soooo much! I get it every month and every last day of the month I am so excited to get the next issue. Soon could you do an issue on art? Because it is my very favourite subject. I am in year two at school. So goodbye for now. I love you AQUILA!

From Caitlin, age 8¾

Hi there, I love, love, love AQUILA. I have had it for five years (started December 2011). I really enjoyed the WWII edition. The best characters in AQUILA are Wordworm, Pepe, Kit, E.B. and Polly Chrome.
I love Kit because I LOVE sports. I am good at swimming, cheerleading, netball, gymnastics, football, golf and hockey. The best books are Boy in a Dress, Mr Stink, Gangsta Granny, Billionaire Boy, Ratburger, Demon Dentist, Grandpa’s Great Escape, Awful Auntie, The World’s Worst Children and The Midnight Gang all by David Walliams – the best author ever! I like reading, writing stories, colouring, working sums out and trying new challenges. Can you do an issue on animals, Shakespeare and David Walliams?

From Katie, age 11

I love reading AQUILA because it has lots of interesting facts. I have just finished reading all the Harry Potter books and I have also been to Harry Potter studios which I loved. I even had butter beer which tasted alright and got a picture of me on a broomstick ‘Hogwarts in the snow’!

I like J. K. Rowling, Jacqueline Wilson and L. M. Montgomery who wrote Anne of Green Gables. I hate spiders as well Latoyah. I love drawing animated pictures, I love your cat picture Grace H; I don’t have a scratch account but I do use it for programming at my coding club.
I’ve made an Anderson shelter for my homework; it was really useful as we are learning about WWII at school and the facts from the magazine are really useful. One of my teachers used to be in the army so he knew a lot about going away for a long time. In my old school my two best friends were Annabel W and Lauren, I know that Lauren gets AQUILA too so Hi! Annabel moved to Australia; I moved and now my best friends are Lyla S and Georgia W, my favourite colours are orange and blue. I have the best teachers in the world – Mrs Craggs, Mrs Chapman and Mr Trevelyan.

Yours Sincerely,
Hazel A, age 11

To AQUILA, you are the best magazine EVER!! I live in Summerville, South Carolina. I have heard a song called ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’ but it never does here! In December the temperature is 49 degrees Fahrenheit. It is quite cold in the morning, but we do not have any snow.
My favourite part of AQUILA is Ian, Jokes, Polly Chrome, Wordworm, E.B., Over to you and of course Aquila; so basically all of it. I also have a poem to share:

Birds are chirping
Eggs are breaking
Wings are spreading
Animals are peeking
Saplings are growing
Worms are digging
Sun is rising
Sheep are bleating
Dogs are waking
Cats are stalking
Wolves are walking.

Thanks, Olivia, age 11

Hello AQUILA, Please could one of your topics be ecofin (economic and financial) because that is my topic in my school’s MMUN (Montessori Model United Nations).
Thank you!

Violet, age 9

This is my second time writing to AQUILA. My favourite animals are cats. Does anyone else like cats? I have a black cat called Chloe who is 19 years old, and a ginger cat called Olaf who is 4 and not named after the snowman. In response to Grace H (Dec 2016) I have a school Scratch account and a home one. I like writing chapter books. I have finished one that is 71 pages long and I am currently writing the sequel to it. Does anyone else like writing stories? My favourite book is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, is anyone else’s? I also like Jacqueline Wilson. Does anyone else? My favourite TV show is Hetty Feather; does anyone else like it?

From Eve, age 10

Hi AQUILA! I have been learning about Romans and I went to the Roman remains in Chester. I have a puppy called Norman and he is 0 years old.
In the AQUILA magazines my favourite part is Over to you because it is the best bit. I have a sister called Heidi and she is 7 years old. I got my first AQUILA in May 2016. My mum is 38 years old and my dad is 37 years old. It is the best magazine ever. I drew some Roman pictures and funny faces.

From Niamb, age 8

I’ve been with you since November and I really like the mag. I have two guinea pigs named Hermione and Ginny. Please could you do an issue on evolution?

From Aly

Hi Aquila! I got AQUILA for Christmas and I love it! I live in Ely, I have a 6-year-old brother called Finn and I have 2 guinea pigs called Cookie and Teddy. I’m in year 5 at school and my favourite subject is English. My hobbies are dancing, playing piano (I have lessons), drawing and writing. My favourite books are: Coraline by Neil Gaiman, Clover Moon by Jacqueline Wilson and Back Home by Michelle Magorian. I am about to read Un Lun Dun by China Miéville, which is a really scary book! My favourite parts of AQUILA are Ian and Over to you! Could you do an issue on the UK please?

From Kirsty, age 9

I got AQUILA for my 9th birthday (June 2016) and have loved it ever since. My favourite issue so far is Codes and Coding (Nov 2016). I love AQUILA because on the first day of every month I get home and it is lying on the table! I always go straight upstairs to look at it. I love PLAYMOBIL does anyone else? In reply to Imogen W, I am in Gryffindor and my best friend is also Hermione Granger. I love Harry Potter as well, I have read all the books and watched the films. My hobbies are gymnastics, playing piano and reading. I also have a hamster called Kit Kat and he is a Syrian hamster and I love him to bits! I am on grade 1 in piano and I do it at school, we are looking at having a teacher at home instead. I would recommend the ‘Ink’ books to read. This books are Inkheart, Inkspell and Inkdeath. My teacher lent them to me last year and I loved them. They were my life over the summer. My favourite pages of AQUILA are Over to you, Brainfeeders and the jokes. I love these pages because you can take the quizzes and see how much you know about a certain subject. You can also see what people are interested in and see other people’s jokes. My favourite subjects at school are ICT (computing), art and maths (kind of!). I also do cheerleading (does anyone else?). I love animals and I wish I had a dog, but my dad is allergic. Every year we go to Eweleaze campsite in Dorset and I love seeing the dogs there because I have been going for five years and I know all their names, and each year they have a new litter of puppies! In response to Bryn Sykes I do play Minecraft and Crossy Road until my brother accidentally deleted it. My nan has a Lhapo Atso (a type of small dog) called Lola and incidentally my other nan has a black Labrador called Charlie (Charlie and Lola!) and my nans didn’t even know because Charlie came before Lola.
At school I am in Leopards year 5 with maybe one of the strictest teachers in the school! My favourite authors are J. K. Rowling, Cornelia Funke (she wrote the Ink books I was talking about), Michael Morpurgo and Jacqueline Wilson. I also do judo and I am on my first red tab. I am the tallest in my group of friends but I am the third youngest out of all of them! I live in London and my nan lives in Nottingham and my other nan lives in Warwickshire, my uncle and auntie live in Northamptonshire and my other uncle and auntie live in Australia! I also have 7 cousins. I love listening to Radio 1 in the morning and listening to Now That’s What I Call Music.

From Poppie, age 9½

Dear AQUILA, I was so excited when I saw in the November issue that you were reading First Class Murder in the AQUILA Book Club! I have now read Murder Most Unladylike, Arsenic for Tea, First Class Murder, Jolly Foul Play and I am currently reading Mistletoe and Murder. I love Daisy and Hazel! My grandmother’s friend is Kathy Stevens, mother of Robin (the author of these books)!
I love AQUILA and I have been reading for 4½ years now. I have lived in Tanzania for 3 years now and it is beautiful! I love art, poetry, reading, writing and climbing trees. I am 11 and I love your magazine! At my mum’s house, I have a cat called Professor Lilantus (I don’t know why) and at my dad’s, 2 dogs called Nala (the mother) and Tumble (the son). Tumble is called that because when he was a puppy, he kept rolling off the edge of our veranda, even when we put him back on it! I also play the flute, does anyone else play a musical instrument? I once saw 21 lions in one safari trip and I have almost been charged at by an angry elephant! Could you do an issue on origami?

From Abby Moyse

I live in London with my mum, dad and younger brother, Felix. My brother and I both think that AQUILA is AWESOME! In response to Emma Phillips (Jan 2017) I love The Letter for the King by Tonke Dragt as well! It is one of my favourite books. I love reading and would recommend to everyone the ‘Laura Marlin Mysteries’ by Lauren St. John. The series is about an 11-year-old orphan who solves mysteries. Another series I would recommend is one I’m reading at the moment ‘Secret Breakers’ by H. L. Dennis. I am on the second book and I really like it. It is about a girl who, with two friends, has to crack a really difficult code.
I love making dens, does anybody else? Old Christmas trees are really good for this. I am VERY passionate about saving the environment. Did you know that nuclear plants produce NO carbon dioxide? Coal emits the most (it is really bad). My favourite issue has been Dinosaurs (Jan 2017); I found it really interesting, especially the bit about 90 per cent (WOW!) of life dying at the end of the Triassic period. I also really liked the puzzles page in the Codes and Coding issue (Nov 2016). When I am older I want to work on a cruise ship and travel the world! I love travelling. Does anybody else? I play viola, does anyone else? I also play piano but find if very difficult.

From Josephine, age 13

Dear AQUILA, I am in year 3 and my favourite issue is Codes and Coding (Nov 2016). AQUILA, can you do an issue on dogs and puppies? My favourite of the team is Pepe. Pepe’s my favourite because I love, love dogs. I don’t have any pets but next year we might get a dog/puppy.

From Isabelle, age 8

Hi AQUILA, I love the mag as it has so many interesting things to do and loads of facts. I found the page on how time is different for children to adults due to how long they have been on the planet, really interesting (Midwinter Feasts, Dec 2016). I love food and baking. I made a gingerbread house with my aunty, Guyonne, my sister, Giselle and my cousin, Ellie. I love Harry Potter and I have read all the books. When I grow up I want to be an Olympic hockey player for the UK. Replies: I have read all the ‘Skulduggery Pleasant’ books and I have a Scratch account (Grace H). I don’t do djembe drumming but I do the violin, I’m also not allowed any games on my phone, but on my mum’s I can play Minion Rush (Bryn Sykes).
Here is a picture of my friend Amélie and me at my 7th birthday and a drawing of an elephant. My favourite colour is purple and I find Ian funny and I like Calculata.

From Anoushka, age 11


Helloooo, helloooo, I live on planet Earth like you all should do. I do flute and guitar, and in every exam I’ve taken I have passed with distinction! My favourite movie company is STUDIO GHIBLI. Please, please, PLEASE could you do an issue on politics with a page on how idiotic and evil Donald Trump is? Now I’m getting a fear he is going to cause World War III or take over the world. My favourite politician is Barrack Obama. When I am 18 I want to vote for the Green Party. As well as doing an issue on politics please could you do one on nature (I pray to nature!)? Perhaps an issue on why we exist. I don’t know why I am writing this but I’m half Japanese and I am 100000000000 per cent in love with books. I hope you like my picture of a tree. Thanks and have a great life. Not that I’m going to die. And you’re welcome for the ideas for future issues!

From Matilda age 8 (maybe 9 once you have read this!)

Hi AQUILA, I enjoy playing my trumpet and cornet in my brass and wind bands, fencing and reading. In the holidays I have been on my family’s narrow boat, which we bought when I was about 4 or 5 and I would like to tell you more about it.
The thing I enjoy most about going on our narrow boat is doing locks. Locks are big sets of gates that allow boats to go up and down hills on canals. I enjoy pushing the gates while my mum uses a windlass to make the water in a lock go up and down. In our holiday, we did 13 locks (in each direction). I also enjoy toasting crumpets and marshmallows on the fire in our cabin. Crumpets taste so much better than cooking them in the toaster! Another good thing about narrow boats is the lovely surroundings on the canal. Today we broke down so while waiting for the repairperson, we had a walk on the canal towpath which was very pretty but misty too. It is also very interesting to practise my trumpet on the boat, especially when going through the tunnels, as the acoustics are very different from my normal surroundings. I also enjoy having friends on the boat as it can get a bit lonely with just my parents and no WI-FI but having friends is fun for them and me and we get a little extra help!
Thank you for reading my letter and I hope it has been interesting. I would also like to say hi to my two good friends Bea and Sophie, as well as Edward who is in my brass band, along with Bea and Sophie!

From Melissa Rainford, age 12

In November I went to a WIRED conference in London. It was so inspiring! There was this guy who brought a drone and flew it under our seats! There were also loads of amazing people like astronauts and people who could 3D print prosthetic arms. I even got to go up on stage and meet Heston Blumenthal! The whole day was amazing and now I want to invent something awesome because people there made cool things at 12!

Hi to my friend Evie and my pen friends Rhianna and (hopefully) Polly.
I wrote a poem about a man who sadly dies (it is a bit random!) Here it is:

The Tree-Man
There was a young man,
He lived in a tree,
He wouldn’t come down,
Until he met me.

One day I told him:
‘You should come down,’
Still he refused,
Till I gave him a pound.

The next day he came down,
And liked it a lot
But sadly he died.
As he got shot.

From Amelie G, age 11

HI, I live in Preston with my mum and dad. I got AQUILA for my birthday two years ago. Wow! It doesn’t seem that long! My favourite issue so far is Bones (Oct 2016) because I am looking forward to biology next year at high school. I go dancing on Saturdays and soon I will be doing my grade 3 exam for ballet. Does anyone else go dancing? I also go to gymnastics. For my birthday this year I am going to the Harry Potter Studio tours! I am crazy about Harry Potter: my friends tell me to shut up about it! Is anyone else in Slytherin?

From Hannah, age 11

My favourite animals are animals which some people think are scary or ugly like a shark or a killer whale which personally I think are cute. Does anyone else think sharks are cute? When I grow up I would like to be doctor or surgeon and pathologist. I am quite an active person. Here is a question for you Calculata: What do you get if you square three and then square the number you got? Your answer should be 81. My hobbies are gymnastics, reading and adventuring. My favourite author is Helen Dunmore who writes the ‘Ingo’ series. When did AQUILA first start? I am almost fluent in French. Would it be possible to get AQUILA in a different country? Have a happy new year.

From Alice, age 10

AQUILA started in 1993, and is sent to countries all over the world. –Aquila

I am home schooled and I love to ice skate. I am on level 5, I have my own skates which are white, and I have a skate bag. I also have some bugs. Mum, my sister Bean and I have bugs. Clive is mum’s bug, BonI is Bean’s bug and Mango is my bug. Please do an issue on stamps and British coins.

From Nya, age 8

I have an idea about a craft the magazine could use. It could be called ‘Table Terrifics!’ The craft is napkin rings and place name coasters.

All you need for the place name coasters are a few pieces of small square paper (any colour, 1 for every person), a pen and stickers (1 for every person). All you need to do is:

1) Write name on the paper
2) Stick a sticker on

All you need for the napkin rings is coloured paper (1 for every person), stickers (1 for every person) and glue. All you need to do is:

1) Fold the coloured paper in half
2) Stick the end corners together so the bottom looks like an upright raindrop
3) Stick sticker on

Here’s a picture of the place names and napkin rings that I made.
I love AQUILA, especially Polly because she does art!

From Rosalie, age 8

I have recently become a subscriber and I love it! There is so much to do! My favourite topic so far has to be the history. Mainly because there is so much that I didn’t know! I also love all the different styles of art on the different pages! I like art and reading, so I really enjoy AQUILA 100 per cent! The only thing I would like a bit more would be some recipes and cooking topics. I like food and I am sure a lot of other people do too. Thank you for all the new knowledge you have given me! I am sure a lot of people appreciate it as well!

From Hope W, age 10


Dear AQUILA, I love reading and writing. My top three book series are: ‘Harry Potter’ by J. K. Rowling, ‘Skulduggery Pleasant’ by Derek Landy, and ‘Wings of Fire’ by Tui T. Sutherland. They’re all great books and I recommend them. I write relatively well and (I don’t mean to sound boastful) but I am the best in my class!
Over Christmas I went to see the new Potter film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. It was super! I’m in Hufflepuff house; I took the test and my results were: 5 Slytherin, 9 Gryffindor, 13 Ravenclaw and 17 Hufflepuff. I’ve read the new book The Cursed Child and it is AMAZING!
My hobbies are: reading (especially AQUILA), annoying my sister Hannah, cuddling my dog Ben and playing the keyboard. I have just passed my initial exam and I am so pleased! I got 84%! Yay me!

From Emily, age 10

To AQUILA and readers, I love your magazine and it is the only one I read. My favourite bits are Ian, Brainfeeders and the Pen Friend page.
I live in London with my mum, two younger sisters and cat. My sisters are called Robyn (she’s 10 and loves climbing) and Tehya (she’s 6 and loves anything sparkly!). My cat is 16 and called Charlie. He is very lazy and very old.
I love cooking and I want to be a chef like my dad when I’m older. Does anyone else like cooking?
I am also very addicted to anything Harry Potter: I have seen all the films and am currently reading The Chamber of Secrets. Does anyone else love Harry Potter?
My step mum is amazing. She has 5 rats, 2 mice and lots of fish. Please could you do an issue on Harry Potter and/or cooking.

From Roxy, age 12

I started AQUILA in December 2016. I got it from my mum and dad and I spend all Christmas looking at it with my granddad. I hate spiders! Aquila is my favourite of the team because I love history and like being the team leader. We’ve got a cat called Sooty and in summer he brings in frogs. He eats spiders sometimes. My favourite subjects are history and art. Please would you do an issue on flowers?

From Xenia, age 8

I first got your magazine as a Christmas present and I loved it straight away. I think it is a great present. I have got two best friends, Reicela (Rachel) and Renka. Reicela (Rachel) used to buy AQUILA and Renka also loves AQUILA and is always happy to sit with me and read the latest mags and all the awesome stuff. I also have another friend who got AQUILA for Christmas too.
My favourite hobbies are: art, ICT and netball. My favourite pages are: Over to you, the amazing articles, jokes and I enjoyed reading about the toy maker who became a toy maker just from one email!

From Elka, age 9

Hi there! I live in Gloucestershire with my mum, dad, brother and two cats, Socky and Coaley. This is my first time writing to you and I must say thanks to my granny and grandad for giving me a subscription to you in 2015. My favourite issue has to be Dinosaurs (Jan 2017) because it’s so interesting about the extinction and how they evolved into other animals.
My favourite parts of AQUILA are Over to you because I like hearing from other people; Jokes, because they can be very funny; and finally the story, because I like reading. Books I would recommend are: ‘Harry Potter’ by J. K. Rowling, ‘The Adventure Series’ by Enid Blyton, ‘Biggles’ series by Capt. W. E. Johns (for older readers) and The Nowhere Emporium by Ross Mackenzie. I have quite recently got my grade 2 trumpet with distinction, which I am very proud of. I think you should do an issue on animals or wildlife because so many people ask you to do an issue on their favourite animal or pet. What was the first issue of AQUILA about? And who decides what the topic of every issue will be?

From James Sainsbury, age 10

Our first issue was mostly about trees. Ed is the ideas person and the whole team discuss what topics we think would be perfect for AQUILAnauts. It’s a fun process! –Aquila

Hi, I really enjoy Polly Chrome, Ian and the puzzles. In response to Erica (October 2016) I also love reading. In response to Izzy (Jul/Aug 2016) I sleep with lots of teddies too! In response to Lydia (Jan 2017) I also like Strictly Come Dancing. Can you do an issue on AQUILA’s history please? I like J. K. Rowling and Jacqueline Wilson, does anyone else? I really like art, does anyone else?

Yours sincerely, Kara Wilkinson, age 8

Hey! I am Chinese, though I come from the UK. Here are some Chinese figures:

My favourite leaders are Harvey, Polly Chrome and Pepe. I have drawn a picture of a new leader called Lilian and she teachers languages. Also, I’m Gryffindor. I have an imaginary pet mouse called Peekaboo, it changes colour. AQUILA, what is your imaginary pet?

From Veronica Ginns, age 8

Hi, as everyone always says, I love AQUILA and I really mean it. My nana got it for my birthday in July and I’ve read every issue since the first one I got. I love to read and my favourite books are: ‘The Naughtiest Girl in the School’ series by Enid Blyton, AQUILA (of course) and the rest are by Jacqueline Wilson (my favourite author): Katy, the ‘Hetty Feather’ series and Four Children and It. Does anybody else like these books? I have three lizards: Honey, Arthur and Pascal. Honey and Arthur are bearded dragons and Pascal is a leopard gecko. Where I live, every year a fair comes in autumn. I wrote a poem about autumn and here it is:

Autumn is Here
When coldness comes,
and leaves change colour and fall,
When the wind howls,
and your cheeks go rosy,
and you feel real cosy.

When frost is on the ground,
and the smell is in the air,
and now you know autumn started,
I’m looking forward to the fair,
night is drifting near,
autumn must be here.

From Madeline Lakeman, age 10

Here is a poem I wrote about the night:

The Night
The night is magical,
The patterns in the Milky Way,
The Moon’s silver light,
The night is magical!

The night is peaceful,
The stars’ sweet music,
The quiet of the busy world,
The night is peaceful!

The night is spooky,
The foxes and bears,
The eerie shadows on the wall,
The night is spooky!

The night is magical,
The patterns in the Milky Way,
The Moon’s silver light,
The night is magical!

I hope you like it! Oh yes, how could I forget to say: I LOVE AQUILA!

From Isabelle Depoix, age 11¼ 

Hi! My favourite parts of AQUILA are the amazing facts, Brainfeeders and the story. My hobbies are reading, writing (I am already getting a book published!), drawing, playing outside and EATING! Mmm! Here is an extract from the book I am writing:

‘I stared at Mother in shock. “Father? In California?!” Maybe they had been mistaken, for Father had grown up as an ordinary boy! True, a bit later he became head farmer of the village, but just the village, not the country!’

I hope you liked it! Bye!

From Abigail, age 10

To AQUILA, I love to sit and read AQUILA every month. My cats, Lenny and Domino, like it too. When I stayed in London, underneath an art gallery there was a bit of the Roman gladiator fighting coliseum. When we went into it, it lit up. It showed how people would act and be in the Roman era.

These are my cats. Lenny is the white one and Domino is black. Lenny is very skinny but very greedy. Lenny steals all of Domino’s food but Domino is a bit tubby. Lenny is greedy but skinny and Domino is empty but tubby!
Can you do an issue about Romans?

From Delilah, age 7

It’s my first time writing to you so I was a little bit nervous writing this letter but I wrote it anyway because I really wanted you to know that your magazines aren’t just fab like every single person that writes a letter say they are wonderful, fantastic, brilliant! Oh there are so many words I could use. They must be the best magazines in the galaxy! Wait forget that. The best magazines in the UNIVERSE!!! If I’m honest, I’m a real girly girl, so I’ve read loads of fashion magazines but none of them are as good as AQUILA! AQUILA has lots of facts and fun things inside but fashion magazines are just page after page of trendy clothes. SO I find AQUILA a lot better. My nana and grandad bought me AQUILA on my 8th birthday (May 2016) and every issue I have read has been great.
I wanted to say that I definitely agree with Isabelle Sharman, Ursula and Isobel Garvie about an issue on food. I find it strange that the food on your plate can be so interesting. I agree with Isobel Garvie again about an issue on dancing because I got to ballroom dancing lessons which are very fun. I would also love it if you could do an issue on animals because I always spend ages poring over animal books (especially puppy books!) because they are so interesting.
Finally, I would like to say hi to my big cousin Maddie and one of my best school friends called Gabriella, who I know both read AQUILA as well.

From Evie H, age 9

I LOVE AQUILA! I love Harvey because he is so good at science and I love it too. My favourite story-writer is Francesca Simon! At school we are learning about India.

From Mai Prentice, age 7½

HI there, I got my first AQUILA in Jan 2015 after my older sister Emily inspired me with them. My best thing in the magazine is Over to you because it is interesting reading about other people. I play a lot of instruments like cello, violin, piano and French horn also I do three kinds of dancing such as jazz, ballet and tap. I love the Bones issue (Oct 2016) because it shows bones in your body and I love the story The Prison of Stone because I like scary stories like this one. My favourite team member is Polly because I am into art and making things from paper and card.

My favourite lesson in school is history because I like to know what happened centuries ago. I have two siblings, Emily and Louis; Emily is really kind and so is Louis.
P.S. Please can you do an issue on the Romans?

From Grace Halliwell, age 8

Hello, I live in Devon. My hobbies are singing, gymnastics and cooking. In gymnastics I am on my grade 2.

I love AQUILA because of all the exciting things in this magazine. I do home-ed with my brother Callum. He is 8 years old. Both our birthdays are in September. We’re doing a lot of projects this year. We also attend a science club, sport club and cooking club and I have two lovely dogs too, their names are Rosie and Bruno. Please could you do an AQUILA magazine on singing through the ages.

From Izabella, age 10

I love AQUILA! I love Jacqueline Wilson too. My friend Quinn also gets AQUILA. I got the Big Statistics back issue (May 2015) and it said Clash of the Clans was a social media site. Quinn said it isn’t but I believe AQUILA! I play the clarinet, piano and ukulele and I am writing a story for Radio 2’s ‘500 Words’! I also love Matilda – The Musical.

From Megan, age 9 and 9 months

Hi Megan, technically 'Clash of the Clans' is an online multi-player strategy game, but because players can interact with one another and become ‘friends’ the usual e-safety measures should always be followed. –Ed.

Hoi! I’m temmie. I love Under Tale and MINECRAFT. My birthday was in March. A reply to Natasha Trigo, I also have a Wii. Do you have Minecraft for it? My favourite things to do are sleep, eat, play computer games and watch TV. Yes, I know, I’m lazy. I have read for five years now. I am also obsessed with Under Table. Does anyone else play this?

From Rory, age 10 (nearly 11)

Hi there! I live in a small village just outside Inverness with my mum, dad and sister. I love AQUILA so much! I am in my last year of primary school and I am a bit nervous about starting secondary school. In response to Lydia (Jan 2017) I also love Strictly Come Dancing; Alexander (Nov 2016) I have read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I play grade 3 violin and grade 2 piano, does anyone else? My favourite parts of AQUILA are: Ian, Over to you, Jokes and Brainfeeders. Does anyone else like those parts? I have a black Labrador called Bramble; she is so cute! I have enclosed a picture of her. My hobbies are running, dancing and playing my instruments. Please could you do an issue on any of my three hobbies? HI to my pen friend Charlotte.

From Isobel, age 10¾

My mum got my subscription to AQUILA because I was looking for a magazine to have. My sister Esme gets the Beano every week. My favourite bits of AQUILA are: Things to make and Over to you. I love to sing, dance, draw and do gymnastics. At school my favourite subject is art and I hate maths – it’s so boring! Please could you do an issue on magic? I hope you like my picture of Dobby!

From Martha, age 9


Hi AQUILA! I live in France in a town in the Vosges. I have two non-identical twin brothers called Lloyd and Arthur. I’m a bookworm and have read all of the ‘Hetty Feather’ books. In answer to Ruby (Feb 2017) I play the clarinet too and am in my fourth year at the music school. My favourite animal is a fox, does anyone else love foxes? I got my subscription to AQUILA from my grandpa and I LOVE it! Like Eleanor Spinks (same issue) I’m addicted to J. K. My dad is a writer and has published his first book and it was in Foyles (the bookshop in London).

From Meredith Garratt, age 11

Hi AQUILA, I’ve been getting your fabulous magazine since September 2016, when my grandparents gave it to me for my birthday. I love AQUILA soo much and my favourite issue so far is Children of World War II. I have a brother called Ned and I am waiting for him to finish his Shreddies so that I can use the box to make what looks like a dinosaur’s skull. I go to a Steiner school so some people think I’m rather weird! I (my family) have 1 dog, 5 chickens, 5 ponies and 1 horse. I really like riding and my pony is called Jasper, Ned’s ponies (he has 2) are called Jinks and Cheeky, my mum’s horse is called George, my dad’s pony is called Crottal and our spare pony is called Itzi.

From Phoebe, age 9

Dear AQUILA, I love you. I live in Bath (not a bathtub) in the UK. I live with my mum, my dad and my little sister. I love reading and history. My favourite team members are: Aquila, Polly Chrome and Wordworm. Could you do an issue on the Romans?

From Maurya, age 8

I am writing to tell you about your magazine; I LOVE IT!! My friend just got it and was not sure what it would be like so I told him it was the best. To all Harry Potter fans: I am in Gryffindor, is anyone else? Please can you do an issue on Strictly Come Dancing or gymnastics? I have a small poem:

Amazing facts
Quirky Quizzes
Unbelievable people
Inspiring things
Lovely letters
Aquila, is all round the best

I hope you like it!

From Catherine Macfarlane, age 9

Hello! I really enjoy living in Bradford-on-Avon, partly because I like school and because it is a lovely place. My subscription was for Christmas, was anyone else’s? I go to a lovely Christian school in my village; does anyone else? As I love maths, my favourite AQUILA character is Calculata. At school I’m taught poetry, maths, science, literacy, art and music. I am learning French too! Does anyone else? In poetry (this term) I have been learning about haikus. In science, I often study animals; as homework I was asked to do a presentation! It was hard, partly because I am a nervous speaker, and I hate group showings. In reply to Umi (Feb 2017) I love David Walliams! A shout out to Lucy who also reads this and is my best friend!

Love Evalyn! Xx

Dear AQUILA, I don’t like you… I LOVE YOU!!! You’ve probably heard that 10000 times in the past but I really mean it. I live in France with my parents, Laura and Simon and my two smaller siblings, Millie and Bodhi. I learn German at school and I do gymnastics and climbing and roller hockey. My brother is 6 and he only does climbing and roller hockey. My mum does blogs for a site called ‘My Secret France’ on the internet and my dad is a travel planner for ‘Truffle Pig Travel’.

Amazingly inspirational
Quite interesting
U rock
I adore you
Love de toi

Love de toi means Love for you
Could you do an issue on France?

From Lilou Aplin, age 11

Hi Lilou, we did an issue on the French Revolution in April 2015. It’s available to buy online as a back issue. –Aquila

HI! I’ve got some responses. In response to Iris (Sep 2016) I’ve had stitches in my lip before but I was put to sleep so I couldn’t feel it.

I have had AQUILA for 10 months and I am never going to get bored. My favourite sections of AQUILA are Over to you and Brainfeeders. I also want to say ‘hi’ to my friend Ellie.

From Edie, age 9½

My favourite parts of AQUILA are Brainfeeders and Over to you. In response to Ruby (Feb 2017) I play piano and clarinet. In response to Eve, I think your poem is very good. My favourite AQUILA issue is Ancient Egypt (summer 2016).

From Elodie, age 8
P.S. Is anybody else who reads AQUILA called Elodie?

Hi AQUILA, I have been reading your magazine for 6 months since my grandad gave me a subscription for Christmas. I live in Yorkshire and I LOVE reading! Here is a picture of me and my brother called Alfie Jack and my parents.

From Evie Mae Harland, age 6

I have written to you because I love your magazines. I have been getting them for four years and every time they are amazing. I absolutely love badgers, cats, eagles and rats, do any of you? My favourite colour is purple. My favourite characters are E.B. and Kit. I have three sisters and one dog.
Can you do an issue on the environment?

From Eliza, age 8½

Dear AQUILA, In response to Lilly (June 2016) I get the Beano too! In response to Tammi (Sep 2016) I also sing and play netball. In response to Owen Woods (same issue) I would also like to have an issue on archaeology. In response to Eliza (Sep 2016) and Emily Kerr (June 2016) I would love an issue on the suffragettes too! Was AQUILA always called AQUILA? Please could you do an issue on netball? Polly Chrome, Over to you and Aquila’s history are my favourite pages. Could Polly Chrome do more art and Kit and Pepe appear more please?

From Emma Haldare, age 8
P.S. In response to Tammy (Sep 2016) I think you should go for black/navy blue with bronze/silver/gold splodges on to decorate your room.

I have two siblings they are both younger than me. I have loved all the issues I have (Dec 2016 – June 2017). I have hip dysplasia, does anyone else? I like lots of books and my favourite films are Trolls, Home, The BFG, Finding Dory and Frozen. In reply to Freda: yes I did. I can play a bit of piano. I collect Shopkins, Star Monsters and Sand Animals. To Bettie: I am going to Lap Land this Christmas. We are going on a husky ride too (the holiday’s not certain). My favourite animal is a rabbit. This is the look on my face when I get AQUILA!

From Rosie, age 9

Dear AQUILA, I have been reading your magazines for about six months. My hobbies are art, reading and history. I got AQUILA magazine for my birthday. My favourite magazine was Dinosaurs (Jan 2017) because I love, love, love, love fossils. In my school it has a library and in the library it has AQUILA magazines. My best friend (Scarlett-Rose) and I always read your amazing magazines!

From Lila Wyatt, age 9

Dear AQUILA, I have been a subscriber since my mum gave it to me on my birthday (Oct 2016) and I LLLLOOOVVEEE it! I am 10 and I love arts and crafts and writing. I’m a Gryffindor by the way. I love Harry Potter as well as David Walliams’ books! Please could you do an issue on books! Reading is my favourite pastime. I live in Essex but was born in London; we moved out when I was four years old. For my birthday I went to Harry Potter World, it was fantastic! In reply to Eve,  I love your story!
I’m writing one too! It’s called: Lucy Ricston and the Murderous Mystery:

‘I’m a wizard!’ shouted Lucy. ‘And you choose to tell me this on my 11th birthday!’ There was a tingle of anger and excitement in Lucy as she spilt orange juice down her top.
‘Lucy, listen. If I were your parents I would do the same,’ comforted Bryan.
‘But you’re not my parents, are you?!’ cried Lucy.
‘I’m sorry Lucy I’ve felt guilty about it for the past eleven years and I knew I wouldn’t enjoy telling you.’
‘So it’s true?’ questioned Lucy.
‘What?’ said Bryan.
‘How my parents passed away; Were they really murdered?’ muttered Lucy.
‘Yes Lucy, they were but no one knew why and who’…..

So yeah, that’s my story, do you like it?! Anyway, I went to New Zealand this Christmas to see my family. ‘What, you live in England and your family is in New Zealand?!’ Well, my dad was born in South Africa and grew up there, then when he was in his 20s he moved to New Zealand and his mum (my nana) and his brother (my uncle) went to Australia. My mum grew up in New Zealand and when she was in her 20s worked with her dad (my grandpa) in a family deli. Long story short, my mum met my dad, they married, then they moved to England (so my dad could be nearer to his friends in South Africa!). My mum’s family (mother, father, sister) live in New Zealand and so do all my cousins! My dad’s family, (mother, father, brother) live in Australia. They came over to New Zealand when we were there so they could see us!

From Holly, age 10

I got given my first AQUILA for Christmas 2016 and I love them. I have read all the Harry Potters and watched all the films too. At school I am in year 6 and my favourite subject is maths. My favourite thing to do at home is bake and I go horse riding every weekend. I do lots of other things too but the thing I am most proud of is my piano because I am about to do my grade 2.

From Jemima, age 10¾

Hi AQUILA, I live in Ivybridge (a town approximately 15 minutes away from Plymouth). I received your magazine subscription at Christmas 2016 and my favourite issue so far is Hong Kong (Feb 2017). The subjects I do at school are: English, maths, art, P.E., science, history, reading, French and music. I really like art, sport (particularly swimming and athletics) and singing. My favourite food is roast chicken and stuffing. Please can you do an issue on the Titanic? My favourite book is The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips by Michael Morpurgo.

From Bella, age 10

HI AQUILA! My favourite team members are: Pepe, Wordworm, E.B. Aquila and Polly. I LOVE Polly’s art, it is sooo cool! I am a huge Harry Potter fan! I am either in Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. Hello to my friend Finlay Ford who also reads AQUILA. My BFF is Polish and she taught me a bit. I also know a bit of French. When I am older, I will be an author, dancer and singer. I am writing a novel now. Here is an extract:

It was total chaos! But worst of all, just a couple of rows down from him, Chuck could see Abigail Lannay sitting there. What could go worse?
Do you like it? I have done 10 pages of it so far. It is called Chuck Blaze-Fire. I also wrote a poem:

I Left the Pencil on the Table
I left my pencil on the table but it’s not there,
I must have left it with Aunt Mabel!

Such a terror, such a fright,
I don’t think I will be alright!!!

Can you do an issue on animals? I bet Pepe and E.B. will be in it!!!

From Amelie Red, age 9 (pronounced Am-i-lee Reed)

Hi AQUILA! My favourite parts of your magazine are Aquila, Wordworm and Calculata. My favourite issue so far was Dinosaurs (Jan 2017). For bookworms I suggest reading ‘The Spirit of Animals’ series. I read it when I was 7 but I don’t recommend it for those under the age of 10. Please could you do an issue on cats or history.

From Ella, age 9½
P.S. I hope you like my picture and story extract:

Jess could feel the smoke around her and choked. It was coiling like a snake. She had to get out of there.

Hi AQUILA I’m from the Isle of Man. I love your magazines and my favourite team members are Wordworm and Polly Chrome. My favourite issue was Hong Kong; just before we went on holiday the Hong Kong issue turned up and we flew to Hong Kong on the way to Bali to see our cousins!

From Aela, age 7½

I am always excited when AQUILA comes in the post! I love English and art at school and I love Harry Potter. I did the quiz and I am in Hufflepuff. In response to a few people: Margarethe, I love Toronto! (March 2017), Poppy (same issue) I love Minecraft too! I love Japanese anime, so please could you do an issue on it,  AQUILA? In the holidays, my family went to South Africa and it was a huge change from England. I hope you like my picture of a Japanese anime character (Mitsuha Miyamizu).

From Ali, age 12
P.S. I would recommend that adventurous people try the 21 day vegan challenge and if you don’t know what that is, look it up online.

Thank you so much for the magazines you guys send me every month. I have shared the Hong Kong magazine with my class. My school play is coming up and one character in my play is Albert Einstein. The play is called ‘Mystery at Magpie Manor’. I play the violin. I have a sister called Sophie and a brother called Sam and a dog called Tao; he is sooo cute. I love chocolate and my favourite animal is a pig!

From Evie, age 8, nearly 9

Hi AQUILA, I love your magazines because in the one about Professor Stephen Hawking it mentions the black hole. The reason why I read AQUILA is because when I am bored I always read your magazines. My favourite person from the team is Aquila because I absolutely LOVE history. Please do an issue on the Aztecs because they interest me the most.

From Rohan Fallows, age 8

We have a back issue on Aztecs and have featured them in a few issues and may feature them again in the future, I am sure! –Aquila

This is my first time writing to you. I love, love, love, love reading and going on my iPad (weird combo I know!). I can write really quickly and most of the kids at my school say I am weird but I realised that it’s not weird; it’s a skill. If people say you’re weird remember that it’s good to be different! Anyway, less about me, more about AQUILA! I really like it but I personally think we need more easier maths! Oh, that’s my worst subject, but I’m okay at it. I like Over to you because I like to learn about other people. Here is a picture I drew of a cat; I love them!

From Olivia Y, age 10½

I know you’ve heard this a lot, but you are a-ma-zing! I’m part Ravenclaw and part Slytherin. My favourite books are ‘Harry Potter’ (2nd favourite) and Watership Down (1st favourite). For those of you that don’t know what that is, it’s a violent story about rabbits. (Rabbits, not bunnies!). My two favourite quotes are:
‘Oh, I’ll come!’ said Bluebell ‘We could dress Bigwig up as a hrududu.’ Then he imitated Bigwig. ‘Oh excuse me, Mr Woundwort sir, I’m only a little hrududu, and I’ve left all my petrol on the grass. If you could just eat the grass, sir, while I give this little lady a ride.’
‘Bluebell, shut up!’ ordered Hazel


‘Hazel, my legs are tired!’ moaned Bluebell.
‘Slugs don’t have legs. I think I’ll be a slug.’
‘Well I’m a hedgehog,’ replied Hazel, ‘so you’d better get on!’
‘You’re not,’ replied Bluebell. ‘You haven’t enough fleas. Now, slugs don’t have fleas either. How comforting to be a slug among the dandelions so snug–’

From Millie (Amelia) Smith, age 10½
P.S. I hope you like my picture of Bigwig! (He is my favourite character from Watership Down and I dressed up as him on World Book Day!)

Hei alle sammen! That’s Norwegian for ‘Hello everyone!’ I’m not Norwegian but my friend Grace and I are studying their language so we can go. I am a big fan of Harry Potter. I am a big fan of the series, I have read all the books, and seen all of the movies, and have even been to the studio tour in Leavesden! I am in Hufflepuff at Hogwarts and my patronus is a ginger cat. I enjoy playing on my Pottermore account. Does anyone else have Pottermore? Liam McPartlin (April 2017) my animagus is a wolf too! Pip Holloway (same issue) that was a really great poem! I wish I could write poems like you. Star Wars is epic and I would (probably) explode if you did an issue on it. My favourite books are ‘The Hunger Games’, ‘Twilight’, ‘Harry Potter’ and Cirque du Freak by Darren Shan. My favourite movie is The Aristocats and my favourite Harry Potter movie is: The Goblet of Fire because my favourite character (Cedric Diggory) is in it. My favourite parts of AQUILA are: Over to you, Ian, Magic maths and Jokes. Here is a picture of my imaginary friend, Cedric.

From Isabelle, age 11½

My mum got me AQUILA for Christmas and I LOVE it. Although I was born in Kenya, I now live in Rochester, New York with my brother, sister, and mum. I stay in America for school and go back to Africa every summer because my mum and dad run a safari company and my dad works there all the time. I have one dog and three fish in America and three dogs in Kenya. I like to show my maths teacher the Magic maths, I’m not very good at maths so this helps me a lot. Some of my favourite things to do are reading, more reading, drawing and playing outside (did I mention reading). I also play piano. I like the puzzle adventures - how often do we get them? Replying to Aurora (Dec 2016), I am also small for my age, in fact I’m the smallest in my year. Some of my book recommendations are the ‘Harry Potter’ series and the ‘Percy Jackson’ series. Can you do a fantasy issue?

From Isla age 9

Hi Aquila, I got my first AQUILA on my 9th birthday. It was the Hong Kong (Feb 2017) issue. I absolutely love reading your magazine. My favourite part is the Over to you page. I like it because I get to read all about people’s lives and what they like to do. I live in Leeds, England. My teacher is really nice and lovely too. My favourite things to do are to go to the cinema and go on adventures in the woods or at the seaside. My favourite AQUILA issue is Chocolate (April 2017). My favourite subjects at school are P.E., English, art, science and history. I do not speak any other languages but I can speak Spanish a tiny bit. I LOVE reading Harry Potter, Roald Dahl and David Walliams. I like helping my mum make a salad and I can bake some rock buns all by myself! I live with my mum, dad, little brother Daniel and my little sister Leila. So I am the oldest child. My favourite thing to read in AQUILA is Ian, I also love all of the puzzles especially the English ones. In fact I love every second I spend reading it. I really love drawing and colouring. I’m also a MASSIVE fan of reading as you can see how many books I love to read! I know that AQUILA means eagle but I do not know what language it is?

From Alesha Tatham age 9

My name is Latin! –Aquila

I love your magazines. My favourite part is Ian (especially the one about the chocolate). I have one sister (maybe another one soon) and two brothers. I also have one dog, called Willow, and two cats, Toby and Wilbur. My favourite hobbies are gymnastics, cricket, writing and reading. My favourite books are Harry Potter and Charlie Bone.

From Emily, age 9

Bonjour! This means hello in French!

My name is Coco/Cornelia, I was born in Italy and lived there for five years before moving to England. I am half Italian, half English! I am a huge fan of Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter! I did all of the Hogwarts house tests and I got Ravenclaw in all of them! I did ’What Hogwarts person am I’? And I got Luna Lovegood! I go horse riding every Sunday and have been doing it for five years; I have 5 rosettes! Does anyone else go horse riding? I got AQUILA for a Christmas present from my Granny. I have been reading AQUILA for 2 years and I love it even more every time I get a new issue!

From Coco (Cornelia), age 10

I am a massive fan. I really like AQUILA because I love reading and your magazine is always filled with great facts and interesting articles. I also love reading fiction. My favourite authors are J. K. Rowling, David Walliams and Roald Dahl. Please, please, please can you make an AQUILA edition all about authors.

From Cosmo age 9

Cosmo, check out our Roald Dahl issue from June 2016 and our recent Harry Potter issue! Both available to purchase from our website as back issues! –Aquila

I have received your magazines for 3 years and they are really great!

I live with my mum, dad and my sister. I live in England but I am staying 6 months in La Col sur Loup, Nice, France (I can speak English and French but born in Italy). My birthday is on the 14 March, so it’s my birthday on Pi Day!
We make a circular pie on this day to celebrate Pi Day. In England I played a few sports: rugby, football, trampolining and swimming. Here, in France, I play handball and ski. I love reading ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ and playing cards.
Could you make an issue on conquistadors please?

Emile, age 9

Dear AQUILA, I live in the U.S.A. I'm a relatively new AQUILAnaut. I got my first issue for my early birthday, The Midwinter Feast (Dec 2016). Some of my favorite things to do are: reading books on my phone, coding, playing video games, making photos in Photoshop and, of course, reading AQUILA. I play games like Minecraft, Geometry Dash and other games like that on my computer. I like Astra. Space has always intrigued me. I really can't say which AQUILA magazine is my favourite. They are all so good!! AQUILA gives me so many fun ideas. Thank you for the awesome articles AQUILA!!

Sincerely, Jordan DePue, age 10

Hi AQUILA! I know you have heard this about a million times before but your magazine is absolutely fabulous! I love all of the members of the AQUILA team but my favourites are Polly Chrome, E.B., and Calculata. I also really like the Brainfeeders section. The magazines I have liked the best so far are Hong Kong (where I live!) (February 2017), Chocolate (April 2017) and Midwinter Feast (December 2016). I received my subscription from my grandma and grandpa who live in Canada for Christmas. I also share AQUILA with my younger brother Charlie. Some of my hobbies are reading, doing gymnastics and swimming. I also play the piano. My favourite subjects at school are maths and music. I love maths because there is always a new challenge or challenges to work on! Even though we don't do it at school, I love geography. In the Easter holidays my family and I went on a houseboat for three days. The house boat had three bedrooms, two bathrooms, 1 mini kitchen and a dinning room (sort of...) ALL VERY SMALL. There was also a deck on the boat where we could see the other boats in the harbour. You might be wondering did we swim... well we didn't because there were too many jellyfish in the sea! Sometimes though, I also saw oil in the water. To get back onto the land, you had to take a water taxi called a "sampan". This is the local way of travelling on the Aberdeen harbour. I had so much fun on the houseboat. It was an amazing experience.

Thank you for reading!!!

From Holly Richley, age 10¾

Hi Aquila! Your magazine is the best! I have been getting AQUILA since May  2017. My friend brought it to school and I started reading it. I loved it so much, I asked for a subscription for my birthday! So I will start getting my own copy of the magazine regularly. My favourite parts are the history articles. My favourite members of the team are Astra and Aquila. I especially liked the Ancient Egypt Double Issue (July/August 2016) since I am from Egypt and the King Arthur one. (two issues my friend brought to school).

My hobbies are dancing (I do tap and jazz), reading fiction, field hockey (I play on a team) and writing stories. I love fiction books and realistic fiction. My favourite books are the ‘Penderwicks’ series by Jeanne Birdsall. They are really touching, and there are currently four books in the series. However, my favourite book in the world is definitely Addison Cooke and the Treasure of the Incas. I even met the author, Jonathan W. Stokes! My favourite subject at school is reading. I play the clarinet and piano. I now live in California, but I used to like in London, England. I live with my sister, mum, dad and grandma. Could you do an issue on writing or performing arts? A special shout out to my friend Milly who introduced me to Aquila in the first place!

From Noor, age 11

Hi I'm Polly (if you can't tell by the bottom of this letter) and I was sitting in my chair in my kitchen (in the house I live in with my mum, dad, and little brother) and I though that I ought to write to you so here is what I choose to right about!! At my school, in the summer term all the girls play rounders BUT not this year for year 5 and 6 girls we got the opportunity to play cricket! I’m mad about cricket (for it is really all we watch in my home!) and surprisingly got into our A team!! So somewhere in the 2nd half of term we went off for our first match (away) and came home in victory!! AND I got a wicket!! Sadly though, our 2nd match got cancelled due to rain!! Sad I know!

Now for the AQUILA’s epic, awesome, fun, cool etc. part!!!!
First of all a HUGE shout out to my bff Minty who wrote to you a while ago!! Secondly I get The Week Junior which I totally recommend to everyone who loves the news!! Thirdly my favourite members of the team are Polly (mainly because we share the same name!!), Calculata and Aquila, and I love the Over to you page and Brainfeeders page! Questions time: 1. Does anyone else play the cello??? 2. Who else agrees with me that cricket, hockey and rounders are epic sports!!?? 3. Is anyone else's b’day in May???? 4 Did I use enough exclamation marks??!!!!

From Polly age 11
P.S. I'm bottom left in this pic