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Your Letters

We love it when you write to us with interesting facts about your life - pets, holidays, school and so on.

We publish as many of your letters as we can in the printed magazine, and some more here on the website.

Dear AQUILA, I love your magazine and have been getting it since September 2013. I am in Hufflepuff and my patronus is a dolphin, is anyone else’s? I love all the arts and I really enjoy P.E. and have recently been in an athletics competition with my school. My favourite issue is Daredevils (May 2016) or Scandinavia (February 2014). My favourite authors are Lauren St John, Michael Morpurgo and Jacqueline Wilson. My favourite colour is purple and my favourite food is chocolate. Book recommendations: Longest Whale Song by Jacqueline Wilson; Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo and all the books by Robin Stevens. In response to Iona C (May 2017) I love to dance and sing. In response to Jonty (same issue) I haven’t seen Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them yet but my sister has. Alice (same issue) I love the names of your pets, they are so adorable! Here is a picture I drew of myself, does anyone like it?

From Rose, age 10

I am writing to you because I have been reading your magazine for just over two years and I think it is brilliant!! I first heard about AQUILA when my grandparents gave me a year’s subscription; since then I have not put it down! In reply to Hana (May 2017) that DNA looks amazing! Also in reply to everyone that has said they play violin, I play too! I live in Netherlee, which is in Glasgow. One of my favourite movies is The Sound of Music – does anyone else like it? Finally, in reply to Eleanor (June 2017) I have a whippet as well! The only slight difference is that she has one eye – a couple of months ago a thorn went into it. Dogs are one of my fave animals. I have a PopJam account, does anyone else? Shout out to my pen pal Betty, she also reads AQUILA!

From Greta Lawson, age 10

Hi AQUILA! First things first, I don't like your magazine. I'M JOKING! I bet I scared some of you then! I love your magazine, especially Pepe's articles (I love animals!). When I'm older I want to work for the RSPCA, because I think they do amazing things. I think it's so sad that so many animals are mistreated or abandoned. Maybe you could do an issue on pets and how to keep them happy? I would also love to be an author as I love writing stories and keep a diary (does any one else?). Because of this, I also love Wordworm's pages, but it would be awesome if he could give tips on how to write an awesome story, as well as reading?

In September I am moving to secondary school and am really nervous! I really love my current school, and am going to miss my friends SOOOOO MUCH!!! Almost all of them are going to different schools from me! Is anyone else in my position? If anyone is, do they have any advice?

Anyways, back to the good stuff. My favourite issue so far is probably the Science of Humour (March 2015) – the story made me laugh so hard!

I'm going to stop typing now, because this has taken me ages (I'm super slow at typing!) and my hand is going to drop off soon from exhaustion!

From Heather, age 11
PS: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 'School for Good and Evil' series and am SO EXCITED for the 4th book
PPS: Only School for Good and Evil fans will understand this, but Agatha and Tedros get married on my birthday!
PPPS: Shout out to my friends – remember, you are all AMAZING!!!

I know you already know it but AQUILA is amazing! I live in Hampshire, England and I have only been getting AQUILA since March 2017 (we bought the January and February issues online).

Replies: In reply to Samuel Wilkinson (Jul/Aug 2017) I love science especially chemistry, I also love survival skills. Anyone who likes chemistry I think you should read the book Itch by Simon Mayo. It's about a boy who is trying to collect every element in the periodic table. In reply to Poppy (same issue) I knew what your puzzle said almost immediately because I'm learning Italian. In reply to Santiago Malia (same issue) I really like your story.
Questions: Can you do an issue on chemistry (I know this would include Harvey lots and not many other team members)? Does anyone else know Italian/is learning Italian? Does anyone else like survival? I collect Nexo Knight trading cards – does anyone else?

My favourite team members are: Harvey, E.B., Ian and Kit. My favourite issue so far is Hong Kong (Feb 2017). My favourite parts of AQUILA are: Over to you, Brainfeeders, Harvey, Ian, the competitions and the jokes. I also like maths, going on Scratch (I have an account), sport and engineering. Like Isaac (Jul/Aug 2017) I am also a humanist.

Hi to my pen friend Lucas :D 

Rowan M age 11

Hi. I think your magazine is the best! I've recently been to Japan. Japan was amazing! the snow was great and I really liked the culture. The people were so nice and friendly. I went to Japan to ski train. I've won many medals and a trophy from ski racing. Soon I am going to Nelson to ski train at Porters and Rainbow. Recently I went to Snowplanet to ski train with Adam Barwood and Willis Feasey. they are New Zealand Olympians. For ski training I've also been to Colorado, Wanaka and France. My hobbies are skiing, surfing, playing four square, making origami, drawing and reading. My favourite authors are Morris Gleitzman and Patrick Ness. I like all subjects except Perma (Positive Education). I live with my parents, my brother, my dog, two fish and two frogs. I play the piano and the ukulele. Does anybody else have similar hobbies to me? Let's get some questions: Why did you make Ian shorter? Can you add in some drawing competitions? Could you please do an issue on the sea?

From Toby: aged 10, from Ngunguru, New Zealand
PS: Could you please put me on the pen friend club page as: my hobbies are ski racing, surfing, playing four square, drawing, making origami and playing the piano. I would like a boy pen friend over the age of 10 years with some similar hobbies.

Hi Toby, occasionally our competitions are drawing-based. The sea is such an amazing but ginormous subject area that we try and include different sea-based articles as and when we can. Look out for icefish in the December issue and the Utopia issue (Jul/Aug 2017) included articles about deep-sea reefs, Heracleion and how to become a speedy swimmer! Ian was made shorter because we have so much we try and pack in each month, we thought Ian would appreciate more nap time. – Aquila

My favourite issue of AQUILA so far is Harry Potter. I am on the fourth book and it’s great. I am in Gryffindor. My wand is made of yew wood and has got unicorn hair inside. As well as doing the house test and wand test, I also did the patronus test. My patronus is a Borzoi. My favourite characters in Harry Potter are Harry and Ron. Hermione comes a close second. Question time... I like riding my bike, going out on walks and going out with my friends, does anyone else? I love reading Harry Potter and playing with my Harry Potter things. My favourite books are ‘Harry Potter’ (I have all of them), Demon Dentist by David Walliams and the ‘Judy Moody’ series. My best friends are Attia, Elliot and Mylo. Please can you do an issue on the Titanic?

From Emma Bryant, age 9

My favourite member of the team is Astra and I really like the IAN comic. I collect Pokémon cards and my favourite Pokémon are Moltres, Gengar, Tonchic and its evolutions and Mewtwo. I like drawing and enjoy AQUILA.

From Róisín, age 9½

My favourite issue was the chocolate issue (April 2017). My favourite bit is IAN, he is so funny. I play the flute at school – does anyone else? In response to Hannah (March 2017) I am a very fast reader – I read 7-14 books a week! I do collect Pokémon cards (Joseph June 2017). I read the Beano, does anyone else? I recommend it to people who like Dennis the Menace and Gnasher and also people who like funny things.

From Sophia Scott, age 9

Hi AQUILA, I just got your magazine and I enjoy it very much! My grandad bought it for me as a present. I live in America, New York! I just moved here this year from South Africa. I was born in France. I love reading the letters from other children who also read AQUILA. I also like drawing. I can draw very nice drawings. I have learnt something new! –

which means truthfulness, compassion and forbearance. I look forward to getting my AQUILA magazine every month. I learn so many interesting things from it. Thank you!

From Frances Chidley, age 8

I love LOVE LOVE AQUILA! My hobbies are animation, reading, writing books and art. In reply to Poppy, I am a feminist too! In reply to Noah I would like a Scouts issue as well.

From Söley, age 8

In reply to Hannah Partington (even though I don’t know her), I also like ‘The Roman Mysteries’, does anyone else? Can you do an issue on IAN the cat, please!

From Kaya, age 8

Hi AQUILA! Firstly, I live with my mum, dad and sister Lucy and this is my first ever letter to AQUILA. I got the subscription in April 2017 from my grandma, and I want to say thank you to Sofia for introducing me to this amazing magazine. I love camping, does anyone else? I went to a Scout camp in August 2017 and it was based around Harry Potter! I am on the second Harry Potter book and they are awesome! At school, I love maths, reading and spending time with my friends. In response to Poppy (Jul/Aug 2017) I am a feminist too, I dislike Barbies and pink and instead, I enjoy getting mucky and being adventurous. My questions: who chooses the topic for each magazine? How long does it take to write a magazine? How many subscribers do you have? When I am older I want to be a teacher, does anyone else?
Also, on Pottermore I am in Hufflepuff.

Love from Anna Cooper, age 10 and 8 months

Our editor (hi Ed!) comes up with a range of themes and then everyone at AQUILA HQ sits down over a nice cup of tea and has a chat about which ones we should go with. It’s great fun! We have about 28,000 subscribers and it takes a few months to put an issue together from start to finish. – Aquila

Hello my name is Ellie and I live in Bristol with my mum, dad and older brother and I love reading and writing. My favourite books are ‘Harry Potter’ series by J. K. Rowling, ‘The Wardstone Chronicles’ by Joseph Delaney, Itch by Simon Mayo and The Name of This Book is Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch. I want to be an author when I am older.

I agree with Jospeh (June 2017), and recommend Monster Legends. Like Becky (same issue), my favourite characters are Polly Chrome and Wordworm. Questions: can you do an issue on baking and cooking, modern technology or how electricity affects the planet?

My favourite colour is orange because it is so bright. In addition, my favourite animals are tortoises, as I have one called Terence – he’s surprisingly fast. I play the classical guitar, does anyone else? My favourite piece to play is James Bond; it’s really dramatic.

At the back of the Harry Potter issue [at the end of Just Think...] it had three questions. I’ve answered them:

1) Which character attracts you most and why?
Dobby. He’s adorable, determined and willing and very useful and loyal to Harry.

2) What are the best qualities of the main characters and how do they show them?
Ron – loyalty. Instead of backing away, like he could have done, he sticks with his friends and faces his fears. Hermione – improvisation and determination. Whatever the situation, Hermione always knows what to do whether it involves a clever spell, an extract from a book, or sheer common sense. Harry – courage. Whatever the challenge, he never gives up. He faces Voldermort several times, is cruelly treated by his uncle and aunt, and has been in life-threatening situations, but he never gives up.

3) Which is better and why: to strive to be impossibly good, or to give in to temptation every now and then?
To give in sometimes, if what they say has reasons that are good and plausible.

Here's a poem - I hope you like it.

Mother Crocodile
You don't see her coming, but don't be rash
Before you know it, she's here in a flash
Protecting her precious food
You've caught her in quite a mood!

She's lashing and thrashing and biting the air
She's gnashing her teeth, getting ready to tear
You're looking at Mother Crocodile, right now, right here
And facing your own blinding fear.

You think the end has finally come
And you haven't the option to turn and run
The ground is slippery – you'd fall on your face
And you can't be followed – you left not a trace.

Tears roll down your cheeks as you start to cry
Thinking you're about to die
Suddenly, a distraction appears
And you blink away all your tears.

There's another croc, over there
Stealing the food from croccy's lair
Croccy turns round, jumps in surprise
And you know that you won't be the one who dies.

You took one last glance and fled
Hoping for a hot meal and a warm, cosy bed
You trip, but got straight back up
And never return to the spot again!

From Ellie

Dear AQUILA, I am fascinated by your terrifically amazing magazines. I have written to ask you some questions about your magnificent, marvellous, mammoth map of approximately everything (almost).
Have you ever been to the Great Wall of China?

Is the ring-tailed lemur endangered or do you see quite a lot of them?

How long does it take by plane to get from England to Victoria Falls on the Zambia / Zimbabwe border?

What is the name of those dog type things next to St Basil’s Cathedral and is St Basil’s in Europe or Asia?

Yours sincerely, from Isla

Hi Isla, right, here goes! Nope, no one at AQUILA HQ has been to the Great Wall of China. I’ve been to Shenzhen but no further north. Sadly, the ring-tailed lemur population has decreased by a shocking 95 per cent since 2000 and it is believed that there are under 3,000 of these beautiful primates living in the wilds of Madagascar. You can fly to Livingstone, Zambia in about 15 hours from London Heathrow. The dogs in front of St Basil’s Cathedral on our Mammoth Map depict the stray dogs of Moscow that have learnt to use the city’s subway system! And St Basil’s Cathedral is in Moscow, which is in the Europe part of Russia – as Russia spans two continents! – Aquila

Hi AQUILA! I am writing firstly about my favourite issues. I enjoyed the Harry Potter issue (June 2017) and the Dinosaur issue (Jan 2017). I am writing secondly to mention my favourite pages: Brainfeeders, Pen Friend Club and the facts pages. I am also writing to mention my dream issue: Around the World. I would love it to have a page on how to make food from other countries, facts about lions, jaguars, tigers, rhinos and elephants, a pen friend page and an animal adoption page.

From Nancy, age 8

I really love AQUILA and I have put it on my Christmas list for another year’s subscription! Rainbow and Ollie are my adorable bunnies – Rainbow is a girl and incredibly naughty. Many times she has just run inside and starts chewing things, even though she knows fully well she’s not allowed. Ollie, the boy, is very gentle and cute.

I love writing stories and caring for animals (I am a vegetarian). I hope to be a vet and write stories in my spare time, in my future years. Recently, I have started horse riding and I really enjoy it, I am also a determined gymnast. Does anyone go to Stage by Stage? I do.

Hi to Abi J who also receives these outstandingly good magazines!

Natalie, age 10½

Dear AQUILA, I LOVE getting your issues. Here’s the start of my story, I hope you like it:

As the sun rose on biscuit lane, Postdogs were on their rounds. Three young pups, who hadn’t started schooling, went to check their post. Two pups gave a shout and one did a happy dance. ‘Hi I’m Hugo, are you going to Pup Primary too?’ Hugo asked. ‘Yes!’ they replied in unison. ‘I’m Lilac Quagmire,’ said one. ‘I’m Jade Jiki-ji-Jay,’ muttered the other.

Other books I’m writing are: Detective Daisy, Flower Girls, Treasure Adventure and Power Pups.

From Bea

My name is Katya and I live with my mum, dad and sister. I have two fish called Pursie and Bollie. I’m not quite sure which is my favourite issue. My favourite colour is turquoise. I recommend the ‘Harry Potter’ books and books by Jacqueline Wilson. I’m in year 4 and have just started violin – I recently did my grade 1. I think my favourite member of the AQUILA team is Polly because I love art. My favourite subject in school is maths and literacy. We are studying the book The Odyssey. We are making a film and so far I have been Poseidon and Cyclops. We are going to enter it into a competition and if we win it will be on in the IMAX.

Love Katya, age 8

Hi AQUILA team! Here is my haiku poem about water. I did it a few weeks ago at school:

Water is flowing
All the way to the big sea
in big fast rapids

And here is a picture I made with a computer program, I hope you like it.

From Almas

I have been reading AQUILA for over a year now and I think it’s really good and very interesting. Another thing I love is books and I never go anywhere without one. Recently I have written a book blog. My blog is about encouraging children and teenagers to read more as I think it’s really important. What I love about books is how you can just be reading on your bed but the book can transport you to Mars or Atlantis! Over 2016 I went and met loads of authors including: Lauren Child, Katherine Woodfine and Angie Sage.

From Hattie Alwen, age 13

Hi, I have been getting your exciting magazine since September 2015. Every time a new month begins I always get excited because I know that when I get home from school that day my action-packed AQUILA is waiting for me on the stairs. My favourite author is Enid Blyton. Does anybody like her too? I have just started reading ‘Harry Potter’ and I think that The Goblet of Fire is the best out of the ones I have read. My hobbies include: swimming, playing the piano, drawing, writing reading and photography. Last year I went to an airshow and took some pictures. I have included my favourite two below. I have a cute Syrian hamster called Sam. Here are my three favourite animals in order: unicorn, rabbit, fish. My favourite emoji is the unicorn, my favourite band is Saxon, my favourite song is Denim and Leather.

From Megan age 10

Hi! I have been getting AQUILA for quite a while now. My favourite parts are Ian, Over to you and the jokes! I really enjoy reading, swimming, sleeping and playing the piano. The books I enjoy most are the ‘Harry Potter’ series! The best characters in my point of view are Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley and Ginny Weasley. I am learning how to play the piano at the moment and I can play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the Star Wars tune and I can play a few others as well! My best subjects in school are English, art and science. Does anyone else like these things? I have a younger brother called Thomas, he is five. Anyway, enough of that. Could you do a magazine on movie stars? I love movie stars especially from Hollywood!!! Do you? I would love you to do this!

From Megan Dobson age 9

Hi AQUILA, Here’s a photo of the Andersen shelter I made from the Children of WWII issue (Sep 2016) – I hope you like it!

From Gregory, age 8

Hello! I know you have probably heard this a million times before but there are literally no words to describe how awesome AQUILA is! It only feels like yesterday that I received my first issue – Robots (Jan 2015) for my 9th birthday! I have got a quick question, how many people does it take to make one issue of AQUILA and how long does it take? In response to Amaris (Feb 2017) I would love to live in Wales too! And I have just got back from a school trip there and it was amazing! Also in response to Kitty H (June 2016) I would love to be an official adjudicator when I’m older and for those who don’t know what that is (probably most!!) it is somebody who judges world records and I think that’s cool for a job!! Also in the same issue I would like to reply to Eden: I love cuddly toys too though my mum won’t let me have any more! My favourite authors are: David Walliams, Roald Dahl, Jacqueline Wilson and Catherine Watkins, and my favourite book is Matilda by Roald Dahl. My favourite subjects at school are maths, French and D.T. I like to knit, write, read, go ice skating, bowling and I like to dance. Here is a poem that I wrote:

A Good Little Mouse
When the clock struck midnight,
It gave the mouse a little fright
He ran away
Calling “good day!”
To all his furry friends  
He ran around all the bends
Into his cosy house
Where he slept, like a good little mouse!

Hope you like it!
Thanks to anyone who reads it!

From Molly Harris, age 11

To AQUILA I find your magazines awesome and thanks to you I now have a pen friend; unfortunately she has moved to a small apartment so I don't know where she lives. I love the colour blue. Does anyone else? I have to say a huge thanks to my Grandma for giving me the subscription to your amazing magazine, unfortunately she has recently had a stroke and she lives so far away from me we can't get to her easily. I am mad about my pet cat, she is adorable. My mum is a physiotherapist in the NHS and dad has a two-day job teaching 4 subjects; he has handed in his notice to do his business and he has finally put my Madeleine sign up (it took him FOREVER to get round and do it!). I also love butterfly making and have my own business with tin cans. l have a brother and a sister and in reply to Umi I LOVE art! Can you please do an issue about the NHS and one about butterflies? Does anyone find it difficult to spell? Can you please do a competition on the most cousins/members of your family? Has anyone else recently started secondary school? I have to put up with some revolting boys worse than my brother! Does anyone else have this problem?

From Madeleine Warburton (my family DON'T make bread (except for stale ones!)) age 11

This is my second letter to you and I would like to reply to Margarethe (March 2017), I am part Spanish and part French. Also, I love Greek mythology and My Neighbour Totoro. I have read all the ‘Harry Potter’ books and seen all the films too. I have read every single ‘Percy Jackson’ and have got the DVD of the first one. I am a HUGE bookworm too and I love reading and writing. I have also been getting AQUILA for 2-3 years! I like The Secret Garden too. If you like that, then you should read Tom’s Midnight Garden. I also like Ian. Aren’t we SOOO alike? Oh, and hi to my friend (Lily) and my cousin (Ella) who read AQUILA too!

From Ava, age 9

I made your Chocoshambles. (April 2017). Here is a picture of it. I haven't tried it yet but I think it will be very nice. My sisters want to help me 'test' it!
Thank you for the idea.

From Zack, age 7

Hi Everyone I live in the southernmost country in Africa which is South Africa. It has a very hot climate and the winters can also be very dry. Since we had a hot summer, lots of water was used up and we are now experiencing a water shortage! There were also a lot of fires on the mountain due to the dry fynbos (shrubby heathland). Below is a picture of a helicopter flying over the mountain carrying water to a fire. I took this from my house. We now have to put buckets under showers and then use that water to water the plants. I really like living in South Africa as it has lots of beautiful scenery such as mountains and beaches less than 30 minutes away from anywhere.

At school we learn a language called Afrikaans and for my third language I am learning French.

In the 3 years that I have been getting AQUILA I have never written so I decided to do so.

Thank you AQUILA for producing such a unique magazine, every page is exciting and full of interesting facts. I look forward to receiving it every month. Hello to everyone who knows me in South Africa and England!

From Acacia age 14

AQUILA is the best magazine ever!!!!! My dad got me my subscription for Christmas in 2014 and I have read every edition at least twice!!! I would like it if you made an edition about dogs, cats or computer coding. I am in my school code club and it is really fun (does anyone else code or have a Scratch account?). I live in Edinburgh and I have a spaniel called Murray.

From Lucy Royds

I love your magazines! Please can you write one about fashion, Victorians, Tudors, Titanic or BOOKS. My sister would love a pet or animal edition. I love reading books, my head is always in a book. I bet you know of the author Jacqueline Wilson and her series of Hetty Feather, Sapphire Battersea, Emerald Star, Little Stars and Diamond I read all of them in ONE WEEK. I also love art, sewing and embroidery and I would like to be a fashion designer when I grow up. I live in South Downs National Park it is sooooooo fun in the countryside; I am lucky I can send this message because I don't have much wifi. I love to dance, I do cheerleading and street dance. To Nadi Wozonica, I love your cool drawing. To Eleanor Pole, that was a great achievement of your greyhound charity.

From Eleanor Foden, age 11

I love your magazines! I started reading them in January 2017. It would be great if you would make an issue on monsters. I loved learning about slime mould in the Maths In Nature issue. I think you should be on TV because you are the best in the world to me. I might have an AQUILA-themed party when I'm 9. I drew this picture for you, I hope you like it.

From Harry Rosenfeld age 8½

Hey AQUILA! I have been getting your magazine since September 2013 and I love every single one! My favourite has got to be Life On Mars (Nov 2015), although I really enjoy the double summer issues too and read them when I'm on holiday with my family! I usually take at least five AQUILAs with me! Also I read them in front of my grandad (we go on holiday with my family) so that he definitely keeps up my subscription!!
I like helping out my house at school. My house is called Somerville after the scientist and astronomer Mary Somerville. I have helped out at bake sales for charity and our stall sold the most cakes and made the most money so that got us lots of house points! I also can't wait for the last day of school as I am going to a sleepover at one of my best friends’ house for her birthday along with all my other best friends! Keep making amazing magazines! (Will there or has there ever been an issue on volcanoes as I find them really interesting?)

From Charlotte age 12 nearly 13

We looked at Earthquakes and Volcanoes in October 2012, but we've sold out of that issue – sorry! – Harvey

I love, love, love AQUILA! I sometimes wish that the magazines were longer because I get though them so quickly. I got my first AQUILA magazine in May 2017 for my birthday, so I haven’t had my subscription long. In reply to Oliver (May 2017) I do Karate too but I am a green belt and have my grading for blue coming up very soon. Also in reply to Clancy (May 2017) I also love Harry Potter, I’m obsessed with it! I’m about to start secondary school and I’m so nervous, AHHHH!! I have recently got a puppy who is a Hungarian Viszla called Vinnie and he is SO cute! My favourite books are: ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ and ‘Scream Street’. Can you do a magazine on how animals are so different to humans? I hope you like my picture of Vinnie when we went to look at him when he was just 6 weeks old!

Au revoir (I know French by the way)
, Beatrice, age 11½

Hi AQUILA! I know that pretty much everyone says this, but I absolutely love these magazines! I only started to read AQUILA a few days ago when my mother bought me and my siblings a few back orders, but I am poring over them and finishing at least one every day! I live in New Zealand (if you don't know where that is, it's near Australia, but further south) with my parents, my grey cat, my sister who is eight and my brother who is four. My favourite authors are J. K. Rowling, Cornelia Funke (does anyone else read her books?) and Philip Pullman. In response to Joseph (June 2017), I also play the cello and the piano. In response to Edward (June 2017), I also use Scratch and have read all of the Famous Five books. To Isobel (June 2017), I really like that poem! My favourite writers are Calculata, Ian, Astra, and Kit. I think that more of Astra and Ian would be nice. Can you please do an issue on cats or the South Pacific?

From Evangeline, age 10

Hi! My name is Hannah and I'm 11 years old. My hobbies are swimming and playing the violin. I like swimming because it keeps you healthy and is an important life skill; I like playing the violin because it's fun being able to play music with other people and making a nice sound.

I recently started secondary school – anyone else? My favourite subjects are English, maths and science. Here are some tips I've learned:
Be organised. Pack your bag the evening before and make sure you've done your homework!
Set an alarm in the morning or ask someone to wake you because then you won't be late (HOPEFULLY!)
Have a big breakfast! Yum Yum Yum!

From Hannah B