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Your Letters

We love it when you write to us with interesting facts about your life - pets, holidays, school and so on.

We publish as many of your letters as we can in the printed magazine, and some more here on the website.

I know you have heard this a lot but I love AQUILA! I live in Tbilisi, it is the capital of Georgia, which is near Russia. My favourite book is My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell. I also recommend the other two titles that along with this make up Durrell’s ‘Corfu trilogy’. Has anyone read one of those books? I love animals and nature, I am going [went] to Helsinki this summer. Did you know that a snow leopard can’t roar? I hope you like my drawings!

From Lilias Burnett McKenzie Smith, age 10

HI AQUILA! I’ve had AQUILA since April 2015 and it’s so good! My favourite bits are Brainfeeders, Ian, Book Club and Over to you. I also really like Just think with Philip and Phoebe, because it shows important issues and different arguments about them. The most interesting one was about hunting animals, as I have very strong views against this but was interested to see the other side of the debate.

I love animals, especially dogs and cats, and I have a pet cat. My favourite books are: The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, Howl’s Moving Castle, The Girl Who Walked on Air, Tom’s Midnight Garden and many more! Does anyone else have similar favourite books / authors?

Sorry some of these answers are from letters from ages ago, but I have taken ages to get round to writing this! In response to Amaris (Feb 2017), I would really like to live in Wales too, but you are so lucky to live in Gloucestershire, because it sounds so nice. I love ‘The Worst Witch’ series, and I am really excited about the new TV series on CBBC! I also love English at school, and I like swimming too, although I am not that good! And I find Roman and Greek myths interesting as well!

To Mary (Feb 2017), I learn Latin too – do you use textbooks and if so which ones? We use Ecce Romani at school, but they’re quite old – although I guess they can’t really go out of date with a language like Latin! I really like the subject, but apart from derivations and scientific words, I don’t really get why we learn it. I also really like the other subjects you have listed. Have you read The Eagle of the Ninth by Rosemary Sutcliff? It’s really good. It’s also so cool that you have so many pets! Peter is a great name for your Labrador! Also to Rachel (same issue), I have recently finished reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! I would love to visit all the countries you have been to, but I have only been to France once and that was with school! I really want to go to Italy because it sounds great!

To Margarethe (March 2017), your drawing of Totoro is brilliant! I like Totoro too. I also really like other Studio Ghibli films. To Eve (same issue), I think your story sounds great. I also love the picture of Olaf! He is sooo cute! And to Hannah (same issue), that’s amazing that you want to be a heptathlete and have won so many trophies! I really like athletics but unfortunately at my school we don’t spend much time on it, which is a shame.
To Hikari (Jul/Aug 2017) – I am so glad to find a fellow veggie AQUILAnaut! I also think that an AQUILA issue, or at least maybe a topic in Just Think on vegetarianism / veganism would be interesting, especially as it could include all the many different views on it, and why people are vegetarians or don’t eat certain meats, etc. I am a lacto-vegetarian (I don’t eat eggs or meat), although I think being vegan would be cool too, and I also sometimes find it quite difficult to find suitable food! I think that ingredients and packaging could be a lot more helpful, as I didn’t realise until recently that Smarties are not veggie (and a lot of other Nestlé brand stuff isn’t either). Awareness of vegetarianism is growing, but I still find that many shops either won’t give the correct information about a product, or hardly sell any vegetarian products, and there is still a lack of understanding of what being vegetarian actually includes and what vegetarians can and can’t eat (for example a lot of people think that Parmesan is vegetarian when it actually isn’t because it has rennet in it!). Another thing I have found is that there is not much knowledge held on the difference between types of vegetarian, pescatarian and vegan – I wrote this letter on Word, and found that is gives ‘vegan’ and ‘fruitarian’ as synonyms for ‘vegetarian’! They are completely different things! But the main thing that can be done to change those views is telling people about vegetarianism. I would recommend (if you haven’t already seen / read it) an article on vegephobia by Veggie Pride about the discrimination against vegetarians or the rejection of vegetarianism because of animal rights and beliefs on this. I found it really informative, especially as it gave an answer to many questions / arguments my non-vegetarian friends have about ‘why are you a vegetarian?’ etc.

I also thought that what everyone wrote about in ‘The One Thing’ in the Utopia issue (Jul/Aug 2017) was really interesting; especially Emma’s – she raised the point that we’re not all the same, and just because somebody is different it can have massive consequences for them in getting a job, when they have done nothing wrong. I thought that it was very helpful and educating.

Now for what I like! I am really interested in languages, but I haven’t been to many countries. I also really like kangaroos, penguins and seals – does anyone else? I also really like dance and musical theatre!

Please will you do an issue on scientists – but not the really well-known ones! I just think that many successful scientists or engineers / mathematicians have made important discoveries, such as Lise Meitner (who was an Austrian physicist), but they aren’t necessarily appreciated for this.

From Bronwyn

I’ve been reading a lot about cats lately. I’ve finished a book called To Be a Cat by Matt Haig which I recommend. I’m also finishing a book called Gobbolino, the Witch’s Cat by Ursula Moray Williams. I might get a cat (or kitten) for my 11th birthday. Today I saw a hedgehog. A dog licked my face. Please can you do an issue on magic?

From Solveig Lunt, age 8

I LOVE AQUILA. It is literally the everything magazine. Anyway, I live near a town quite near to AQUILA HQ. It is called Hastings. It has an awesome pier and recently won pier of the year 2017! I love cooking, athletics, gymnastics and reading AQUILA obviously. I got my subscription for my birthday (Dec 2016). My three favourite lessons at school are English, art and computing. What are yours? Talking about athletics now, in my first ever cross-country I came 3rd place and in my second one I came 1st!

Now I am going to recommend books and films: Big Hero 6 movie – I would recommend it for 6+. ‘The Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ films and books, I would recommend them for 8+. I made this poem and picture for you:

Awesome adventures
Quick quizzes
Issues every month
Love it

From Cleo, age 8

HI AQUILA! Your magazine is totally awesome! My favourites are Calculata, Kit and Harvey. I LOVE maths and science. I play the clarinet (grade 4) and my favourite issue so far is Harry Potter (June 2017). How do you determine which Harry Potter house you are in? I’ve had AQUILA since Daredevils (May 2016). I do ballet, tap and modern dancing (grade 2) and I enjoy that. I also play football. I LOVE Manchester United! I’ve even shaken José Mourinho’s hand! I play for New Mills Juniors which is in New Mills. I also enjoy reading. I would definitely recommend Percy Jackson series (by Rick Riordan), The World of Norm series (by Jonathan Meres) and Swallows and Amazons (by Arthur Ransome). Our school is getting a library built and I’m going to donate AQUILA magazines (old ones) so everyone can enjoy this amazing magazine! Please could you do an issue on Greek gods?

From Charlie Lambert, age 10¾
P.S. How do you get a penfriend?

Look out for the next instalment of pen friends in the November 2017 issue!
You can get sorted into a Hogwarts House by searching online (try "find my hogwarts house" – The Guardian newspaper site and personalitylab.org both provide free ones. You have to sign up at Pottermore to do the test there. Get a responsible adult to do the test with you. – Wordworm

I got my first subscription in December 2016 and my first magazine was Hong Kong (Feb 2017). I love AQUILA. My favourite pages are Over to you, short stories and Brainfeeders. I live with my mum and dog, Poppy in Chester. My favourite subjects in school would probably be PE, English and science. I love animals so could you please do an issue about pets? I drew a dog for you and I hope you like it.

From Lana, age 10

Dear Aquila, I live in London with my mum and dad and two pet gerbils – Ginger and George. I received AQUILA as a present from my uncle for Christmas 2016 and I love it. My favourite issues are Hong Kong (February 2017), Stephen Hawking (March 2017) and Harry Potter (June 2017). My Harry Potter hero is Severus Snape. He may be a sarcastic, cold character but he is also heroic. I love reading and my favourite books are Harry Potter, Paddington, Horrible Science and Horrible Histories. I play the piano and violin. My hobbies are dancing, art and gymnastics. Does anyone else like history or gym? Responses: In response to Jonty, I have watched Fantastic Beasts and I loved it. Iona, I love dancing and singing too! I also read ‘Roman Mysteries’, I am a Huffleclaw and I am crazy about animals.

Thanks, Ella S, age 10

HI! I am very fond of your magazine, I learn a lot of stuff from AQUILA! I started subscribing about a year ago as a Christmas present from a relative. Responses: To Emily Hardy (April 2017) When I eat breakfast I read AQUILA too. I also love animals and think you would be a great vet!

Liam McPartlin (April 2017) My friend is called Betty so she basically owns your town Bettystown!

From Roxy, age 9½

My favourite issue of AQUILA was Big Statistics (May 2015). I was wondering if in that issue you got something wrong because my friend said ‘Clash of the Clans’ isn’t a social media site? My favourite team members are Wordworm, Kit and Pepe. I play piano, ukulele, clarinet and flute. I recommend the Hetty Feather series and The Wolves of Willoughby Chase. Please can you do an issue on musicals. Oh and by the way, my friends and I are doing a magazine for our school.

From Megan
P.S. I have made up a new team member called DIA for drama.

Clash of the Clans was an answer given by a few of our readers as to which social media site they use. It is a multiplayer strategy game but has a social media element in as much as you have to interact online with other people in your ‘clan’. Do however note that you have to be 13 or over to play this game. – Harvey

I got my first AQUILA magazine in February 2017 and I think all the team are great but my favourite is probably Aquila then Polly Chrome. I live in Kent with my mum and dad and my two little brothers Tom and Rafferty. My favourite books are, well I say books, they’re not really, but I love reading Asterix and Tintin and adventure stories. My favourite films are Star Wars and The Swiss Family Robinson; is that the same with anybody else?

From Poppy, age 9

I got my first copy of AQUILA last Christmas from my grandparents. My favourite members of the AQUILA team are Polly Chrome and Aquila. My favourite lesson at school is history and least favourite is maths. Please can you do an issue on Romans, Celts, Egyptians and Fairytales. My favourite books are all the ‘Secret Kingdom’ books by Rosie Banks. My favourite fairytale is The Little Mermaid. I am in Hufflepuff. I used to live in Azerbaijan but I moved to England in June 2016. My favourite sport is horse riding which I do every Wednesday. I would like to know what breed of dog Kit and Pepe are. Also is Kit a kangaroo? And can Astra actually breathe on Earth as she always has a space helmet on?

From the best AQUILA lover ever: Edith Scarr, age 8

Hi Edith, you're right, Kit is a kangaroo and Pepe is a mixed terrier crossed with a chihuahua. And as for Astra, she always has a space helmet on as she hardly ever has her feet on the Earth! – Aquila

Ola! Mi llamo Delilah. That means: ‘hello, my name is Delilah’ in Spanish. I love history, cats and animals. Does anybody watch Horrible Histories or Remotely Funny? I have got two cats called Lenny and Domino. Out of all the magazines in the world, AQUILA is the best! I am obsessed with history, cats and emojis. Hello to Liela and everyone in the band The Lemony Hedgehogs – I play guitar!

From Delilah, age 8

I live in Munich, Germany with my little sister Rebecca, my mum and my dad. I go to the European School of Munich (ESM) and there are over 2000 students including high school and kindergarten. I am in 5th year (in England it would be 6th year). There are 7 language sections: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek and Dutch. I love drawing, watching TV, reading, playing the piano and riding my bike.

From Amelia
P.S. Here is a picture of Henry V

I know the Hong Kong issue (Feb 2017) was some months ago now but I thought it would be good to write my name in Chinese so I asked my dad if I could borrow his phone and he said ‘yes’ so here’s my creation of how to spell Maria in Chinese.

From Maria, age 8

Hi! When I grow up I want to be an author. Does anyone else? I love books and my favourite is Conspiracy - book 3 of ‘Lady Grace Mysteries’. This is my second time writing to you and I have decided that my favourite animal is a cat. My favourite TV show is Dragons; does anyone else like that TV show? By the way my favourite subject is literacy. Here are my instructions on how to write a good book – I hope you like them:
• Characters are very important in a story
• A cunning plot is a very good idea
• Read Wordworm’s bits of AQUILA!

From Ella, age 9

I think AQUILA is a very interesting magazine. You can never get enough of it! I think that it was a really good idea to do an AQUILA magazine on Chocolate (April 2017); I LOVE chocolate! For my Easter holidays I stayed in a log cabin. It was really fun. Recently I did my violin grade 1 exam. My violin is GREEN! I have adopted a jaguar from WWF! Please can you do an issue on big cats? Hi to my friend Sofia.

From Jasmine, age 10

I got my first AQUILA in March 2017 and so far they are brilliant. If you could do an issue about kings and queens that would be wonderful. My favourite issue so far has been Chocolate (April 2017) and Harry Potter (June 2017). I love making the Polly Chrome crafts. Also, I love learning facts that you teach. My friends told me about AQUILA so that’s when my mum got me the magazines. It’s been great writing to you.

From Phoebe Marsh, age 9

I am a huge fan of all your magazines! I love Harry Potter and I am in Ravenclaw. I have 10 pen friends from all over the world and I have an older and a younger sister. My favourite books are ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ series and ‘Tom Gates’ series. Unfortunately I don’t have any pets but I’ve got some in mind that I would like to get. I really don’t know which AQUILA issue is my favourite because they’re all so great. Could you do an issue about wolves please?

Here is a short poem I wrote about you:

When I got my fantastic subscription,
I could not believe the facts and the fiction.
Aquila, Aquila you are so great,
Aquila, Aquila open the gate.

Kind regards, Vida, age 9

I have been getting AQUILA since my 10th birthday and they are all really interesting! My favourite parts are: stories, makes, Brainfeeders and Over to you. I LOVE reading, my favourite books are: the ‘Harry Potter’ series; the ‘Ruby Redfort’ series; all of Michael Morpurgo’s books and the ‘Murder Most Unladylike’ series. Has anyone else read these books? In the Easter holidays my family and I went to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. We all had a really good time and I loved seeing all the volcanoes! It was weird where all the volcanoes were, like we were on another planet. I have got two younger sisters, Poppy and Isla, and a cat called Pat who loves catching birds and mice. He is very naughty but I love him all the same! I have drawn a picture of him.

From Daisy, age 11

Hi AQUILA! I can’t thank you enough for the Harry Potter issue! My favourite parts of AQUILA are jokes, Over to you, Book club and finding out about next month’s issue! QUESTIONS: I have entered the new CBBC Fantasy Games Show – has anyone else? Who is learning about either the Scottish Wars of Independence, Climate Change or the Victorians?

RESPONSES: Robert (Oct 2016) I have Wii. Archie T (May 2017) I love birds, and I read Horrible Science. Kiho (same issue) mine is either writing or science.

MORE QUESTIONS: Does anyone else play the chanter (part of a bagpipe)? What is your favourite period of history? Could you do a timeline issue? e.g. each member does a different time period.

Yours sincerely, Archie Day, age 10

HI! I live in London and I got my subscription in December. I think my grandparents gave it to me and my sister but it’s just ME writing here! I’ve got a kitten called Jirah (you pronounce in Ji-ra) and she’s LOVELY!! Anyway, my favourite parts are Polly Chrome (because I love art) and Over to you. I also drew a picture of a random person (I don’t know why!) with my sister’s gel pens. And Grace, if you’re reading this – you let me use them!

From Elsa Lake, age 9

I was reading my first ever issue of AQUILA, Maths in Nature (May 2017), when I saw that the next theme was going to be Harry Potter; my heart skipped a beat! I am truly obsessed, my patronus is a borzoi, I am in Ravenclaw house and my wand is hazel wood with a unicorn hair core, it is 12¼” it also has hard flexibility.

My dad and I were somewhat intrigued to see what your name means. So we researched it and we found that it means eagle in Latin. The Ravenclaw symbol is also eagle – AQUILA is definitely a match to our witty fellow Ravenclaws! I drew Hermione Granger for you, it’s not the best but I like it!

From Nancy, age 10½

I live in California, USA with my mum, dad, little sister Agatha and my guinea pig Humphrey. My favourite subjects in school are science and maths. I am in forth grade and in science we are learning all about animals; I love animals! I thought I’d tell Hannah (May 2017) that I also love Arthur Ransome’s Swallows and Amazons. Did you know there is a whole series! I’m on the second book Peter Duck. Oh, also, can you please, please, please do pen friends again as I would really like a pen friend. Could you do an issue on animals? My favourite animal is an owl. I absolutely love AQUILA!

Love Jemima, age 10

Dear AQUILA, I live in England with my mum and dad and brother. At school I mainly play with Claudia and Serena and someone who won’t let me put him in. I have a cat called Blue and she likes eating clothes hangers! Has anyone else got a cat? I really want a guinea pig! But that is only if my dad says I can have one next year.

From Melissa Tan, age 7

I read you over and over again. I first heard about AQUILA on my birthday in May and haven’t stopped reading you ever since; you are amazing! I also found out that my school has a whole stack of AQUILAs! I always rush first to get it in my school library! I’m half Irish and half British.

The world is black and white. AQUILA added colour to it!

From Tara-Ellie

I know a lot of people say this but your magazines are great. I live with my mum and dad, my little brother called Harry and my pets. I have a black Labrador called Barney, two fish called Tiddler and Little Jonny Dory and two guinea pigs called Mupsy and Glitter. My favourite team members are Aquila, Pepe and E.B. I like history so could you do an issue on the Aztecs?

From Charlotte, age 9

I love AQUILA. My maman bought it for me in December 2016. I loved the Harry Potter issue (June 2017). I am home schooled so that means I don’t go to school. I love Harry Potter books. I have read up to number 6 and I started in January. Please could you do a Victorian issue and a Tudor issue with the gory bits in? When I got the Harry Potter issue I was at Matilda the musical which was amazing. I love reading and playing the piano. I was born in France and am bilingual in French and English and I am learning Spanish, German and Greek.

From Nadya, age 9

Nadya, I hope you enjoyed the Elizabeth I issue in September. – Aquila

My favourite issues of AQUILA so far are Dinosaurs (Jan 2017) and Harry Potter (June 2017). I love reading and my favourite books are the ‘Harry Potter’ books and The Midnight Gang by David Walliams. Does anybody else like these?

My favourite bits are: Brainfeeders, Over to you and Polly makes. I live in England with my mum and dad and little sister Emily who is 6. Can you do an issue on animals? Don’t worry if you already have. I’ve also got two kittens called Tilly and George.

From Holly, age 9½

We’re going to be featuring loads more animals in 2018! Keep a look out for different features as well as whole issues devoted to our furry (and slimy and spiky and feathery) friends! – Pepe

Dear AQUILA, I used to live in China and my family were missionaries there. My favourite colour is pink and my best animal is a hamster. I am a TOTTTTALLL bookworm, and can consume a 15-17 chapter book in the maximum of a week (if I want to). In response to Edward (June 2017) I LOVE Enid Blyton, and ‘The Famous Five’ are probably my favourite collection of her books. I also quite like ‘The Unladylike Adventures of Kat Stephenson’ by Stephanie Burgis. My favourite hobby is DEFINITELY baking (although when I made pizzas, the base was a bit thick!). Even though I love loads of different books my definite favourite is Matilda by Roald Dahl. I would just love to star in the musical! Does anyone else? Please could you do an issue on Roald Dahl?

Thank you very much, Emily Bryon, age 9

Sorry Emily – we did a Roald Dahl issue in June 2016, but we’ve sold out. – Wordworm

My favourite issue so far is Hong Kong (Feb 2017). Every sentence was packed full of interest, I particularly liked the Letters from Hong Kong feature. My favourite subjects at school are P.E., art, English and choir singing. My favourite computer games are Minecraft, Slitherio, Nebulous and Stone Pillar. Does anyone else like these? I live in Plymouth. I had a go at making Chocoshambles from the Chocolate issue (April 2017). I would like to say hello to my friend Emmie Terry who reads and enjoys AQUILA. Also, I would like to send a poem about The Blitz:

The Bellowing sirens ordering,
shoving people into their shelters,
Like an eagle looking for prey. Shock!

The Cackling planes
soaring, scanning the cities below,
Like a million evil cameras. Horror!

The Devilish bombs bouncing,
Falling from the plane,
Like an angry witch. Terrified!

The Blazing fire leaping,
Charging through the cities,
Like 1 million devils. Panic!

From Bella May, age 10½