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Your Letters

We love it when you write to us with interesting facts about your life - pets, holidays, school and so on.

We publish as many of your letters as we can in the printed magazine, and some more here on the website.

Inspired by our January issue, this awesome dinosaur paw is by
Amy (6yrs), Julia (4yrs), and Nathan (2yrs).
Great work - thanks for sending us the picture!

dinoPaw 0217

We have printed Emma's letter in our January magazine, but because her poem is so beautifully written and illustrated, we are including it here too.

o2ux 0117 emmaP 72

I’m writing because I would like to tell you about my recent holidays. Last year I went to Copenhagen for a trip to the Tivoli. It was so much fun. I went on the Odin Express which was a little train that went so quickly above the trees. My favourite ride was where you dipped down and plummeted so quickly it made your stomach lurch. After that I saw a really nice theatre where I saw the harlequin and a parade; it was amazing. The next holiday I went to New York and Boston. In NY there was a lot of traffic and noise. Overall I really liked it and I went up the Rockefeller building which had an amazing view of Central Park, which was entirely green with a lake in it. I also went on the highway which was very rural in the middle of nowhere. In Boston I went to Quincy Market to buy a poncho. In the market there was so much delicious stuff I could have eaten it all. I also went on a cruise to Spectacle Island. Before I finish I would like to say a few more things, my interests are science, maths, English, French, history and geography. I would like to shout out to my friend Izzy who I hope sees this. My favourite issue so far was Ancient Egypt (Jul/Aug 2016) and pleeeaase do one on physics, biology and weather

From Laura, age 8

Hi, I am sorry you must be so bored of this but I love your magazine so much! I have been wanting to do this for ages and now I finally can. I have a sister (Clara) age 5, a brother (Fabian) age 1, parents and a cat called Coco. I have recently been doing Shackleton’s journey at school in year 6 (but scared about going into high school) and I am enjoying it a lot. We get to pretend to be one of the crewmembers; I am the photographer (Frank Hurley). I wonder if you could do an issue on Antarctica, explorers or the microscopic world? Last week I got out my microscope and I managed to get it working, I think it is fascinating. I also have a book to go with it. My hobbies are ballet (grade 3), flute (grade 2) and I go to Guides – does anyone else? My best friends are: Ayan, Eleanor, Ellie, Clara, Fabian, Grace, Chloë, Bella, Esther and Esme. Can you explain what ‘Ed’ is and why you put it at the end of brackets?

From Anouk, age 11

aquilaHost34pxEd is short for ‘editor’, and she likes to put in her two penn’orth when she gets the chance, don’t you, ed? 
(I don’t know what you’re talking about, ed)


Hi Aquila! I started getting AQUILA in July 2015 for my birthday and I love it. I’m from Scotland – Dundee and Glasgow – is any one else? But I live in Jersey. I support the idea for an Ancient Greece issue but could you also do one on Scotland, archaeology, the sea, the Celts or the Picts? I’m learning BSL (British sign language) at school and it’s really fun. I’m half deaf and I really love reading. I’m also in first aid club and in the French Eisteddfod saying a poem in French. I’m thinking of doing guitar, drums or piano; which do you think I should do? I am learning languages: Scots Gaelic, BSL, French, Greek and Spanish and I’m going to try and learn Hindi. In response to Tamsin Jacobs I also love ‘The Ingo Chronicles’, you should try the ‘WaterFire Saga’. I agree with Lauren Beale that there shouldn’t be a badger cull. When I’m older I want to be a historian, anthropologist, chef, neurological scientist and writer. My great gran is awesome, she’s 104 and Scotland’s curry lover of the year, her name is Margaret Philips, she’s been nicknamed the nan who loves naan. Also Izzy Birch I sleep with 7 cuddly toys so nothing to be ashamed of.

From Edith Brown, age 12

This is something that you have probably heard about a couple of million times, (but of course you know what I’m about to write, because everyone says it, and it’s natural to want to do the same as other people, unless you’re me, who will probably word it differently, I don’t follow the crowd) AQUILA is amazingly awesome and will always be my favourite mag, like when I’m a little old lady of 90, and I’m looking back at my childhood and I think, ‘Oh, that was my favourite magazine when I was 11!’ only then I’d be sitting in my armchair, sipping tea with my lips all puckered, and my skin all wrinkled… ugh! Anyway, back to the letter. My absolute FAVOURITE subject in school would have to be science. Or history. Or English. Or lunchtime! Recently, I have been working on Charles Darwin, I LOVE I love how he came up with the theory of evolution, and all his research finally paid off when he published his book in (I think) 1853.

In September, I went to PGL, has anyone else been? If you’re going to go, but you’re slightly scared, don’t worry! It’s SO fun, and you get to do all sorts of things, like campfire songs, survival training, high ropes, midnight feasts, rock climbing, archery, kayaking, raft building, and loads more! If you’re worried about being homesick, then you’ll probably not think about home, because you’ll be having so much fun.

My favourite issue of AQUILA is probably Mighty Maths (March 2016), (I like maths) but I love them all, because AQUILA is so awesome! Over the summer holidays, I went to Aberystwyth in Wales, it’s a lovely place, and the beaches were great, although I prefer Cornwall, that’s my favourite place. I went exploring caves there last year. Does anyone else like Cornwall? I have two cats, Indie and Chammy; Indie’s fat, cuddly and cute; Chammy’s skinny, pretty and fluffy. Complete opposites.

I’m quite an old reader, I first got my subscription in February 2013, and I’ve loved every issue so far! In January, I’m going to Young Voices (only the biggest children’s concert series in the WORLD!!!!!). I went in 2015, and it was AMAZING. I was part of a choir of 6,000 kids, all singing pop songs, rock songs, classic songs, and pretty much any other type of song ever, it’s so cool! You do have to learn the lyrics to all eleven songs off by heart (scary!). Has anyone else been to Young Voices? Please respond if you have!

From Felicity, age 11

Thanks to Imogen and Jacob for your Ian cartoons. We couldn't print them big enough in the December 2016 magazine, so here they are:



by Imogen W, age 9



Ian by Jacob, age 9½