Information for parents


AQUILA is A4 with 28 pages, printed on high quality paper. The magazine has no adverts, gimmicks or cartoons.

The Editors of AQUILA offer a unique magazine that children can dip into when the moment is right for them. Importantly, the writing style can capture the interest of children who do not enjoy story-books: they enjoy the factual, ‘serious fun’ style.

We hope they will think AQUILA is like a wise chum, not just ‘more school work’. The variety of material covered over the course of a whole year’s subscription stretches well beyond the school curriculum, and some of the articles develop thinking skills that can contribute to real development and understanding

AQUILA is owned and run by New Leaf Publishing, a family-run, UK company based in Eastbourne, England. We embrace multi-cultural values and philosophies, encouraging children in their aspirations and enthusiasm to explore and learn about the world in which they and others live, and we endorse their efforts to be creative in whatever way suits them.