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Your Letters

We love it when you write to us with interesting facts about your life – pets, holidays, school and so on.

We publish as many of your letters as we can in the printed magazine, and some more here on the website.

Inspired by our January issue, this awesome dinosaur paw is by Amy (6yrs), Julia (4yrs), and Nathan (2yrs).

Great work – thanks for sending us the picture!


I know you’ve heard this plenty of times but AQUILA is AMAZING. My first issue was Victorians (September 2015) and it was incredible. I live in Gloucestershire with my mum, dad, brother and my dog. I want to start reading the Harry Potter books but some people say they’re great and some people say they’re bad; what do you think?! I play the cornet and a bit of the piano, does anyone else? One thing I don’t know is ED; everyone talks about him/her and I don’t know what they mean. Please let me know if you do. The books I would recommend are ‘Barry Loser’ if you like funny books and ‘Dork Diaries’ if you like girly books. A special shout out to my BFFs Graice and Emily!

From Ella, age 9 nearly 10

Here at AQUILA HQ we love Harry Potter. As for our other readers, why don’t you write in and tell Ella how you feel about the Harry Potter series! As for ED, it is short for editor and is an aside (a comment) from me! Or did I have the wrong glasses on, and you wrote E.B.? E.B. is the AQUILA team member in charge of environment and our world. (See his pic at the bottom right of page 23 each issue.) -Ed.

Hi guys! I’m Charlotte, from Nottinghamshire! I know you’ve probably heard this as many times as Pi, but AQUILA is out of this world! I know this is changing the subject a bit, but is anyone else from Nottinghamshire? I don’t see many other AQUILA fans/subscribers that come from Nottinghamshire. I have one friend who also subscribes, and she is called Carys. In case you’re reading this, Hi Carys! My friends and I give each other wild and crazy nicknames, such as mine, which is Lottery, Carys’s, which is Careeso, my other friend Delilah’s, which is Lilbot, also my friend Jacie’s, which is Jazzy Dodger (named after the Artful Dodger of Oliver Twist) and finally Scarlet’s, which is Starlet. They’re my best friends ever. Even arguments just make us closer! Does anyone else have nicknames like that? If you do, please can you list them? Thanks! Anyway, I cannot wait for Pokemon Sun and Moon, so while I’m waiting for it, I play Pokemon Go. Does anyone else like Pokemon Go?

I have a cat called Whiskers. He is white with brown patches, which seems to be an uncommon pattern. Has anyone else seen a cat like that? He is very cute and loves a good bit of attention, or lying down beside the warm fire on a cold winter’s night! Does anyone else’s cat like attention? Also, I’m in Ravenclaw!

Here are some responses (Jan 2016 issue): In response to Nadya, Great Ian comic! To Marnie, I want to find a pearl too! To Grace Fay, it is totally not weird to have imaginary pets! Mine’s a Griffin called Godric.
I have lived in 3 places, Kuwait for two years, Venezuela for 1½ years and England for 4 years! Has anyone else lived in any of those places (excluding England)?
Thanks for being part of this world, AQUILA!

From Charlotte C, age 8½

I live in London with my mum, dad, brother and sister. I’m half German and half American and I am currently in year 7 at the German School in London. The German School in London goes from nursery to year 12 so I didn’t have to change schools in September. My favourite subjects at school are sports, maths, science and German. How many subscribers do you have in Germany? I play the piano (grade 4) and the clarinet (grade 5) and I did my grade 4 theory of music in June 2016. I swim with a swimming club called CWSC (Chelsea and Westminster Swimming Club) and I came second at a gala in the 400m individual medley.

My favourite parts of AQUILA are Over to you, Jokes, Brianfeeders, and E.B. I also love eye illusions (Matthew Hicks, May 2016), so could you do an issue on eye illusions?

From Daphne, age 11
P.S. Hi to my friend Louisa!

At present we have about 90 subscribers in Germany! -Ed.

Even though I have said this a million times already you are AMAZING!! I live on the outskirts of Inverness with my mum, dad, sister Catriona and dog Bramble. Some of my favourite hobbies are swimming, running, dancing and playing my violin. I am in a club for swimming. I am working towards my grade 3 violin exam; is anyone else?

In response to Scarlett Cumming (January 2016) I also write a diary. Also in response to Esther (same issue) I am also in Hufflepuff. In response to Freddy Cowling (same issue again!) I also love Michael Morpurgo and Megan Rix. I got an arts set for Christmas and I drew this picture of my dog Bramble with it!
Hi to my pen friend Charlotte in Australia.

From Isobel Garvie, age 10
P.S. Can you do an issue on dancing?

art dog

HI AQUILA! I know that everyone who reads your magazine will say this but AQUILA is the best ever! I am in year 4 at my school (it’s really small, but I like it). There are around five year 4 girls and seven year 4 boys. We share a classroom with the year 3s, and I like it, I don’t know why. When we were learning about persuasive text, our teacher Mrs Constable – she’s really nice! – got a poster about your magazine from online: it’s really persuasive!

I am one of the best at English in our class, and I’m really excited to be going into year 5 (September 2016) and I’ve already got year 5 English objective. Wow, I can’t believe I am writing so much about school; this is the last thing – our school is Quaker so we have Quaker values: friendship; reflection; equality; integrity; peace and simplicity. Right, enough about school!
I am half Portuguese and I love reading so much! My two favourite book are: A Pocket Full of Murder by R. J. Anderson and The History Keepers – The Storm Begins by Damian Dibben. I recommend them to anyone who likes adventure and mystery. I play the ukulele and recorder, does anyone else? My favourite singer is Ariana Grande, and I especially like her song ‘Dangerous Woman’. Our school is doing a poetry X-Factor and the poem I chose is:

The spirit in the bottle
Go softly where ye treade
The lady is a cunning one
Disturb ye not the wicked dead

Never tarry on a restless night
Lest ye find what darkness means
For she will trouble thee until in sleep
And steal thy soul through dreams.

Do you like it Wordworm?
From Maya (My-a), age 10

P.S. Even if you don’t subscribe, I would like to say hi to my besties Lizzy, Megan, Alex and Toby!

I love this 18th-century poem, Maya! -Wordworm

My favourite parts of AQUILA are Over to you and Things to make. I am not that arty but I love to draw and make stuff. My favourite subjects at school are English, maths, handwriting and science. In the summer I moved from Bedfordshire to Hertfordshire. In my free time I like to bake cakes (especially Victoria sponge!), read AQUILA and play the piano. In Bedfordshire I was in two choirs: one school one and one public one. Does anyone else like to sing? In the summer my Brownie pack took part in the Brownie Olympics – we did things like discus, javelin, shotput and athletics. It was really fun!

From Ruth, age 8½
P.S. To Calculata: What is 13! x 4?

Oooh tricky, I think the answer is: 24908083200 – or 24 trillion, 908 million, 83 thousand, 200 hundred – am I correct? -Calculata

Hi! I am a new subscriber; my friend also gets AQUILA as well but she is the only person I know that gets it. My favourite part is Over to you and in response to Kira (July 2016) I HATE PINK!! While I was writing this to you I pulled my tooth and it came out! My favourite thing is history, especially about Mary Seacole. Could you do an issue about her?

In response to Izzy Birch (July 2016) yes, I sleep with a chameleon called Rainbow-finny, funny name isn’t it! I also like the Enigma Machine. There are Biff and Chips books about it, has anyone else read them? I also LOVE drawing! My favourite colour is black, does anyone else like it?

From Lucy Whitehead, age 7

Mary Seacole

I haven’t written to you before but I do read lots of your AQUILA magazines. I would really like you to do an issue about mythical, magical and made up animals (e.g. basilisk) I am a BIG fan of Harry Potter; I have just finished the 5th book. I have lots of interests about school but my favourite subjects are: art, writing, sport, drama and maths. At the moment I am making a bird but it is a made up one. I haven’t finished it yet but I have almost. I will tell you how I made it: First I got an old For Sale sign and then I cut out the body and the wings. The wings slot through the body. After that I got an old flower and stuck the petals on the wings for feathers. It has a black beak and a blue head and a red body with a blue tail. And there you have a bird.

My favourite of the team is Polly Chrome (art and craft) and I love dancing and always have!
Who is the most used of the team and who is the least? How many copies of AQUILA magazines are sent out every year approximately?
Which one has been the best selling so far?

Yours hopefully, Edith Bell, age 10

We have about 25,000 subscribers so each month we send out approximately 25,000 magazines – or 300,000 magazines each year! -Ed.

Bird etc

Bird deconstructed

I was given my first subscription of AQUILA for Christmas 2013 and have loved every issue since. My favourite parts of AQUILA are: Pepe, E.B., Kit, Over to you, Harvey and Just think. I adore animals and I really want to be a vet when I am older, please could you do an issue on vets? I play the cello (grade 5-6) and piano but I have stopped having lessons. I live with my mum, dad and dog called Teasel. She is a Labrador crossed with a working cocker spaniel so she is a small, slightly fluffy, VERY energetic Labrador. I love playing with her and want to do dog agility with her. Does anyone else do agility with their dog? Here is a photo of Teasel.

I also enjoy tennis and have recently come back from the IAPS (Independent Association of Prep Schools) national tennis tournament where I did really well – I got to the semi-finals of the doubles with my partner and the quarterfinals of the singles. The semi-finals of the doubles was a fantastic experience because we had an umpire! Last summer I went to Wimbledon with my mum and we saw several matches including a doubles match featuring Serena and Venus Williams. We also managed to get return tickets for centre court which was incredible. Has anyone else been to Wimbledon?
I really recommend the Swallows and Amazons series by Arthur Ransome and any book by Noel Streatfeild (who wrote Ballet Shoes). I agree with Anna Morris (Jul/Aug 2016) the Wordworm Book club is a great idea!

From Susanna Wright, age 11

dog in corn

My name is Luisa Mooney. I am 10 years old. I have a historical connection. My great grandad fought in World War I. When my grandad died we found my great grandad’s war medals. He had eight of them. We later discovered that he had been missing, and then the war men found his body and he was dead. There is a photo of him on a camel beside a sphinx and a pyramid. His family got some sort of a certificate. We later found out that Winston Churchill had signed it. My great grandad’s name was J. Mooney if you want to know. Please can you do an issue on Titanic, the Queen of England or Ireland?

Thank you from Luisa Mooney, age 10
P.S. Can IAN be part of the team?

Thanks for your interesting story Luisa. Learning about your ancestors can be a great way of bringing history to life. There are so many stories to be passed on through generations. As for Ian, hmmm don’t you think he may be trouble?! -Ed.

I know you’ve probably heard this a zillion times but your magazine is better than The Times newspaper! Last summer I went to a netball competition / league and our team (Hogwarts Wall) came first, which was really good as our netball manager was leaving on the day of the awards. I also recently perfected my back handspring into a round off dimension at my gymnastics club (Revolution). Does anyone else like gymnastics or netball? My favourite characters from the AQUILA team are Kit, E.B. and of course Calculata and Wordworm! My favourite subjects in school are art, ICT, English and RE (religious education).

From Isobel Busby, age 10

gym levels

I absolutely love AQUILA! My favourite pages are Brainfeeders and Just think. My favourites out of the team are Aquila, Astra, Harvey then Calculata. I love history so much I even have an Egyptian-themed room and my own website on it! My other hobbies are: anything scary (e.g. coasteering, quay jumping & climbing), water sports and playing board games. This is not surprising as both my parents are outdoor education instructors. In response to Nina (May 2016) I’m not that interested in Manga but I’ve got two friends that only ever talk about Manga and anime.
Some really good books are ‘The Ology’ series, the D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths, the ‘Ribblestrop’ series by Andy Mulligan and the ‘Uncle Albert’ series by Russell Stannard. Some good board games are: Thebes, Labyrinth and Enchanted Forest.
I live in Westward Ho!, which is the only place in the world that ends in an exclamation mark!
Please could you do an issue on films and books such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Watership Down.

From Ciara Luther-Gavin, age 11


Hi! My favourite pages of AQUILA are Over to you, Brainfeeders and Ian. I play piano (grade 1); I do trampoline (level 9) and street dance (one 1st place medal) – does anyone else?
In response to Niovi (September 2016) yes, your drawing of Hermione Granger is great and you’re a lot better at drawing than me! I also went to World Book Day at school dressed as her.) My favourite Harry Potter books are Deathly Hallows Part 1 and Part 2.
Also, could AQUILA please be a weekly thing because it’s so hard to wait a month especially with the July/August issue we had to wait two months!

From Cora, age 7

Hello! I have been reading AQUILA for a very long time! I have a ton of magazines dating back to around 2011. I love getting home from school and seeing it lying there by the door! I open it up and then read every single page of it. Then I put it on top of my wardrobe and regularly take out magazines and read them over again.
My favourite AQUILA magazine so far has been the King Arthur issue (Jan 2016). Some of my interests are reading, writing, swimming and playing with my friends (oh and riding my bike). My favourite subject at school is English and my favourite book is probably the Harry Potter series. Although I do also like the Hunger Games Trilogy a lot as well. Please can you do an issue on Harry Potter and also one on Queen Victoria.

From Victoria, age 12
P.S. My Harry Potter house is Hufflepuff.

I’ve been getting AQUILA for two years now and I think it’s the best magazine ever!! I love, love, looove Harry Potter! It’s amazing! In response to Owen (Jan 2016) I am on Pottermore too and am in Ravenclaw. Could you please, please, pleeease do an issue on Harry Potter? I made up a poem about AQUILA. Here it is:

Aquila is the greatest thing
That’s happened to be since reading!
I’ve never read it less than twice,
Usually I read it thrice!
My favourite part is mostly art,
But I like the jokes too!

I hope you like my picture of Emma Watson. It took me three attempts to get it right.

Neasa Wall, age 11½

Brilliant, Neasa! Thanks for sending it in. -Polly Chrome

Hello everybody! My favourite parts are: Polly, E.B. and Over to you. I’m the youngest player in my netball team. I play centre. I also want to know if anyone plays the same sports as me. The sports are: netball, hockey, football, gymnastics and horse riding (I have my own pony called Cloudy), running and cycling. Please can you do an issue on stories? I have been getting AQUILA for over a year now.

From Alex Picton-Lynas, age 10

storyDear AQUILA, I hope you like my story The Wishing Well and the Sky. I really hope to be an author one day and this story is one of many. I did one very similar at school and decided to give it a twist. I love reading stories written by others and always think it would be awesome to have a child’s name up there.

Yours faithfully, Nancy Dawe, age 11

The Wishing Well and the Sky

The rain was screaming all over Wenmover, the small town where Gwen lived. The wind was strong as she stumbled out of her house and into the storm. Her tears were not as strong as the rain, but just as icy and sad. She hated how they fought, she hated it! She wanted to be anywhere but this dreadful place. Her shoes were drowning in mud but still she kept running. A grimy 1p coin was digging into her hand as thunder howled and lightning screeched. … Click here to read the whole story…

Hello, my favourite issues from the AQUILA magazine are Roald Dahl (June 2016) and Children of WWII (September 2016) because it helped me learn more about these subjects. The best thing about the quizzes is that you have to remember all the information so you can answer it down on paper. My favourite Roald Dahl book is Matilda because there is a musical of it which I would love to go and see.

From Naliyeni, age 9, Ridge, age 8½

Salve AQUILA! That’s how to say hello in Latin which is my favourite subject at school. For languages I take French and German. In response to Victor Robinson (Oct 2016) I do have a Scratch account!
The Bones issue (Oct 2016) was really useful as we were doing Mexican Day of the Dead in art! My teacher asked me to bring it in to our lesson! Last year, my maths teacher used the maths issue to plan one of our maths lessons! I first got AQUILA in 2013 and have been loving it ever since! Also, in response to Aliyah (June 2016) I love the Ruby Redfort books but haven’t read all of them. When I’m older I want to be a doctor or a teacher. I live in Britain and love EVERYTHING! I am a committed Christian and love books. Could you do an issue on different religions, languages or ancient civilisations? I love reading and my favourite authors are J. K. Rowling, Roald Dahl, Cressida Cowell, Rick Riordan, Kate O’Hearn, Caroline Lawrence, Suzanne Collins, Cornelia Funke, Veronica Roth, Eva Ibbotson and Michael Morpurgo.
I am optimistic and dyspraxic and wanted to say that it is good to be unique so do your own thing and be proud of yourself.
Wale! (goodbye in Latin)

From Esme Hobbs, age 12

Dear AQUILA, I enjoy reading your magazine very much and have been receiving it for 4 years when my granny and grandpa gave me a subscription; I think it was one of the best decisions they ever made!
postcardLymeRMy favourite parts of AQUILA include: Philip and Phoebe, Polly Chrome, Over to you, Aquila and Harvey but I also enjoy Astra and Ian. My hobbies include: reading, watercolour, writing poems and stories (I hope to be an author one day), swimming, sewing, origami and cross-stitch. Does anybody else enjoy these things?
I live in southeast London but would rather live in Dorset, where we can go to Lyme Regis and walk on the Cobb with ice creams (I love sorbet, does anyone else?) and go swimming.
I would love it if you did an issue on the past and present, swimming and diving, the Tudors, King John and the Magna Carta, hospitals of the past and present and special needs.
My favourite issues of AQUILA are The French Revolution (April 2015), Memory (Dec 2015), Ancient Egypt (Jul/Aug 2016), Canada (Feb 2013), King Arthur (Jan 2016) and Roald Dahl (June 2016).
I have invented two new members of the AQUILA team for you. ‘Pizetta’ who does cookery and ‘World’ who does news.
I have also enclosed a postcard of Lyme Regis – my favourite place where I spent 3½ hours in the sea having loads of fun!

From Emilia, age 12


Last September I started high school; it’s not as big and scary as I thought. Here are some tips for people starting this year:
• NEVER forget your books or your homework. It doesn’t end well, trust me.
• Try to get to class slightly early, so you’re not late.
• Put your name on the tags in ALL your uniform, including PE kit. You DON’T want to lose anything.
• If you want to take your mobile phone, always keep it on silent or shut it down.
• Be happy and confident, it will help you make friends.

Eden penguinI like drawing and colouring. I enclose a picture of myself that I drew. I also love a game called ROBLOX. It’s basically a social network where you can customize your own avatar, play games and make friends (I’m sounding like an advert!) but it’s really cool. I have a younger brother called Teddy and he’s 8. He also has longer hair than me but you can’t really tell because it’s really curly. I love science and art at school and I hate maths and PE. My favourite books are Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, What Katy Did and Chloe. My favourite film is ‘Tangled’. I also like ‘Frozen’. My favourite singers are Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, and my favourite two songs are ‘Last Friday Night’ and ‘Bad Blood’. And I love chocolate cake. I’ve also enclosed an original ‘Ian’ comic of mine.

From Eden, age 11
P.S. Hi to Esmé, Lily and Esther!

Eden self portrait

Eden - Ian cartoon

Eden + Teddy

Carys self portraitMy nana first gave me AQUILA in December 2014. At first I just put it aside because I didn’t think it would be very interesting until, in May 2015, I had a flick through the pages and found it very entertaining. From then on I have LOVED it. I live near Guildford with my mummy, daddy and sister Megan who is mainly nice. I also live with my two cats, Freddie and Talluah. Talluah likes AQUILA and we read it together. At school, my teacher is called Mrs Eden and my class is called Mongolia (we name our classes after countries). My sister lives in Sweden. Does anyone subscribe there? When I was born I lived in Singapore. My auntie works for ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and I get to go! I have once met Pixie Lott and Abi Elphinstone! At school my favourite subject is history (especially Tudors) and last term we have been learning about Ancient Greece and I love it. I have a few questions for you: What country has the most subscribers? Who has written the most? Why do you type out the letters? What is Ian? I don’t understand it. My favourite is Calculata and I did do the Pi experiment but I only got one right, what happened?

Love Carys (not Cerys, someone even spelt my name Keriz!), age 9½
P.S. Can you do an issue on the Tudors?

Hi Carys. The UK has the most subscribers but we do have a continuously growing number of subscribers from overseas too. We send AQUILA to 60 or more countries, and yes, we have subscribers in Sweden. We type up letters so that we can fit more on the page / website and so that they are clear to read. Calculating Pi is difficult, as you need to measure accurately to the millimetre. By using actual pies it is going to be harder but you should not be too far out, only half a pie or so?
Ian is a cat. Don’t worry, we don’t often understand him either! -Ed.

Carys cat

Hi. In response to Robert (Oct 2016) I LOVE Wii! I play Mario Kart and Platoon and all sorts! Also in response to Erica H (same issue) I love blue and I’m not a big fan of pink but I still like it and I love reading! What is your favourite book? My favourite pages of AQUILA are Over to you, Polly Chrome, E.B. and Harvey. I love E.B. because I love geography! Does anyone else? Could you do an issue on the future or Ancient Greece please?

From Megan, age 8¾

Last half-term I went to a skate course at the ice rink and every time I went I asked for a particular pair of skates. They never change. Once I left them in a knot, to my surprise, next time I saw them, they were still in a knot. Please make a magazine on cars. BIG QUESTION: how many people subscribe to AQUILA?

From Nya Hamid, age 8
P.S. Thanks for sending me another Bones issue, I think it got lost in the post.

Hi Nya. We have nearly 24,000 individual subscribers plus more than 1,000 going to schools! -Ed.


Hi, I really like art, reading and writing. I have a puppy called Darcy and she is really funny but cute. Here is a poem about her:

Darcy is so cute and funny,
She always eats her food that’s yummy,
She’s scared on walks,
Never talks,
And is the best puppy in the world!

My favourite books are Maggie Moore, The It Girl and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I highly recommend them.
Please do an issue on authors or sports!
I love doing gymnastics but I am not in a club.

From Isabel, age 10½

I would like to thank you for all the amazing issues of your magazine! I share AQUILA with my two brothers and sister and we have been reading it for just over a year. I love it, especially the science articles.
We live on a farm, and have dairy cows, sheep and arable. I also have a dog named Quin and enjoy training him. I enjoy riding my pony Reggie too. I also enjoy playing tennis, cross country running and netball. I also play the piano.

From Ellie McCutcheon, age 12

Hi, I’m Betty and my favourite colour is light blue. I want to be a writer when I grow up, does anyone else? In response to Max Harris (Oct 2016) I know someone who gets AQUILA and lives in Switzerland. In response to Erica H (same issue) I love reading too and my middle name is Erica! My favourite parts of AQUILA are Brainfeeders and Over to you. I’m in Gryffindor, is anyone else? Everyone seems to be in Ravenclaw!
Shout out to Rox, hey, see you!

From Betty, age 10

I live in London with my mum, dad, brother and two cats Olaf and Chloe. My hobbies are reading, writing and singing. My favourite authors are Jacqueline Wilson, J. K. Rowling and Anthony Horowitz. In response to Miriam M (June 2016) maths, English, PE and art are my favourite subjects too. I am in Ravenclaw, is anyone else? In response to Aliyah (June 2016) I am a big fan of Blue Peter too! My favourite issues so far are The Victorians (Sep 2015) and Roald Dahl (June 2016). A quick shout out to Stella, who also gets this magazine.

From Eve, age 9¾

I absolutely love AQUILA! My favourite issues so far have been Roald Dahl (June 2016) and Children of WWII (Sep 2016). I first heard of AQUILA on my 7th birthday and I have been reading it since June 2016. My favourite part is Polly Chrome. I have two younger sisters called Nancy who’s 4 and Charlotte who’s 1 and both aren’t interested in your fab magazines!
Can I ask you if in 2017 you could do an issue on Harry Potter? I also would like you to do an issue on ‘What makes a healthy person’ Sorry if you’ve already done it but I have only been reading your magazines for 6 months.

From Evie L, age 7

Hi Evie. We’re so glad you are enjoying your subscription! Why not keep hold of your old issues and pass them on to your sisters when they are a little older! -Ed.

aquila mag pic

colour design

I’m a new subscriber but I have been keeping track with all the interesting pages! At the moment I am learning Welsh because I have recently got a Welsh pen friend. Her name is Anwen which means fair or blessed. ‘How do you do’ in Welsh is Sut ydych chi. Some book recommendations:
‘Twilight’ series (Stephenie Meyer), Goodnight Mister Tom (Michelle Magorian), ‘Hetty Feather’ series (Jacqueline Wilson), I, Coriander (Sally Gardner), Wonder (R. J. Palacio), Dodger (Terry Pratchett) and A Little Princess (Frances Hodgson Burnett). Those are good page-turners. When I’m older I want to be a vet and help vulnerable animals get fixed and well. I used to want to be a doctor but since I love animals so much, I now want to become a vet. Does anyone else? My name is Eleanor but if I was to be born as a boy, my name would be Max!! My three favourite hobbies are baking, drawing and being with animals (you might have guessed that!) Can you do an issue on animals? And does Aquila have a definition?

From Eleanor M, age 10

Aquila is Latin for ‘eagle’. We aim to soar up high, but look in close! -Ed.
Mae dysgu Cymraeg yn hwyl! Diolch yn fawr iawn am dy llythyr! [Gosh, I hope I got that right!] -Wordworm

I have had AQUILA for over a year now, and I have six pen pals! I especially love Brainfeeders. Can I just say in the June 2015 issue (I was on the Pen Friend page) I was given a letter from Ruby from Cambourne, Cornwall, but unfortunately I couldn’t reply because I was given no address! Sorry about that, Ruby! My favourite books are Percy Jackson (all of them), books by Jacqueline Wilson, the ‘My Story’ collection (especially Dodger, Suffragette, Pompeii, Titanic and Blitz) and the ‘Famous Five’ series by Enid Blyton. I highly recommend them all! I play violin (gold music medal) and piano (coming up to grade 1). As a contrast to Dawn Sands, I absolutely love hockey and I am currently learning netball! Hi to my friends Elspeth and Emma and hi to my pen pals Beth Roberts (yes, one of my pen pals has the same name as me!), Beth Pugh, Eva Lawrence, Ellen Cerys Parsons, Esther Saurigny and Pheobe Duncan!

From Beth Roberts, age 11

Hi everyone!! When I first got AQUILA in June 2016 I loved it instantly!! Since then I have waited every month for it but so far the Children of WWII (Sep 2016) issue has been my favourite!! In September 2016 I started secondary school! I got into a grammar school as I got a great score on my 11+. As it seems to be going round a lot I’m in Ravenclaw!! I really like playing Minecraft PC and I already have found a server. I really like Beanblocks. My hobbies include gaming, drawing, painting, reading, and I really want to play netball next year at school!! I would really like to try out the make and mend patching thing from the WWII Issue but I only have one pair of jeans that fit and I don’t want to rip them in case something goes wrong!! In answer to Niovi’s picture from the same issue: I think your picture is epic!! I especially love the eyes!! I always struggle with eyes but yours are ace!! That’s all from me!!

From Erin, age 11

Hi, my name is Hebe and I live in England, in Sussex. My name is actually a Greek Goddess (the Goddess of youth) as well as a flower (or shrub). My favourite parts of AQUILA are Over to you, Aquila and Brainfeeders. I live with my mum, dad and two brothers: Finn (17), Eden (15) and my two Jack Russell dogs Pickle and Bracken. I turned 12 in November. I started a new secondary school in January. I am most excited to learn Spanish as at my old school we only learned a tiny bit of French and NEVER Spanish. I LOVE Harry Potter and went onto PotterMore recently to find out I was in Slytherin, and in the American school I am in Horned-Serpent – so two snakes! I wanted to know how to find out what your patronus is? I have read the new Harry Potter book (the scripted version) and it was AMAZING although the plot wasn’t that imaginative. I always read books way too fast (which is quite annoying sometimes). In my new school I will be back with a friend who left my old school but is joining my new one (and we are in the same classes YAY).

From Hebe, age 11

Hi! I turned 13 in November and have had AQUILA for about 3 years. (I know, it’s a long time!) I live on a farm and enjoy looking after my donkeys, Mary and Joseph. We have 6 dogs – 5 Labradors: Ruby, Chips, Rolo, Black Beauty, Mystique – and 1 Yorkshire Terrier called Billy-John, but we call him Bilbo Baggins. We used to have a bulldog called Scampy, but he died a year ago. My favourite issue so far was Roald Dahl (June 2016), and I see this one is very popular from past Over to you letters. I love all books, my favourite series are ‘Skulduggery Pleasant’ and ‘Throne of Glass’. In my opinion, the best bits of AQUILA are Brainfeeders and Over to you. Could you do an issue on mythical creatures or famous writers?

From Grace, age 12

We have printed Emma’s letter in our January magazine, but because her poem is so beautifully written and illustrated, we are including it here too.

Seasons poem


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