As well as keeping the rest of the team in order Aquila has an interest in history. The friendly eagle contributes regular features on national and world history, and the lives of important people of the past.


EB cares about the world and all the people and animals that share it. His features are wide ranging: from local archaeology to Tibetan monks! EB introduces us to the different lives of children around the world – along the way we discover how we can take care of our planet, and read about the special work children are doing closer to home; for example children who are carers, or suffering from deafness or disability themselves.


You can write to me about your pets. On my page you’ll find all kinds of information about animals and how to look after them.


Fascinated by space? Love stargazing? Astra has amazing facts to discover about planets, comets and even the mythology of the constellations. She will keep you up to date on the latest astronomical news and make sure you will not miss out on any exciting events in the night sky.


Harvey reveals the fascinating science behind every AQUILA topic. With practical experiments to do at home he brings science to life. He also finds out about the amazing scientists of the past and present and explains their exciting discoveries.


Fun art and things to make. Polly is in AQUILA every month – usually with a topic-related craft idea. Sometimes she is finding out about famous artists, their lives and their techniques, or she might be cooking a fantastic Easter cake! Make a Cavalier hat, a puppet or a World War 1 biplane – make sure you save all your scraps and keep your paints handy!


It’s true! – maths is cool when Calculata is involved. When you can connect maths to everyday life, technology and even art it gets very exciting! Sometimes there are challenging puzzles and questions to be solved on these pages.


Look in on some of Ian’s adventures and philosophical observations – a cat with attitude! The alter ego of artist David Armitage, Ian likes to sleep, eat and sleep and eat. Sometimes though, he will venture into the dangerous territory of next door’s dog Vlad or steal the dinner.


Have fun with words and think about their meanings and origins. Wordworm has some crafty puzzles you’ll love to solve. With occasional visits to his French chum, Henri L’escargot, Wordworm also finds out about foreign languages and has even had a go at Native American and hieroglyphs.