As a Sea Eagle, I have a special view point up here in the sky – I can see everything that is going on in the world as well as the folks at AQUILA HQ. I keep the team in order, you see? But my main interest is in the lives and ideas of people of the past.


I care about the world and all the people and animals that share it. Find out about the different lives of people all around the world – and read about how we can take the best care of our planet for the future.


I am AQUILA’s office dog, and every now and then I get my own page in the magazine! But more often I am playing fetch and begging for a sausage roll – Woof, Woof! Plus, I am always available for a cuddle from the Editors and the Postman!


Discover the fascinating science behind every AQUILA topic when you read my pages! Try some practical experiments at home that’ll bring science to life, read about the amazing scientists of the past and present and examine their exciting discoveries.


Fun art and things to make. I am AQUILA’s Artist in residence, so make sure you save all your scraps and keep your paints handy for my next project! Every month, there will be things to make, cooking ideas or an arts page.


It’s true – maths is cool! Once you can see the connection of maths to everyday life, to technology and even art, things begin to get very exciting! Sometimes there are challenging puzzles and questions to be solved on my pages.


Look in on my adventures – I am a Cat with Attitude! Mostly I like to sleep, eat and sleep and eat. But sometimes I will venture across the office and steal Pepe’s dinner when he is playing with the Postman!


Have fun with words and think about their meanings and origins. I have some crafty puzzles and word games you’ll love to solve. Sometimes we will investigate poetry, famous authors and foreign languages – or even have a go at hieroglyphs!