Here are some frequently asked questions – just click the title to read. If your question is not answered here, please call us on 01323 431313 weekdays.

Is AQUILA an educational magazine?

AQUILA is indeed a superb learning extension, but it is much more than that. Entertaining, eccentric and always surprising, it aims to widen children’s interest and encourage critical thinking. AQUILA is not about hot-housing bright children to pass exams: nor do we want children to concentrate exclusively on their favourite subjects. Instead they can gather information from many different sources and become multi-dimensional learners. AQUILA encourages a well-rounded understanding of the world in all its complexity, bringing topics and theories that children will not encounter at school to their attention.

Overseas - how do I order?

If you or the child live abroad it is not a problem, as AQUILA is posted to more than 100 countries worldwide including America, Australia & New Zealand. The magazine will go direct to the child in any country, and when the time comes for a renewal notice this will be sent to you wherever you may live.

To order visit our subscription page, select your subscription length and enter the recipents address, the website will work out the correct price.

Where can I buy it, I haven’t heard of it before?

Buy AQUILA on this website or by phone (01323 431313 weekdays 9 – 4pm). AQUILA has been in publication for nearly 30 years, but it’s only available from the publisher on this website. Discounts you might see on other websites are not genuine offers.

How do I order for a Birthday?

You can place your order now on our subscribe page. As you proceed through checkout you can select a birthday option. Enter the birthday month, and provided we have sufficient warning we will endeavour to get the first magazine to them marked ‘Open on your birthday’.

Can I just buy one copy?

Yes, individual copies can be purchased from our back issues store or you can download a sample to view on this site. Once you buy any subscription you can then add any number of back-issues to your order for £3 each – the discount will be deducted at check-out. Existing subscribers need to call AQUILA for this discount.

When will my subscription start?

Currently new orders are posting 1st class within one working week. Once the subscription is running your magazines should arrive in the first week of each month.

How is AQUILA different from other children’s magazines?

AQUILA is created and owned by an independent UK company. It has a minimum of 28 pages a month, depending on the topic. Printed printed on high-quality paper there are no adverts, posters or promotions: instead it is full of witty, well-written articles, thought-provoking ideas and great contemporary artwork. Each monthly issue is centred around a new topic, and the reading level is suitable for 8 – 80 years!

I have a really bright 7 year old - are they too young?

8 years is usually the best age to start, but we have younger subscribers who enjoy the magazine. Some gentle interest from an adult is often helpful at the start, or just leave the magazines around the house for a few months – letting kids discover the magazine for themselves it often a very good idea! The concepts and level of reading in AQUILA can sometimes be quite advanced. These things vary in every family, but it would be a shame if younger children were alarmed that AQUILA is too challenging, making them feel anxious or inadequate.

Is AQUILA suitable for both boys and girls?

Some say ‘it’s best for boys’ and other say ‘girls like it best’! It is very much about the individual child. They do perhaps need to be a thoughtful and inquisitive child with a sense of humour to enjoy it. One thing we have noticed over the years is that Boys need to pick up with AQUILA when they are about 8 – or the special moment can be missed. Girls on the other-hand can start later – and quite often go on until their teens.

How many magazines will I receive?

An annual subscription consists of 12 monthly issues, but July and August issues come together as a double-sized magazine. This is so that children can take it away with them on holiday, or enjoy that extra bit of summer reading if staying at home. Schools can also make the most of both issues before they pack up for the summer holidays.

What if they do not like AQUILA?

We will issue a full refund if you let us know within 28 days of receiving your first magazine. However, each monthly topic of AQUILA is different and we recommend that you try three magazines before you come to a decision. If you then still wish to cancel, we will still issue a refund for the remaining issues, minus a charge of £5 admin fee.