Here are some frequently asked questions - just click the title to read. If your question is not answered here, please call us on 01323 431313 weekdays.

You can order on our Christmas subscription page. The subscription will start with the December issue, POLAR EXPLORER and include your gift message and the AQUILA Gift Pack. The package is marked ‘Open on the 25th of December’. 

You can place your order on our subscribe page.
For a Birthday, enter the child’s birthday date and a gift message. We will endeavour to get the first magazine to them just before their birthday, starting with the issue that is current with this date.
Please phone us by 12pm, and we can usually dispatch UK orders 1st class the same day for an extra £1. For £7.50 we can send by special delivery to guarantee its arrival the next day.
Yes, individual copies can be purchased from our back issues store https://www.aquila.co.uk/subscribe/back-issues  or you can download a sample https://www.aquila.co.uk/sample to view on this site. Once you buy any subscription you can then add any number of back-issues to your order for £2.50 each -  the discount will be deducted at check-out. Existing subscribers need to call AQUILA for this discount.
We normally dispatch your first issue within 48 hours unless otherwise stated. Once the subscription is running your magazines should arrive in the first week of each month.
Buy AQUILA on this website, by phone (01323 431313 weekdays 9 - 4pm), or by mail order. In 2017 AQUILA will have been in publication for 25 years, but it has never appeared on the newsstand.
AQUILA is created and owned by an independent UK company. It has 24 pages, printed on high-quality paper and there are no adverts, posters or promotions: instead it is full of witty, well-written articles, thought-provoking ideas and great contemporary artwork. Each monthly issue is centred around a new topic, and the reading level is suitable for 8 - 80 years.
AQUILA works as a superb learning extension to current primary (or KS2 and KS3) curriculum, but it is much more than that! Entertaining, eccentric and always surprising, AQUILA is recommended because it widens children’s interest and understanding, rather than encouraging them to concentrate exclusively on their favourite subjects. At AQUILA we are aware of the negative effects of testing and hot-housing bright children. Instead AQUILA gives them a well-rounded understanding of the world, in all its complexity.
The concepts in AQUILA can be challenging, requiring good comprehension and reading skills. 8 years is usually a good age to start, but we have younger subscribers who really enjoy the magazine. Some gentle interest from an adult is often helpful at the start.
Absolutely - it is our intention to encourage children to consider new and different ideas. We sometimes are amused when we hear ‘it’s best for boys’ or ‘girls like it best’ - although it is clear that girls are more inclined to write to us than boys!
If you or the child live abroad it is not a problem, as AQUILA is posted to more than 100 countries worldwide. The magazine will go direct to the child in any country, and when the time comes for a renewal notice this will be sent to you wherever you may live.
An annual subscription consists of 12 monthly issues, but July and August issues come together as a double-sized magazine. This is so that children can take it away with them on holiday, or enjoy that extra bit of summer reading if staying at home. Schools can also make the most of both issues before they pack up for the summer holidays.
We will issue a full refund if you let us know within 28 days of receiving your first magazine. However, each monthly topic of AQUILA is different and we recommend that you try three magazines before you come to a decision. If you then still wish to cancel, we will still issue a refund for the remaining issues, minus a charge of £5 admin fee.