“I really enjoy reading Aquila…my favorite part is when you read about the creative projects they come up with” Josie, age 11 years old

Mrs Brenda Palmer

“…reads it from cover to cover and then knows everything inside – all the family enjoyed the Mars issue, well done to you all…” Mrs Brenda Palmer  

Pamela Perry

“…An imaginative and well-written magazine…” Pamela Perry

Susan Aldred

“Complements his learning while being fun enough to offset the omnipresent screens” Susan Aldred

Tony Paul

“Tom loves the magazine…he knows when the expected delivery date is and goes out to meet the postman. He also takes AQUILA to school…” Tony Paul

Richard Robinson

“I received your mags, and marvelled. They are full of stuff – advanced and philosophical, curious and puzzling…” Richard Robinson, Brighton Science Festival.

Laure Young

“As my friends know, I am passionate about children’s literacy. I want my children to read well – but also to love reading. I also think it is important that children enjoy reading from many different sources, but the problem is how to find a really good magazine for boys and girls. After some research … Continued

Grandparent, Robert Wilkey

“Thanks for the renewal notice to the excellent Aquila magazine for Emily. I also started a subscription for her younger brother, Jensen so he can receive his own magazine – thus avoiding the intervention of the United Nations!” Grandparent, Robert Wilkey

Jenny Spence

“He has continued with it for many years past the recommended age, but I’m afraid I refuse to forward it on to university for him!”Jenny Spence

Mrs Markwick

“ They adore AQUILA and (living abroad,) it helps to reinforce their English language and culture ”  Mrs Markwick