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Welcome to our brand new blog. Lots of fun is going to happen here; we’ll interview our wonderful contributors, post updates to stories we’ve featured in the magazine, showcase your letters and artwork and generally lark about as often as we can, so be sure to join us. You can follow this blog by…

So, in October’s fabulous Fungi issue we promised you an update on our king-oyster-mushroom-growing experiment. As directed, we kept our sandwich bag full of spent coffee grounds and king oyster mushroom spawn in the back of the airing cupboard for three whole weeks. Unfortunately, we have made ourselves pretty unpopular with a few people who, for some reason, prefer their bathrooms mushroom free, but so far it’s been worth it to see the white fluffy thread gradually take over. This is what our sandwich bag looked like when we took it out of its warm, dark little corner. The bathroom does smell faintly of mouldy coffee, but as far as we’re concerned it’s a mild improvement, so that’s all fine. 

We’ve since moved it to a windowsill and made a larger hole in the plastic. So far it looks to us as if nothing much is happening, but we haven’t given up hope. We’ll continue to post updates here as and when things begin to change (or we give up on this batch and start again, whichever comes first!) There’ll be homegrown mushrooms on toast before Christmas if it’s the last thing we do!

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