Jimmy Bigbucks Must Die!

This is our solution to Jimmy Bigbucks Must Die! from the Creative Coding issue (June 2021)

At 9.05 the phone rings. This appears to be a wrong number but it’s actually Pamela calling from a payphone – she is not at home and has never seen Charlotte’s Web, as evidenced by the fact that she calls the pig Charlotte. The pig’s actual name is Wilbur!

The phone call is Peaches’ cue to go upstairs and sabotage the plumbing, then leave. On the way upstairs, Peaches hugs Jimmy and steals the keys to the backdoor. She goes to the bathroom and uses the wrench to sabotage the pipes, spilling water everywhere. On the way downstairs she unlocks the back door and leaves the wrench for Pamela and Horatio. On her way out at 9.15 she deposits the keys in Flossie’s bag.

At 9.08 Jimmy notices the keys are missing and an argument erupts between Jimmy and Flossie. Eventually he gives her the sack and she leaves.

At 9.35 the ceiling is breached and the lights go out. At that point Pamela and Horatio enter via the open back door. They clonk Jimmy on the head with the wrench, load him into the wheelbarrow and wheel him to the bus stop, where they board the number 93 bus to the theatre.

Pamela will get rid of Jimmy, then play the grieving widow until Jimmy’s life insurance pays out. Then she and Horatio will sell the arcade to the highest bidder and run away into the sunset.

Peaches was only involved in this dastardly scheme because Horatio (working on Pamela’s orders) posed as a cat groomer in order to kidnap Princess and blackmail Peaches into doing their bidding.

Flossie is innocent of all charges, of course. She will go on to make an award-winning podcast about the kidnapping of Jimmy Bigbucks, available on Acast, iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts.