Escape the Luxor Barnet BnB of Doom

When you have solved the puzzle in the April 2021 issue of AQUILA, you should have a 6-letter word to unlock the door. Enter your word in the box below and hit 'Submit' to see if you've escaped from the BnB of doom!

So you’ve had a go at escaping from Barnet’s B’n’B of Doom but nothing makes any sense. You’re still trapped and now the snakes are looking at you all bitey. NEVER FEAR, AQUILAnauts. Here are some extra clues to help you out.

All the answers are letters in the alphabet. Together they spell the name of an Egyptian god.

Puzzle 1:

Think about the shape of the Sun, a hole in the ground, and the shape your mouth makes when you are in shock.

Puzzle 2:

Oooh this one is tricky – sorry about that. The man in the portrait is Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, inventor of the binary number system. If you look closely you’ll see a piece of binary in the artwork. Convert that, and you have your answer.

Puzzle 3:

First find all the words in the word search. It really helps to colour them in with a felt tip. The remaining letters are arranged into a distinctive shape. What IS that?

Puzzle 4:

This puzzle is all about synonyms – different words that mean the same thing. Match two pairs of synonyms and join them up to make an X. What’s the letter under your X? That’s the answer to puzzle number 4!

Puzzle 5:

This code isn’t really a code at all. It’s just a sentence split into two halves. Combine them – perhaps using tracing paper and pen, and you’ll have your answer.

Puzzle 6:

Yes, this one is super difficult (I know, we ARE terrible). To find your final letter, try typing Iqlit to Daraw into Google Maps. Look at the shape of the route. Do you see it?