AQUILA passport solutions

Quick Quiz

1. b

2. c

3. False

4. c

5. a

6. a

7. c

8. b

9. False

10. a

Mr McDougall's mysterious menagerie

Buffalo = £15

Kiwi = £12

Penguin = £7

Narwhal = £23

How much would it cost you to buy 3 buffalo, 4 kiwis, 6 penguins and 2 narwhal? = £181

Swiss guinea pigs reunited


The eyes have it

BELLY SEA = eyeballs

I A STAR = tiaras

WHAT SEC = watches

LEJ SEWN CROW = crown jewels

PI SOON = poison

DO ANT TEI = antidote

Pyramid problem


Map Maths  

1. (-30+47=) 17

2. (8x3=) 24

3. (25-19=) 6 (animals on map = Aquila, giraffe, rabbit, grizzly bear, buffalo, parrot, killer whale,       narwhal, flamingo, lemur, reindeer, 3 dogs, koala, platypus, kiwi, blue whale, penguin)

4. ((8+19)/3=) 9

Pearlies Pickle

A Which one could you use to tell the time? = 2

B Which one could you play in a band? = 7

C Which one comes only in pairs? = 6

D Which might you trip up on the way to bed? = 1

E Which might you eat with a papadum? = 3

F Which one might need to be broken before the answer is found? = 4

G Which one needs to be trimmed every six weeks? = 5

Continental drift

 53 years


What famous structure is a door without a bolt. It has four legs and a very long neck but no visage? (Eiffel tower)

Before Mount Everest was discovered, what was the highest mountain on the planet? (Mount Everest was still the highest mountain)

What kind of plate is impossible to place on a dinner table? (A tectonic plate)

Why can't a woman living in Hong Kong be buried in Beijing? (She's still alive)

Even if they're really hungry a person living in the Arctic will never eat a penguin's egg. Why? (Because penguins live in the Antarctic)

I have rivers without water, forests without trees, roads without houses and cathedrals without windows, what am I? (A map)

In almost all languages this word begins with the letter 'm', what is it? (Mother)