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AQUILA Magazine is owned and run by New Leaf Publishing Ltd,
a small independent publishing house situated in the coastal town of Eastbourne in East Sussex, England.

20 years of AQUILA

AQUILA was originally the brainchild of educational specialists working with gifted children. A group of writers and editors involved with the magazine then took AQUILA forward to the present day. AQUILA has made the most of its unique position in the marketplace: its success over 20 years has relied on parents and teachers recognizing its intrinsic value, and word of mouth recommendations. Its small scale remains its main strength – it is able to be responsive to its audience and to give excellent personal service to customers and readers alike. 

What does AQUILA offer families?

AQUILA’s independent stance allows a different perspective on many subjects and offers a real alternative to families that wish to nurture values which perhaps go against the tide in today’s media dominated world. It is not restricted or limited by school curriculum requirements, and like a concerned parent, aims to provide quality ideals and to encourage children to develop caring and thoughtful attitudes towards others and their environment.

Kids rule!

Youngsters are not afraid to pick up a pen and write to us on any subject. The editorial tone is gentle, yet enthused. Unlike other magazines aimed at this age group, readers do not feel the pressure to be older than their years. The letters pages are an excellent forum for youngsters; here they can exercise their skills of argument, discussion and persuasion. It is good to know that children have strong opinions and are willing to support them.

The company ethos

AQUILA does not answer to corporate business interests or carry commercial advertising, although it will sometimes include inserts or recommend things which it believes to be suitable or beneficial to its target age group.

‘Aiming high’ recognition for AQUILA

AQUILA believes that all children have brilliance and multiple intelligences that can be developed. It aims to encourage high achievement by offering a mixture of extension material, encouraging broader views rather than specialization. Youngsters can discover their own individual pathways and become self-motivated and creative learners, drawing on many influences along the way.

AQUILA is recommended by many support societies, such as the National Association for Gifted Children, and described as ‘the best enrichment material available for the able child’ by Professor Joan Freeman – praise and recognition indeed.


Why Choose Aquila?

The truth is that AQUILA is different from other magazines aimed at young children. We want our readers to LOVE the magazine but we do not just seek to entertain and gratify them.

Ask yourself what other children’s magazine does the following:

  • Investigates a fresh new topic each month
  • Encourages children to take time to focus and concentrate
  • Involves its readers and inspires achievement
  • Develops ethical awareness
  • Contains no adverts or media hype

Developing children’s thinking skills

Puzzles, challenges and articles will stimulate all their thinking skills, not just the reading and recalling of facts. By encouraging the use of logic, reasoning, evaluation, analysis and problem solving, AQUILA recognizes that children all learn in different ways, and importantly, that the more they exercise different learning styles, the more effectively their brains will work. By fostering a desire for achievement and widening their interests we hope to contribute to the development of an educationally ‘well rounded’ child.

We are always hearing how frustrated Primary teachers are by the narrowness of the National Curriculum, with its emphasis on SATS results. Children often can’t see the relevance of their subjects to real life – even when they pass tests with flying colours they do not always get the chance to view ‘the bigger picture’. AQUILA opens their eyes to the wider world.

What’s in AQUILA?

  • Articles, word puzzles, fun maths, games and general knowledge
  • Science facts, space and the world around us
  • Art ideas and things to make
  • A taste of sport, history, philosophy and language

PLUS short stories, competitions and news, along with readers’ jokes, letters and reviews. Children can join our readers’ lively debates and make pen friends. Developing the topic each month through their specialist subjects are Harvey: science, Polly Chrome: art, Wordworm: English, Calculata: maths, Astra: space, EB: the environment, Brainfeeder: topic puzzles, Ian the cartoon cat offers a comical look at the topic each month, and lastly, Kit the Kangaroo: sport. Children are presented with open-ended challenges, encouraging them to take ideas further for themselves.

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